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					                                    THE DURHAM DOCKET
                                 Newsletter of the Fourteenth Judicial District Bar & Durham County Bar Association
                                                       FY 2010 – 2011 No. 8           April 2011

All About the Bar’s                                                                                                        April
Public Service Committee                              APRIL SPECIAL EVENT                                W/Apr 6       George H. White Bar Mtg,
     Did you know the DCBA has a                                                                         1:00 p.m.     NC Mutual. Contact
                                                         OPEN TO ALL
Public Service Committee? If not, you’re                                                                               Antoinette Hilliard,
probably not alone, but you almost                                                                           
certainly have heard of one of the many              Golf Tournament                                     W/Apr 13      DCBA Luncheon, Golf
projects that the committee coordinates.
The committee was started in 2008 by               Philanthropy & Service                                12:30 p.m.    Tournament Beneficiary @
                                                                                                                       ATC Bay 7.
local attorneys when Durham was
omitted from the sites at which the
                                                         Luncheon                                        Th/Apr 21     DOWA Meeting, Sitar India
                                                               -------------------------                 1:00 p.m.     Palace, Contact Erin Rall,
NCBA “4All” ask-a-lawyer campaign
was conducted. We recognized both that                      WEDNESDAY                                        
Durham’s low-income population has                    April 13, 2011, 12:30 p.m.                         T/Apr 26      Public Service Committee
unmet needs for legal services, and that             American Tobacco Campus                             3:00 p.m. –   Expungement Clinic – Attorneys
DCBA members would be willing to step                                                                    5:00 p.m.     needed. Syrena Williams,
                                                   “Bay 7,” near South parking deck                          
up to meet those needs. After several
successful years, the Public Service
                                                      See page 3 for directions.                         Thu/Apr 26    Family Law Bar Judges’
Committee became the coordinator for all                                                                 5:00 p.m.     Reception, Broad Street Cafe
such programs offered by the Durham                Presentations will be made by the                                   (See article on page 6)
Bar, to ensure that we not only meet                 Golf Tournament Beneficiary:                                      Contact John Miskey,
community needs but avoid unnecessary                 Pancreatic Cancer Research                              .
overlap between the various programs.             and by the Public Service Committee                    Th/Apr 28     Young Lawyers Division
     The first program was designed not
                                                                                                         6:00 p.m.     Mtg @ West End Wine Bar,
to compete with 4-All, since it would be
conducted at the same time, and also was
                                                   Open to ALL MEMBERS of the                                          Contact Erin Rall,
                                                   Durham Bar, i.e. Fourteenth and
designed to give business lawyers an
easy way to get involved in public                 DCBA! Please come support the                                            May
service since the originating attorneys                 Golf Tournament, this                            W/May 4       George H. White Bar Mtg,
were a business attorney (Mal King) and
                                                    philanthropy, and your Public                        1:00 p.m.      Contact Antoinette Hilliard,
an intellectual property lawyer (Susan
Olive). Thus, the Business Law Clinic                    Service Committee.                                  
got its start. This clinic offers low-wealth
entrepreneurs and business owners—                 through which local attorneys and
people who couldn’t afford to pay for              paralegals share holiday cheer with
legal      services—       20-30      minute       hundreds of Durham's residents who
appointments with volunteer attorneys              need it most. Erin Rall spearheaded the
and supervised law students. Questions             DCBA’s involvement and has helped
range from whether to form a                       with this program each year. DCBA
corporation, to name selection and                 members      have    provided     literally
trademarks, to the consequences of                 thousands of items of clothing (probably
having signed personal guarantees for              the most frequently requested item by
business loans. We partner with Durham             both the adults and children sponsored
Tech, which operates the Small Business            by DCBA members), household needs                        Bar Luncheons move
Center. Durham Tech both advertises                (such as pots and pans, and blankets),
the clinic and provides space for it in the        and even toys (because although most of                 to American Tobacco
Small Business Center office in the                the children that we sponsor through this               campus for spring 2011
SouthBank Building.           The NCBA’s           program ask for basic necessities like
Lawyers for Enterpreneurs Assistance               clothing, every child deserves the chance                The Durham Civic Centre has closed
Project (LEAP) helped out with staffing            to have at least one new toy for the                the ballrooms for renovation in 2011.
