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					June 24, 2012                                                                          1

                     Williamsburg     Christian Reformed Church
                                     Rev. John Noordhof
9:30 a.m.
God calls us to Worship
Gathering Songs:
*Call to Worship: Pastor: The Lord be with you.
         Congregation: And also with you.
         Pastor: We lift up our hearts to the Lord.
         Congregation: We lift them up to the God of our salvation
*Silent Prayer followed by: “Oh Lord You’re Beautiful”                            (M93)
*God’s Greeting
*Songs: “Praise the Lord, Sing Hallelujah”                                         (188)
         “How Firm a Foundation”                                                   (500)
We Renew our Relationship with God
Prayer of Confession & Word of Assurance
God’s Will for our Lives p. 1015
Song of Response: “Lead me, Guide me”                                              (544)
Pastoral Prayer
Our Offerings: Local and Denominational Ministries
                 Foodgrains-Local Plot
Offertory Prayer
*Song: “Behold What Manner of Love” (2x)                                         (M118)
                          (Children 3-4 depart to their Sunday School Class)
God Speaks to us in His Word
Prayer for Guidance
Scripture: Habakkuk
Sermon: Comfort despite confusion
Prayer of Application
God sends us into the World
*Song: “When Peace Like A River”                                                   (489)
*Apostles’ Creed p. 813
*God’s Parting Blessing
*Doxology: “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”                                       (315:1, 6)

This morning our service will be led by Pastor Joe, as Pastor John is on a Classical
Appointment in Barrhaven. There is NO evening service, as we are all encouraged to attend
the closing events of Love South Dundas.
June 24, 2012                                                                         2

Next Sunday, we hope to hear the public profession of faith of Chelsea DeJong, Ian
Guthrie, Rachel Oosterhof, Christopher Tibben and Greg Van Veen.

Prayer Ministry: There is a prayer request box located at the back of the church. Items
placed here are prayed for by the prayer team before the service, or by the serving elder
after the morning service, in the prayer room. After the service, the prayer room is open to
anyone wanting prayer with the serving elder.

Collections for June 17: World Mission                                       $      50.00
                         Habitat for Humanity                                      594.00
                         BUDGET                                                  5,296.00
                         P.A.R. for June 2012                                    3,925.00

Church Family: We give thanks to the Lord that Melissa Pickup was able to stay at home,
as medication has lowered the baby’s heart rate. We pray that all will go well for her as well
as for all our expectant mothers. We also give thanks that Carl and Gladys Burton were able
to celebrate their 50 Wedding Anniversary. We pray for Gladys as she is scheduled for
surgery tomorrow to deal with her failing kidneys.
 Congratulations to Mrs. Titia DeVries, who will celebrate, D.V., her 77 birthday on June 26
                                                                        rd                     th
and to Mrs. Gerda Hogeveen and Mrs. Hilda VandeKemp with their 73 birthdays on July 4 .

“What do you suppose you get when you are blessed with 20-25 bakers, 10 packers, and
approximately 2,000 pieces of home-baked goods? The answer – over 55 baskets of
delicious treats to deliver to the local fire depts., township staff, service clubs, volunteer
organizations, schools, medical clinics, businesses, etc. The Love South Dundas
committee would like to say a “HUGE THANK YOU” to all those who contributed in any way
to the success of this Act of Kindness. This truly is a great community and God’s love came
shining through in South Dundas!!”

Contact Information:
Pastor John: Office: 613-535-1882 Cell: 613-808-9992 (the only number to leave a
message) Home 613-535-1880. Email: wcrcpastor@bellnet.ca or
Pastor Joe: Phone: 613-448-3541; Email: pastorjoe@xplornet.ca

Wanted teachers and helpers for our adorable 3 and 4 year old Sunday School class from
      st                    nd
July 1 , 2012 to September 2 , 2012. If you can help, call Christine 652-4024.

Ottawa Christian Counseling Service: Dundas County Divisional office. Please call the
Ottawa office at 729-8454 to contact Elizabeth. All new clients must dial 0 for general
June 24, 2012                                                                     3

                                     Happy Birthday
This Week                                       Next Week
June 24 Cindy Guthrie                          July 2 Patty Tibben
      26 Will Brunsveld                             3 Bryce Westervelt
         Titia DeVries                              4 Brenan Don
         Harold Jansen                                Gerda Hogeveen
     27 Cathy VanVeen                                 Hilda VandeKemp
         Jillian Westervelt                         5 Paul Venema
         Larissa Westervelt                           Gabriel McCourt
     28 David VanGilst

Love South Dundas is here! From June 10 to June 24 we as churches have worked
together in our community to share the Good News of God's love. Everyone's invited to join
in. We ask for your prayers for this event. You're also encouraged to do your own Random
Acts of Kindness. Don't miss the Closing Event and Children's Fair at the Earl Baker Park in
Morrisburg today: take the kids to the Children's Fair at 2:00 PM, watch Master Juggler Bob
Cates at 3:30 PM, enjoy the free BBQ at 4:30 PM and wrap it all up with an Ecumenical
Worship Service at 6:00 PM. Please bring food for a Food Drive at the Closing Event.

       SONRISE National Park VBS is coming to Williamsburg! It runs from July 9-13, 9
       a.m.-noon. It’s for elementary school aged children (JK-6) and the cost is FREE!! It
       includes fun games, crafts, snacks, Bible stories, songs and so much more. The
       location is Williamsburg Christian Reformed Church. (12436 County Rd 18,
       Williamsburg). To register or for more information please contact either Pastor Joe
Groeneveld (448-3541), Pastor Norine Gullons (535-2569) or Diana McKendry (543-2317).

