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                   Guildford and Surrey Heath Deaneries

                                September 2012

 Please pray for the Churchwardens and Lay Ministers of each parish

Guildford Deanery
Rural Dean: Frank Scammell
Lay Chair: Michael Houchin

1st Saturday
Burpham, St Luke and Burpham, Church of the Holy Spirit
Incumbent: James Levasier; Jo Levasier (Associate Minister) from
17 September
Other Clergy: Jasmine Runnacles
Current concerns:
Pray for James and Jo as they prepare for their ministry in Burpham

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Gambia - (West Africa) The Rt Revd Dr Solomon Johnson

Parish Development & Evangelism Team (PDET)

Team Leader: (vacant) Acting Team Leader: Stephen Cox
(Local Mission Adviser)
Team Members: Juliet Evans (Parish Resources & Stewardship), Alison Hendy
(Children’s Work Adviser), Elizabeth Knifton (Healing & Wholeness); David Minns
(Nigeria Link), Clive Potter (Sports Ministry); Louise Redfern (Administrator);
Christine Sweeting (Administrator); Katherine Tuck (Asst Children’s Work Adviser),
Elaine Waddington (Administrator); Andrew Wheeler (World Mission Adviser); David
Welch (Youth Adviser).
Current concerns:
       Please pray for the formation of the new Parish Development and
        Evangelism Team, from September onwards,
       for the recruitment of a new Team director during September/October.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Pray for The Episcopal Church of the Sudan The Most Revd Dr Daniel Deng Bul
Yak Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan & Bishop of Juba

3rd Monday (Gregory the Great, bishop, teacher of the faith, 604)
East Clandon, St Thomas of Canterbury and West Clandon, SS Peter and Paul
Incumbent: Barry Preece

Clandon CofE First School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Gboko - (Abuja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Emmanuel Nyitsse

4TH Tuesday
Guildford, All Saints
Incumbent: Barbara Messham
Other Clergy: Nicholas Farbridge
Current concerns:
Pray for Barbara as she prepares to move to Tewkesbury and for the parish as
it prepares for the vacancy.

Queen Eleanor’s School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: George - (Southern Africa): The Rt Revd Brian Marajh

5th Wednesday
Guildford, Christ Church with St Martha-on-the-Hill
Incumbent: Nick Williams
Other Clergy: Benji McNair Scott (to be licensed by the Bishop of Dorking this
evening; also as chaplain of St Catherine’s School, Bramley); Bassi Mirzania,
Jeremy Whittaker
Current concerns:
       For our children’s and youth work that we would build solid foundations and
        encourage growth.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Georgia - (IV, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Scott Benhase

6th Thursday
Guildford, Holy Trinity, St Mary and St Michael
Incumbent: Robert Cotton
Other Clergy: Jane Vlach, Brian Roberts, Rod Pierce, Jonathan Hedgecock
Current concerns:
       Developing partnership with Guildford Methodist Church

Holy Trinity Pewley Down School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer - Gippsland - (Victoria, Australia) The Rt Revd John

29th Saturday ST MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS                                            7th Friday
(Ember Day)                                                                        Guildford, St Nicolas
Lightwater, All Saints                                                             Incumbent: Andrew Norman
Incumbent: Mark Wallace                                                            Other Clergy: Barnaby Perkins, Roy Wynne-Green, Bernard Holdridge
Other Clergy Ruth Kidd, Robert Watson, Derek                                       Current concerns:
Browning                                                                                  Pray for the appointment of a Children and Families Worker jointly with the
Currrent concerns:                                                                         URC.
       Please pray for Mark as he continues to settle in,                                Also for the reviewing of our Mission Action Plan this autumn for the
        having been licensed in April this year;                                           year ahead;
        particularly in September and                                                     And for agreeing an inclusive policy for women's ordained ministry at
        for relationships with local schools as he takes his first assemblies.             St Nicolas'.
       Also please pray for Ruth as she begins her ordained ministry, that
        she will find the right focus for her time and energy.                     St Nicolas VA Infant School: staff and pupils
       For the PCC and congregation as we pursue our plan to employ a
        youth worker from autumn 2013.                                             Anglican Cycle of Prayer
and                                                                                Gitega - (Burundi) The Rt Revd John Nduwayo

