Budget cuts on public workers and schools will affect many in the

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					Many public workers could have trouble supporting their families or themselves in the
next few years due to budget cuts and pension loses. They believe it is not fair that they
may lose their benefits and some may even be laid off from their job, causing them to
desperately need a new job. Budget cuts on public workers and schools will affect many
in the up-coming year. Many who have spent many years paying into a pension may lose
it, and many of the benefits paid to public workers such as teachers and law enforcement
officials will be gone. Hunterdon Central Regional High School will be affected by the
budget cuts badly.

Hunterdon Central will be losing some of its staff by laying them off, and losing many
benefits that are paid to teachers. Any one who is a direct family member of any public
worker including teachers will also be affected. Income could change, pensions may
change, and it may be impossible to fix. Many of those who paid into a pension will lose
what they paid due to poor money management. High school teachers at Hunterdon
Central will be stressed out through the duration of the year due to the possibility of
getting laid off, and having to make a plan for the future if they are. This could very
possibly affect out schools education and testing scores.

Law enforcement officials, another form of public workers that will be losing a lot and
may lose their jobs, are also uneasy about this. Many are aggravated with the poor
planning involved in making this tragedy happen. Patrol Officer Darren Dipalma, a police
officer at Somerville Police Department for 5 years explains what police officers will lose
in this budget cut on public workers. “We may lose the money we have been putting into
pension for all these years, I will have to work for the rest of my life if that happens,”
Officer Dipalma said. “Its all due to poor money management and now there trying to
cover themselves and were losing our benefits”. He is very enraged with what may
happen, due to the fact that he lives in a one bedroom apartment with his wife, and
nephew who he is taking care of. He does not want to struggle for the rest of his life due
to other’s mistakes and does not know what will happen. At many departments some
officers may have to be laid off, which is very difficult to do. These officers endured 6
months of police academy training, and years to find the jobs they have. Now they may
lose their jobs. It is not fair to public workers to lose their benefits and pensions and
possibly even their jobs due to someone else’s mistakes.

The impact something like this may have on many families especially those in which a
member of the family is a public worker is detrimental. These people may have been
relying on their pensions after they work, and may be used to the budgets they usually
have. “Paying into, and having a pension, were very important to me in my decision to
become a police officer,” Said Officer Dipalma. “I may have to make different plans or
even work more than I planned to after my retirement.” This is the case for all public
workers and those who may be laid off are even more frightened about what they will do.
Some of these teachers and officers support a family and being laid off may affect how
happy and healthy their family lives are. “Every year in my department, each officer gets
a 10% raise on their total salary that year, and the problems we are having we will lose
that benefit as well,” Officer Dipalma states. The officers at this department and many
others may have been planning their lives based off of the benefits they receive and do
not have much time to alter their plans.

Law Enforcement Officers should not have to worry about workers more than one job to
support themselves and their families and these budget cuts and pension loses may be
causing them to require extra jobs. They should only be worried about their one job and
enforcing the law fairly to serve and protect the public, but the crime rate and
enforcement efficiency may dramatically decrease due to the money loss that public
workers face. Overall many families even those who do not work for the government,
will ultimately be affected by these budget changes.

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