ELO Presentation Guide by HC120915114347


									                            Central Falls High School ELO Presentation Guide

Every ELO Presentation is different. The presentation is the story of the student’s learning experience. Here
are the questions the student will answer at the Final Presentation:

All students need to use a PowerPoint in their ELO Final Presentation. You may require more than one slide
for each of the topics listed below but you must have a minimum of 9 slides.

      1st Slide: Introduction
               Name of ELO
               Presenter’s Name
               Mentor(s) Names
               Academic subject of ELO

      2nd Slide: Vision
               Vision for ELO
               Why did you choose this ELO?

      3rd Slide: Essential Question
               Essential Question
               What kind of research did you use to answer your Essential Question?
               Did you answer your Essential Question?

      4th Slide: Community Connections
       Describe your experience working with your community mentor(s)
               Provide a meaningful quote from community mentor
               Include interpretation of quote

      5th Slide: Stages of your Learning
               Describe your experience at the beginning of your ELO, the middle, and the end.

      6th Slide: Personal Growth
               How did you have to be flexible and grow?
               What was challenging and what came easy to you?

      7th Slide: Meeting Academic Standards
               Share and reflect on one of your benchmark activities
               Did you meet proficiency in all of the academic standards of your ELO?

      8th Slide: Final Product
               Share your final product
               How does it demonstrate the culmination of your learning?

       9th Slide: Life Connection
                How was this ELO connected to your academic and life goals?
                How will your experience with this ELO affect your life in the future?

                             Developed for use at Central Falls High School, Central Falls, RI EO 2011

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