Windlesham, St John the Baptist (please see over)
Incumbent: Jonathan Hillman                                                        8th Saturday (Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Other Clergy: Jean Lewis                                                           Guildford, St Saviour
                                                                                   Incumbent: Michael Lawson (retires on 17 September)
Current concerns:                                                                  Other Clergy: Tom Darwent (Associate Minister), Andy
       Please pray for Oliver Deeks, our new Youth Worker taking up his post in   Wheeler, Peter Levell
        September, and also for the start of term for Junior Church.               Current concerns:
       Also, for Jo Wilkins our Children and Families Worker.                     Pray for the staff and congregations as they prepare to enter
       For children who will have attended Global Gang – our Holiday Bible Club   the vacancy.
        at the end of August.
       And for our planned autumn sermon series “I believe” – based on the        Anglican Cycle of Prayer
                                                                        Creed.     Glasgow & Galloway - (Scotland) The Rt Revd Dr Gregor Duncan
Anglican Cycle of Prayer Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Hpa-an - (Myanmar) The Rt Revd Saw Stylo
                                                                                   9th 14TH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY
Diocesan Day of Prayer, 9.30am-4pm, Christ’s College,                              Bishop’s Adviser for Healthcare Chaplaincy: Canon Chris Vallins
Larch Lane, Guildford                                                              Current concerns:
                                                                                          Please pray for the large number of parish clergy who undertake some
30th 17TH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY                                                             chaplaincy work as well as for the Chaplains of the General Hospitals,
Back to Church Sunday                                                                      Hospices & Mental Health Trusts:
We pray for all who will be attending church services in
the diocese today, particularly for those renewing contact.                        David Hobden and Judy Edwards at the Royal Surrey
                                                                                   County Hospital
Anglican Cycle of Prayer                                                           Judith Allford and Diana Manthorpe at St Peter’s Chertsey
Pray for The Church in Wales – The Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of        John Glasspool at East Surrey Hospital, Redhill
Wales & Bishop of Llandaff                                                         Jasmine Runnacles at Farnham and Milford Hospitals