in the early days and still does to some           holidays). This year, we would like to              Consequently, the downtown Bar
extent; we have become a demonstration             challenge all DCBA members to think of              luncheons have been moved to the
project for them. Currently the Business           ways that they, their families and their            American Tobacco Campus on Blackwell
Law Clinic is held twice a year. The next          firms can participate in our Share Your             Street. ATC has ample on-site parking
clinic is scheduled for April 8th from 10 -        Holidays program, either by donating                and we are sure you will find Bay 7 easy
2. Donna Chmura chairs this committee              money that Public Service Committee                 to locate using the information on Page
and can provide more details. More                 members can use to buy gifts requested              3 of this issue.
volunteers are always needed and                   by our families, or by sponsoring an                     The May CLE Event will remain at
appreciated; typically, each attorney              individual or family with their firm or             Hope Valley Country Club. HVCC’s
works a 2-hour shift but we can use you            family.    Contact the PSC committee                pricing is exceptionally attractive;
even if you have only an hour to spare.            chairs to get an early start on                     further, the Club does not surcharge for
     One of our most familiar programs             participation.                                      the audiovisual support equipment our
is the Share Your Holidays Program,                                         continued on page 2        CLE presenters require.
Public Service Committee Report, continued from page 1         scams, and liability for co-signing loans. A Q&A session
                                                               followed the presentation. The goal is to have this
     The longest-running project, which preceded               presentation offered twice a year by the committee, but
formation of the Public Service Committee and now falls        also replicated by attorneys and offered to any
under its general auspices, is the annual DCBA Charity         community groups that could benefit from this
Golf Tournament. As many of you know, this project             information. A slide show that Celie developed is
was founded and is ably overseen by Fred Battaglia, Jr.        available for attorneys who would like to present the
Since its inception, it has raised almost $50,000 for local    program. If you are involved with a group which could
charities. This year 's beneficiary is the Duke Cancer         benefit from a presentation focusing on some of these
Center with the donation directed towards supporting           issues or if you would like to volunteer to lead a
pancreatic cancer research. According to the NIH,              presentation on these issues, let us know.
pancreatic cancer is by far the most deadly form of                  Last but far from least, and in fact perhaps the most
cancer, with a survival rate that is only now beginning to     popular legal clinic that the Public Service Committee
creep above 5% overall and hovering below 2% for the           puts on, is the Expungement Clinic. This project,
majority of those diagnosed with it. One in 71 Americans       initiated by Amanda Maris and Syrena Williams in
are expected to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over       conjunction with Legal Aid, grew out of a recognition
the course of their lifetime and Duke's Cancer Center is       that many job applicants are unable to find jobs because
working hard to increase their chances of survival. So if      of prior convictions for minor offenses, often long in the
you have not yet signed up for the golf tournament this        past. In many cases, the individuals are eligible for
year, please consider doing so. This year's tournament is      expungement of those convictions. Offered every three
Friday May 13th and there are still spots available both       months at Legal Aid, this clinic begins with a general
for firms who would like to sponsor a hole, and those          session that educates attendees about expungements,
would like to come out and play. Please call Fred              including what they are, the different types, who
Battaglia's office at 919-688-7199 for more details and to     qualifies, and what the process entails, and then matches
sign up. Don't worry if you aren't the best golfer (or even    them with volunteer attorneys for a one-on-one session.
have never played before): there is a last place prize, too,   The volunteer attorneys look over their criminal record
and a great time is always had by all!                         during the clinic and advise them on how to proceed.
     Periodically, the DCBA has participated with teams        This hugely popular clinic generally fills as much as a
building a Habitat for Humanity home. This year, the           year in advance and is always looking for attorneys who
Public Service Committee coordinated a "build day" for a       are willing to help staff the clinics. If you are interested
house built in memory of Judge Robinson O. Everett.            in volunteering, but don't have any experience in
Teams of attorneys and judges worked in morning and            expungments, don't worry! Attorneys inexperienced with
afternoon shifts to get the job done. The home now is          expungements are provided with basic training before
occupied by a grateful Habitat family.                         the clinic opens to its attendees. The next Expungement
     In addition to building homes, we recently began a        Clinic is April 26th from 3:00-5:00 pm, and needs
Wills for Habitat Clinic targeted at Habitat for Humanity      volunteers.
