; Ansett Airlines Flight 232
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Ansett Airlines Flight 232


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									Ansett Airlines Flight 232
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                                     Coordinates: 23°48′08.43″S 133°54′02.92″E

Ansett Airlines Flight 232 was an attempted hijacking of a Fokker Friendship                              Ansett Airlines Flight 232
bound for Alice Springs from Adelaide on Wednesday, 15 November 1972. The
would-be hijacker died in the incident.                                                                          Hijacking summary

                                                                                                   Date              15 November 1972
About 30 minutes before Flight 232 was due to land a male passenger produced
                                                                                                   Type              Hijacking
a gun and said to the flight attendant: "This is a hijack". The man, subsequently
identified as a Czech migrant named Miloslav Hrabinec, had boarded the flight in                   Site              Alice Springs, Northern
                                                                                                                     Territory, Australia
Adelaide with a concealed sawn-off .22 ArmaLite rifle and a sheath knife
                                                                                                   Passengers        28
strapped to his leg.
                                                                                                   Crew              4
After leaving the lavatory as the flight was making its descent into Alice Springs
                                                                                                   Injuries          1
Airport, Hrabinec announced his intentions and forced both of the flight attendants
                                                                                                   Fatalities        1
to the cockpit where he spoke to the pilot. He asked for a parachute and to be
flown 1000 miles into the desert. The pilot convinced him to allow the plane to                    Aircraft type     Fokker Friendship

land where it taxied to an isolated part of the runway. After police officers                      Operator          Ansett Australia

negotiated with the man by radio, 22 of the passengers were permitted to leave                     Registration      VH-FNI
the aircraft.
The man then demanded use of a light aircraft, pilot and parachute, saying he would start shooting passengers if his
demands weren't promptly met. A civilian pilot and flying instructor, Ossie Watts volunteered himself and his Cessna aircraft
and local police constable Paul Sandeman posed as the navigator. Watts was the Aero Club manager and was given a police
handgun. Police concealed themselves around the hangars as the Cessna with Watts and Sandeman onboard taxied to a
position close by. The hijacker descended the stairs with flight attendant Kaye Goreham as hostage. The Ansett crew
immediately closed the aircraft's door to prevent the hijacker's return. Sandeman subsequently attempted to disarm the
hijacker but was shot in the hand and stomach during the struggle. As Sandeman tried to get away he was shot in the right
shoulder and left arm.
The other police officers and Watts opened fire on the man who had moved to a concealed position off the side of the
runway. He then appeared to surrender by holding up his hands. As the police moved in, he opened fire again and police
returned fire, apparently injuring him. The man then shot himself under the chin. He died in hospital several hours later. The
coroner's inquest into Hrabinec's death established that he had died of self-inflicted wounds.
Constable Sandeman was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery.

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