VBS is just around the corner!!! We are co-hosting VBS (with the Lutheran and United
Churches) from July 9-13 for elementary school-aged children. We could use your help for
Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the area of leading lessons, games, and snacks. Please
contact Pastor Joe if you're able to help, and please spread the word to your friends and
neighbors in South Dundas of this upcoming event!

Hey Young Adults (ages 18 to 30ish)! Mark Sunday, July 15 in your calendars because
we'll be having a get together at Bryan Groniger's starting at 2:30 p.m. Bring your bathing
suit and other clothes as we'll be playing volleyball and other outdoor sports, and bring a
lawn chair if you have one. At around 5 p.m., we'll heat up the BBQ for some burgers and
sausages. If you could bring some type of side dish (chips, salad, dessert) that would be
great, but isn't necessary. Bryan's address is 11340 Waddell Road, Iroquois. If you have any
questions please call Joe Groeneveld (448-3541) or Dan Ponsen (213-5944). Hope to see
you there!
June 24, 2012                                                                       4

Kids Corner - Morrie's Love Story: Morrie is furious with Liz. Will they ever be friends again?
Check out what’s happening on this week’s Kids Corner. Kids Corner is a member of the
HisKids.net alliance—working together to provide quality entertainment for kids that is Christ-
centered and Bible-based. Visit HisKids.net to find great Christian programs and music for

CRWRC Syria Response - Over one million Syrians are in desperate need of humanitarian
assistance after a year of extreme violence and unrest. CRWRC is responding through a
Christian partner organization based in Lebanon to provide food, rent assistance, blankets,
hygiene items, and medical and counseling services. Please help with this urgent need! To
donate, call 1-800-730-3490, visit www.crwrc.org/donate, or mail your cheque marked
"CRWRC Syria Conflict 2012" to CRWRC, 3475 Mainway, STN LCD 1, Burlington, ON L7R
3Y8. Thank you!

Synod approves a new name for CRWRC - On June 12 the CRC Synod voted to change
CRWRC’s name to World Renew. This name will be used alongside the tagline "Living
Justice, Loving Mercy, Serving Christ." As World Renew, CRWRC will continue to be the
same organization that you know and trust. We will continue to respond to the needs of
disaster survivors and people in poverty on your behalf with the love of Christ and with
quality programs that will change their lives for the better in the long-term. We will also
continue to affirm and hold dear our Christian faith, CRC identity, and Reformed worldview.
No matter what we are called, we hope that you will continue to recognize the vital role you
play in our ministry and will continue to join us as we seek to renew God’s world and help all
of His children achieve their potential. Look for us as World Renew starting in September.
For more information, please visit www.crwrc.org/name or call 1-800-730-3490 (Canada) or
1-800-552-7972 (US).

99 Cent Ebooks from Faith Alive - From June 18-July 1, 2012, get any of these Square
Inch eBooks for just 99 cents each (regularly $9.99): "150: Finding Your Story in the
Psalms," "Leaving Egypt," "Song of a Scientist," "The Day Metallica Came to Church." Visit
the Square Inch website (SquareInchBooks.org/Books) and click on a book for purchasing

Day of Encouragement – Save the Date! - God has a purpose for you, and calls you to
action. The theme for this year’s Day of Encouragement is “ANOINTED FOR ACTION,” and
the goal is to equip and encourage you for the opportunities and ministries to which you are
called. Worship, workshops and information sessions are designed to prepare you for action
in God’s kingdom. Save October 20 to attend the Day of Encouragement in Ancaster.

Bulletin Deadline is Thursday at noon. Please call 774-2435, fax 774-3695 or email
g.e.reitsma@xplornet.com. For church hall rental or for the custodian, please contact Sarah
Geertsema, 613-454-5102.
June 24, 2012                                                                  5

              June 24                 July 1                  July 8
Elders        Paul Oosterhof          Mike Luchies            Andrew VanVeen
              Tim Van’t Foort         Koop Mulder             Ken Harbers
Deacons       Brent DeVries           Tony VanderVeen         Peter Venema
Greeters      P&J VanVeen             L&A Dietrich            J&C Guthrie
Coffee        Y&G VanderVeen          N&C VanderMeer          D&J Noort
              H&M Douma               B&R Kooistra            T&R TerHorst
(DeRuiter)                            W Luimes
(Lubbers)     J&A Kooistra                                    J&K Menkhorst
Ushers        Ian Guthrie             Tim VanGilst            John Menkhorst
              Nicole Van’t Foort      Stan Tibben             Harlem Norg
              Anjo Norg               Travis DeJong           Ian Guthrie
Collections Foodgrains                Education               Benevolent
            -Local plot               Assistance              Fund
 Rm 1         Ruth Doesburg           Jodi Fetterly           Lindsey DeVries
              Chelsea DeJong          Tanya Geertsema         Kristen Groeneveld
              Nancy DeJong            Kendra Buter            Emily VanVeen
 Rm 2         Nicole Van’t Foort      Brenan Don              Jordon Geurts
              Joel Johnston           Wanda Geurts            Jo-Anne Hoftyzer
              Stacey DeJong           Loriann Harbers         Emily Tibben

Woodland Villa: June 24: Brenda DeJong, A VanVeen, P Venema

                                    Weekly Calendar
Sun., June 24:       -Sunday School for 3 – 4 year olds
After a.m. service   -Strawberry social
2:00 p.m.            -Love South Dundas at Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg
Wed., June 27:
10:00 a.m.           -Tots & Tea
Sat., June 30:
7:00 a.m.            -Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study at MacIntosh Inn
                                   Upcoming Events
July 9-13:           -VBS at our church
July 15:             -Young Adults at Bryan Groniger’s

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