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					Fairview Heights State School, Toowoomba, QLD

Thought I would share what we are doing at our school re values

We currently have 7 school values - Honesty, Individual Dignity and
Worth, Responsibility, Respect, Participation, Cooperation and
Confidence. These values were chosen as the result of community
discussion and input and have become the basis of all our school
"rules". Whenever we talk to students about behavior issues we refer
to the value that is being breached rather than the rule they broke.

Every 5 weeks we focus on one value to teach throughout the school
and at the end of the time we celebrate and share our learnings about
this value on assembly either by songs, short plays or posters. We
have composed a value song which all the children have learnt and
enjoy singing at every opportunity.

In addition, when children demonstrate the values around the school,
they are given an "On the Spot Celebration" which they place in a
values box and they are then presented with a certificate on
assembly. They receive a large certificate and a small collector
card which they can paste on a collector card sheet. When they have
demonstrated all seven values, they receive a special certificate
acknowledging this.

As you can see, values education is indeed alive and well at our
school and is the basis for everything we do. All the children can
explain the meaning of the values and how they can be demonstrated in
real life situations.

Any questions/further explanations or samples of the certificates,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ray Langler
Deputy Principal
Fairview Heights State School


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