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FAITH WALK – Teacher Resource 1
                         GRADE 7 LESSON 2
Faith Walk Class Activity

Performance Objective: The learner will be able to express his/her own opinion on a topic
through written or oral expression.

Materials Needed: Objects for search; names of objects written on card or paper to
provide to “sighted” students

Teacher Instructions:
    The teacher will divide students into pairs.
    One student in each pair volunteers to be blindfolded.
    The teacher tells ONLY the “sighted” partner a specific object in the classroom that the
      blindfolded person must locate.
    The “sighted” partner needs to guide the blindfolded person to the object WITHOUT
      touching them…they may ONLY use verbal cues to guide their partner. No one else in
      the room may speak…only the sighted partner.
    Unknown to the rest of the class, the teacher chooses one “sighted” partner to
      intentionally demonstrate poor support and cooperation to his/her partner.
    Each partnership will be time on how quickly they can cooperate and find the designated
      object and return it to the teacher.
    Teachers may want to put a time limit on each pair and see who can cooperate most
      effectively and quickly.
    After each pair has had an opportunity to participate, the teacher will lead a group
      discussion about different ways various pairs cooperated with each other. What worked
      well? What didn’t work as well? Which pair cooperated most effectively? Why? At the
      appropriate time the teacher will identify the sighted partner who intentionally did not
      cooperate and continue the discussion on the importance of cooperation to individual and
      group success.

Adapted from Cooperation Lesson from

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