Sarah Sewell, Simon Ellison, Sue Bull, and David Camilleri (RC) at             27th Thursday (Vincent de Paul, founder of the Lazarists, 1660)
Epsom & St Helier                                                              Chobham, St Lawrence and Valley End, St Saviour
David Austin, Barry Burbidge, and Judi Hattaway at Frimley Park                Incumbent: (vacancy)
Sue Bull at Surrey and Borders Mental Health Trust                             Other Clergy: Christopher Bedford
Steve Nolan at Princess Alice Hospice                                          Current concerns:
Jane Walker and Sue Lattey at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice                                Our Churchwardens and the PCC during this time of vacancy
Elizabeth Knifton at Acorn Christian Foundation                                       For the appointment, according to God's will, of a new Incumbent, to meet
                                                                                       the needs of the Parish.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer                                                              For God's blessing on the new Headteacher who starts in September at the
Pray for The Anglican Church of Tanzania The Most Revd Valentino Mokiwa                St Lawrence CofE Aided School.
Archbishop of Tanzania & Bishop of Dar-es-Salaam                                      For the Chobham Festival - 22nd to 30th September- a music extravaganza
                                                                                       to bring the whole community together.
10 Monday                                                                      Chobham St Lawrence: staff and pupils
Guildford Stoke Hill, St Peter’s Shared Church                                 Valley End CofE Controlled: staff and pupils
Incumbent: Kirsten Rosslyn-Smith
                                                                               Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Anglican Cycle of Prayer                                                       Ho (Ghana) - (West Africa) The Rt Revd Matthias Mededues-Badohu
Gloucester - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Michael Francis Perham
Gloucester - Tewkesbury - (Canterbury, England)
                                       The Rt Revd John Stewart Went
                                                                               28th Friday (Ember Day)
11 Tuesday                                                                     Frimley, St Peter and St Francis (Group Ministry with Frimley Green & Mytchett)
Guildford Westborough, St Francis and Guildford Park Barn, St Clare            Incumbent: Mavis Wilson
Team Rector: Stefanie Hodges                                                   Other Clergy: Alan Walden, Margaret Massey, Mark Wilson, Judi Hattaway
Team Vicar: Steve Pownall                                                      Current concerns:
                                                                               Pray for Alan and his family as they prepare to move to Madeley in Hereford
Anglican Cycle of Prayer:                                                      diocese.
Gombe - (Jos, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Henry Ndukuba
                                                                               Frimley CofE Junior School: staff and pupils
12 Wednesday
Merrow, St John the Evangelist                                                 Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Incumbent: Christopher Luckraft                                                Honduras - (IX, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Lloyd Allen
Other Clergy: Ruth Brothwell, Diana Matthews.
Current concerns:                                                              and
       Give thanks for the successful completion of our re-ordering project
                                                                               Frimley Green and Mytchett, St Andrew
        “Enlightening God’s Space”
                                                                               Incumbent: (vacant)
       Pray for Dermot Verschoyle our LLM (R))
                                                                               Current concerns:
                                                                                      Please pray for the visiting clergy who are helping during the vacancy
Merrow CofE Infant School: staff and pupils – and their new Headteacher Jane
                                                                                      Also, for the parish as we seek a new priest
                                                                               Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
                                                                               Hpa-an - (Myanmar) The Rt Revd Saw Stylo
Grahamstown - (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Ebenezer Ntlali
23rd 16th SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY                                                     13 Thursday (John Chrysostom, bishop, teacher of the faith, 407)
Pray for the Communities Engagement Team (formerly DSR) and all staff              Shalford, St Mary the Virgin and Peasmarsh, St Michael
Director: Chris Rich                                                               Incumbent: John Cruse
                                                                                   Other Clergy: Stanley Hemming-Clark
Anglican Cycle of Prayer                                                           Current concerns:
Pray for The Episcopal Church in the USA –                                                Pray for “Securing the Future” our stewardship campaign being held
The Most Revd Dr Katharine Jefferts Schori Presiding Bishop of TEC                         this autumn.

24TH Monday                                                                        Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Camberley, St Mary                                                                 Guildford - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Christopher John Hill
Incumbent: Andrew Knowles                                                          Guildford - Dorking - (Canterbury, England)The Rt Revd Ian James Brackley
Other Clergy: Ruth Walker, Christine Simons

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Hawaii - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Robert Fitzpatrick
                                                                                   14th Friday      HOLY CROSS DAY
  th                                                                               Stoke-next-Guildford, St John the Evangelist
25 Tuesday (Lancelot Andrewes, bishop, spiritual writer, 1626)                     Incumbent: Mark Woodward
Camberley, St Michael, Yorktown                                                    Other Clergy: Fiona Simon, Diana Whitwam.
Incumbent: Bruce Nicole                                                            Current concerns:
Other Clergy: Kim Murray (Associate Minister), Robert Crossley                            Please pray for our new full time Children’s
Current concerns:                                                                          Pastor, Carol Lowries, as she begins this
       Please pray for our ordinand Anne Mitchell                                                            st
                                                                                           new ministry on 1 September
       St Michael’s Renewal Project – the renewal of our lives and our building          Our Alpha Course, being run for the first time in ‘The Stoke’ pub
       Our whole church Alpha course                                                     For fruitful discussions with our architect for our church and centre
       Continued progress to re-organise our Parish Office                                development as part of our 2020 Vision.
       Our Children and Young people, especially the SMPG project class
                                                                                   Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Anglican Cycle of Prayer                                                           Guinea - (West Africa) The Rt Revd Albert Gomez
Hereford - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Anthony Martin Priddis
Hereford - Ludlow - (Canterbury, England)The Rt Revd Alistair James Magowan
                                                                                   15th Saturday (Cyprian, bishop, martyr, 258)
26 Wednesday (William Carlile, founder of the Church Army, 1942)                   Stoughton, Emmanuel
Ember Day                                                                          Incumbent: Frank Scammell (also Rural Dean)
Camberley, St Paul                                                                 Other Clergy: Patrick Butler, Rupert Masters, Chris Reddin.
Incumbent: Mark Chester                                                            Current concerns:
Other Clergy: Sue Stephens, Claire Isherwood, Russell Gant                                Expanding youth work with Christ’s College
Current concerns:                                                                         New autumn Alpha Course
       Planning and preparation for Camberley Mission with other local churches          Community outreach through our Parish Centre
        and Wycliffe Hall Students at Easter 2013
                                                                                   Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Anglican Cycle of Prayer                                                           Gujarat - (North India) The Rt Revd Vinodkumar Malaviya
Highveld - (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd David Bannerman

