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									   David P. Benz
At Queens Academy High School

     Background and
  Educational Objectives
       David Benz
   Teaching Background
• I started teaching SCUBA diving classes
  for national certification at the YMCA
  while I was a senior in high school.
• In 15 years, I certified over 1000 divers
  at levels from beginning to pre-instructor.
• My favorite was a certification in Niagara
  River, High-Speed diving.
    Diving Experiences
• I have had the opportunity to SCUBA
  dive in several Great Lakes, New
  York’s Finger Lakes, quarries
  throughout the northeast U.S.
  & Canada, as well as in the Atlantic
  Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
  – Fossil collection in limestone quarries is
    a favorite diving activity.
        Downhill Skiing
• In 1985, I took a skiing-instructors class
  and began teaching many SCUBA divers to
• I have been fortunate to ski in the
  Adirondack Mountains in New York,
  Colorado and Canadian Rocky Mountains,
  and the Fitzsimmons Range in
  British Columbia.
Photography Instruction
• I started teaching underwater
  photography for specialty
  certification in 1978.
• Both SCUBA diving and photography
  require that you keep track of many
  variables simultaneously.
  – Merging the 2 was exciting and fun!
Photography Instruction
• I taught basic photography for many
• A favorite class was “better pictures with
  disposable cameras” because it taught
  people how to view the subject artistically
  instead of concentrating on the mechanics
  of using a complex camera.
  Public School Teaching
• I began teaching in public school
  during an undergraduate internship
  at Kensington High School.
  – I taught Earth Science in one of
    Buffalo’s most troubled high schools as
    students prepared for their Regent’s
     Student Teaching
• My first student teaching assignment
  was at Niagara Falls High School; the
  only high school in the city.
  – I taught Physics at the regular and
    honors levels and a class in Advanced-
    Placement Physics that was offered for
    college credit.
     Lancaster Middle
• My next assignment was 7th grade
  physical science.
• The school was not able to offer lab
  activities to students, but I provided
  a wealth of demonstrations to my
       New York City
• I began teaching in New York in
  September 2004.
• I have been teaching Earth Science,
  Physics, GED Science, and Regent’s
  Review classes at Queens Academy
  High School.
     New York Schools
• I feel privileged to walk into my
  classroom each day, and my goal is to
  generate enthusiasm for science and
• Instruction is Standards-based,
  student-centered, and follows the
  NYS Core Curriculum.
 Educational Objectives
• My first and foremost objective is to
  develop literacy across the
• I make an effort to improve every
  student’s literacy skills.
  – My Master’s in “Teaching English to
    Speakers of Other Languages” (TESOL)
    helps facilitate this goal.
 Educational Objectives
• I develop critical thinking skills in my
• I need them to look at something and
  ask why? or how?
  – More importantly, they need to be able
    to perform an investigation of their own
    design and answer their questions.
 Educational Objectives
• My students will be better prepared
  for life after high school.
  – They will have the skills to help them
    perform in a career of their choosing.
  – Literacy is vitally important to this goal.
 Educational Objectives
• My students will feel safe and
  respected in my classroom.
• Every student is encouraged to participate
  to their highest level.
• A student-centered learning environment
  is created with myself as the guide.
 Educational Objectives
• Cultural diversity is accepted and
  embraced as an opportunity for
  greater learning and understanding.
• Every culture has something to offer
  to our learning of science.
 Educational Objectives
• Gender bias is not permitted in my
  – In coed science classes, boys will often
    lead, while girls observe and follow.
  – I insist that every student participates
 Educational Objectives
• Science instruction includes: literacy,
  mathematics, history, technology,
  social studies and even philosophy in
  addition to the science curriculum.
• A good science teacher includes
  something from all the subject areas.
          The future
• I will continue to teach in the largest
  school district in the U.S as long as I
  am able to bring a fresh approach to
  science topics each time I cover

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