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									Silly mistakes of iPhone App Development


Apple has a very strict policy of accepting apps in its app store. This is why one must be careful while
developing apps for the iOS. Following are the top three mistakes people make while iPhone application
development. This article also helps in identifying how these mistakes can be avoided.

IPhone app development has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. This has led to a direct
increase in the demand for skilled iPhone app developers. However, the problem of the present day
isn’t that apps aren’t as creative or attractive. The problem is that no matter how skilled a developer you
find, they will display a few basic characteristics which will inevitably lead to a few silly mistakes.

Since after you will be wiser after reading this article you can correct these mistakes yourself, or
highlight them to your iPhone app developer so that he can rectify it for you.

                                                                  Overlooking Guidelines
                                                                  I know we had fun breaking rules in
                                                                  school and it is always exciting to throw
                                                                  a ‘know-it-all’ look everywhere, but
                                                                  what is not okay is to skip guidelines. No
                                                                  matter how informed you are, you must
                                                                  strictly always refer to the guidelines
                                                                  given by Apple, popularly known as the
                                                                  App Store Review Guidelines.

                                                                This has the fundamental criterion based
                                                                on which applications are accepted or
                                                                rejected. Mostly, Expert iPhone app
developers like to think that they know everything and are so cool because they have a lot of
experience, but you never know what one single mistake will do to your app. Think it through and check
everything to ascertain that your app meets the guidelines to the letter T.

Overdoing everything
There are places where we have to draw a line. Your developer will be very keen on showing off all that
he can accomplish, but please do not allow him to make your application an exhibition of his talent.
Remember that the app is meant for you. When it goes public it will reflect you and your company.

So, when a developer tries to hoard your app with a million tabs, or animations, or colors or even
functions, remind him to tone it down. See, you can't blame him. Creative people tend to flow with
emotions and may just overdo everything
in an attempt to create a unique
application for you, but you must give it a
clear thought and pull the reigns when

Talk about going overboard! Overthinking
can literally kill your product. Thinking too
much often makes the developer create
more and more complex codes. People
use a more difficult code even when
something simpler will achieve the same

There’s obviously no direct harm in doing
this, but when it comes to debugging, this
can really make the whole task very
cumbersome. If you want a simple clean
and effective handling of the app
(because in later years, you may have to
employ someone else to do it) you must
encourage the developer to use simpler

I remember my mum telling me as a kid
that excess of anything can be deteriorating in nature (mostly when I hogged on chocolates), I never
know that I’d meet this reality in the technical world. However, in my career of over a decade as a
mobile application developer, I have come to appreciate the fact playing the underdog can be really
helpful sometimes.

Keeping things subtle and clear goes a long way. Please understand that any customer will appreciate
honestly much more that decorative pomp. So don’t give the people clichés about how great your
company is and how fantastic your app can be. Instead give them a clear idea of what your app is
capable of. If it is truly interesting, people will pick it up like hot cakes!

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