Pray for the Church Army Officers in the diocese: John Marrow (Emmanuel,
Stoughton et al), Patrick and Sheila Samuels (Walton-on-Thames), Jonathan
Wiggam (Holy Trinity, Aldershot).                                                                                             5.
16th 15TH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY                                                       Surrey Heath Deanery
The Diocesan Advisory Committee
Chair: John Alpass                                                                   Rural Dean: Bob Peck
Secretary: Wendy Harris                                                              Lay Chair: Richard Harbord

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Pray for The Church of the Province of Uganda –                                      19th Wednesday
The Most Revd Henry Orombi Archbishop of Uganda                                      Bagshot, St Anne
and Bishop of Kampala                                                                Incumbent: David Chillman

                                                                                     Anglican Cycle of Prayer
                                                                                     Gwagwalada - (Abuja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Tanimu Aduda
17th Monday (Hildegard, abbess, visionary, 1179)
Worplesdon, Saint Mary the Virgin and Wood Street Village, St Alban                  10am to 4pm Open Day at St Columba’s House
(Group Ministry with Wyke)
Incumbent: Hugh Grear
Other Clergy: Mandy Welch                                                            20th Thursday (John Coleridge Patteson, bishop and companions,
                                                                                     martyrs, 1871)
Current concerns                                                                     Bisley, St John the Baptist and West End, Holy Trinity
       Give thanks for our Flower Festival celebrating our Patronal Festival        Incumbent: Andy Armitt
        on the weekend of 7-9 September                                              Other Clergy: Denis Robinson, Richard Abbott
       Pray for our Exploring Christianity course, commencing in September, and
        for our Confirmation Course, drawing to a conclusion in September            Bisley and Holy Trinity CofE Primary Schools: staff and pupils
        For the special meeting of the PCC on Thursday 27 September                  Gordon’s School: staff and pupils
       Pray also for Sally Gregory, just commencing her first term of ministerial
                                                                                     Anglican Cycle of Prayer
        training on the LMP and for Betsy Herdman LLM (Reader) a valued member
                                                                                     Haiti - (II, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Jean Duracin
        of our staff team.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
                                                                                     21st Friday ST MATTHEW, APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST
Gusau - (Kaduna, Nigeria) The Rt Revd John Garba
                                                                                     Camberley, Heatherside Church
                                                                                     Incumbent: Larry Bain

18th Tuesday                                                                         Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Wyke, St Mark (Group Ministry with Worplesdon)                                       Hanuato'o - (Melanesia) The Rt Revd Alfred Karibongi
Incumbent: Alison Craven
Other Clergy: Monica Taylor
Current concerns:                                                                    22 Saturday
       Building and strengthening the children's church-life in the parish,         Camberley, St Martin, Old Dean
       and exploring Fresh Expressions.                                             Incumbent: Bob Peck (Rural Dean)
                                                                                     Other Clergy: Martin James
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Guyana - (West Indies) The Rt Revd Cornell Moss                                      Anglican Cycle of Prayer
                                                                                     Harare - (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Dr Chad Nicholas Gandiya

                                          6.                                                                                  7.

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