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									                                          Lisa Gray

                        LISA GRAY consults with domestic and international families and their
                        advisors on the direct influence of generational perspectives, family
                        dynamics, and governance on wealth management decisions. She has 19
                        years' experience in the wealth management industry and is the founder
                        and managing member of GRAYMATTER STRATEGIES LLC. From 1988
                        through 1999, she served as a financial advisor with Union Planters IBG
                        (now Vining Sparks IBG), Morgan Keegan & Company, and
                        PaineWebber, Inc. (now UBS). After becoming an independent financial
                        journalist in 2001, she formed GRAYMATTER in 2002 with the purpose of
                        guiding global families of wealth and their advisors in fostering higher
                        level, more effective relationships.

Based on her experience in working with clients of wealth combined with her research and
consulting experience through GRAYMATTER, she developed the proprietary diagnostic Wealth
Optimization Consulting™ model of service presented in her first book, The New Family Office:
Innovative Strategies for Consulting to the Affluent in 2004. The concept more accurately guides
families and their advisors on the journey toward optimality in their relationships as well as in
wealth management.

Her broad-based years of experience offer a singular approach to private family, financial
institution, and wealth advisor education and have positioned her also as a sought-after media
resource for the wealth management industry on family advisory and family office-related
matters. Her engagements include CFA Institute functions, Euromoney Training courses, and DC
Gardner Training courses and she is a regular contributor to the Journal of Wealth Management.
She is a frequent author on family office and wealth management topics and is hired regularly,
both domestically and internationally, as a panelist and speaker as well as a consultant and

           t. 901.522.0025 f. 901.522.8933 509 S. Main, Suite 204, Memphis, TN 38103

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