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									                            ACCUO 2012 Conference Program University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta
                                   June 6                                   June 7                                     June 8
LOCATION                TELUS BUILDING Room 134                 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Room 1-06               SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Room 1-06
THEMES                  “Current Challenges in                  “Honing Your Skills”                       “Ombuds Research and
                         Postsecondary Ombudsing”                                                           Communication”
8:00 – 8:30             Light Breakfast and Greetings           Light Breakfast and Greetings              Light Breakfast and Messages
8:30 – 9:30             Guest Speaker                           Guest Speaker                              ACCUO AGM
                        University Ombuds and                   Academic Ombudsmen in
                        Good Governance in a                    Europe: Most Recent
                        Networked World                         Developments
                        Dr. Lorna Stefanick, Professor,         Dr. Josef Leidenfrost, Student
                        Governance, Law and                     Ombuds for Austrian Universities,
                        Management, Athabasca U                 Vienna, Austria
9:30 – 9:45             Break                                   Break                                      Break
9:45 – 10:45            It’s Your Duty to                       Should I be taking notes?                  Guest Speaker
                        Accommodate – University                Privacy Concerns in                        The International Ombudsman
                        Challenges                              Ombudsing                                  Institute: The Importance of the
                        Iman Ibrahim, U d’ Ottawa               Harry Davis , U of Alberta                 Ombudsman Worldwide
                        Wade King, U of Alberta                 Cathy Anne Pachnowski,                     Lewis Klar Q.C.,
                         Joanne Yardley, U of Alberta           U of Alberta                               Former Dean of Law, U of Alberta
10:45 – 11:00           Break                                   Break                                      Break
11:00 – 12:00           Fundamentals of                         Managing Rights and                        Communication Planning for
                        Administrative Law                      Responsibilities: The Graduate             Ombuds Offices
                        Robert Clegg, U of Calgary              Student-Supervisor                         Bruce Conway, Victoria
                                                                Relationship                               Martine Conway, U of Victoria
                                                                Dr. Spencer Boudreau, McGill U
                                                                Chris Hackett, U of Alberta
                                                                Dr. Jayson MacLean, U of Alberta
12:00 –1:00             Lunch                                   Lunch                                      Lunch and Closing Remarks
1:00 – 2:05             Systemic Challenges with                Institutional Variations in
                        Implementing Restorative                College and University
                        Justice Programs at Post-               Ombudsing
                        secondary Institutions                  Marie Berryman, Concordia U
                        Deborah Eerkes, U of Alberta            Nancy Chamberland, U de Laval
                        Chris Hackett, U of Alberta             Nora Farrell, Ryerson U
                        Natalie Sharpe, U of Alberta            Carter MacDonald, Camosun C
2:05 – 2:15             Break                                   Break
2:15 – 3:20             Opening Up Shop:                        Spend a Day with Us: Assisting
                        Challenges for a New                    Students with Emergent Mental
                        Ombuds Office                           Health Difficulties
                        Greg Hessian, Fanshawe C                Dr. Robin Everall, Kris Fowler,
                        Jennifer Meister, UWO                   Cheryl Luchkow, Bill Mowbray,
                        Shirley Nakata, UBC                     Dr. Frank Robinson, U of Alberta
                        Carmela Parzanese, McGill U
3:20 – 3:30             Break                                   Break
3:30 – 4:30             3P-Pathway for Managing                 Evaluation of an OmbudService
                        Conflict on Campuses                    Duncan McDonald, Brock U
                        Dr. Robyn Jacobson, Consultant          Kristen Robillard, Concordia U
                        Managing Conflict in Education
Evening                 ACCUO Reception 6 – 8:30 pm             Evening at the Art Gallery
                        U of A Faculty Club                     Gallery Tour 6pm
                        6 – 7 pm Guest Speaker                  Zinc Dinner 7pm
                        Mr. Joe Loran,
                        Deputy Ombudman
                        Alberta Ombudsman’s Office
               Note: The ACCUO Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to make changes and updates where appropriate

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