homeowners. The first clinic, held in November at First              Each year the number of projects that benefit from
Presbyterian Church, was well attended and much                the Public Service Committee's work has grown, and so
appreciated. Volunteer law students and attorneys              has the involvement of our local bar members. Legal Aid
assisted attendees with the execution of simple wills and      has been invaluable in identifying un-met community
advance directives, powers of attorney, and health care        needs, and in partnering with us. Many of the clinics are
powers of attorney. Volunteers are needed to staff the         provided at Legal Aid’s offices and are advertised by
next clinic for these homeowners. This program was             Legal Aid to those eligible for their services. We continue
initiated by Darren Satterfield and Mal King and               to add clinics as we see a need and have volunteers to
presently is chaired by Gina Reyman and Darren                 conduct them. A new project that will soon commence is
Satterfield.                                                   the provision of on-site legal clinics at Durham’s
     Another need the committee identified and has been        homeless shelter and community café, at Urban
working to meet is the need for a place where people in        Ministries of Durham.
debt, or those seeking to avoid it, can come and get                 We are always in need of volunteers for each clinic
accurate information about their rights.         We have       and other program. The lead attorneys offer documents
recruited attorneys to help Legal Aid handle mortgage          and training for any licensed attorney, law student, or
foreclosures, and recently began the Consumer Debt             paralegal to assist in any of the clinics. You can volunteer
Clinic, chaired by Celie Richardson and Jim White. This        as infrequently or frequently as you wish. If you are
clinic was offered for the first time on March 18, 2011 to a   interested in volunteering for any clinic, please contact
group of senior citizens at the Center for Senior Life. The    the        PSC         Co-Chairs,          Susan       Olive
clinic addressed the difference between secured and            (        or     Syrena     Williams
unsecured debt; judgment exemptions; foreclosure               (          Your time is greatly
alternatives; what repossession is; what judgment              appreciated!
exemptions are; basic terminology; what debt collectors
can and cannot do. The presenters also focused on
                    American Tobacco Campus - Bay 7
             Event Parking – North & South Parking DeckS
FROM I-85 (US 70):
Exit    Downtown      Durham
(Mangum Street). Continue on
Mangum through downtown,
2 miles. Follow parking signs
to ballpark. Turn right onto
Jackie Robinson. The South
Parking Deck is just past the
Stadium on right. Corner of
Willard/ Jackie Robinson and
Carr. Continue around the
block for the North Deck.

FROM I-40:
Take I-40 West to the Durham
Freeway (Exit 279B) to the
Mangum/Roxboro Street Exit
(Exit 12B). Keep straight up
the hill for about 2 blocks
(Willard St./Jackie Robinson).
Ballpark Stadium is on the
right. The South Parking Deck
is just past the Stadium on
right.        Corner       of       FROM I-540:                               FROM THE SOUTH
Willard/Jackie Robinson and                                                    PARKING DECK
Carr. Continue to the next
                                    Take I-540 south to the I-40
corner and Block around for                       40
                                    exit. Take I-40 West until            Exit the parking deck
the North Deck.                     you reach the Durham                  headed toward the center of
                                    Freeway (Exit 279B) to the            the complex, i.e. the water
                                    Mangum/Roxboro           Street       tower. The bays are on the
FROM 15-501 N BYPASS:               Exit (Exit 12B). Keep                 LEFT, starting with Tyler’s
                                    straight up the hill for about        Taproom. Pass Tyler’s and
Exit   Durham     Freeway           2 blocks (Willard St./Jackie          head up the sidewalk. As
South.   Exit   Mangum/             Robinson). Ballpark is on             you walk, observe the Bay
Roxboro Street (12). Cross          the right. The South Parking          Number markers above
Mangum Street.                      Deck is just past the                 many doorways. Bay 7 is
Go Left on Roxboro. Follow                       right.
                                    Stadium on right Corner of            about halfway up, near the
signs for Durham Freeway            Willard/Jackie       Robinson         bridge spanning the slate
North (stay to right). Cross        and Carr.                             rock creek.
Mangum       Street    again.
Ballpark is on the right. The
South Parking Deck is just              ADDITIONAL DIRECTIONS AND MAPS:
past the Stadium on right.
Corner of Willard/Jackie
Robinson and Carr.     
       2011 – 2012 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS                                      Family Law Bar
    It’s that time of year again,    are not “auto-slated” and will be
                                                    slated”                      April 26, 2011
when we review the current           filled     by    the    2011-2012    In lieu of our normal meeting, we
Officers and the Board of                           Committee.
                                     Nominating Committee Would           are hosting a Judge's Reception
Directors and consider adding        you like to serve on the board       for our Family Court Judges on
new faces to this group. The         next year? The Board should          April 26 from 5-7pm at the Broad
Fourteenth JDB, the DCBA, and        have      Directors    who    are    Street Cafe in Durham. Food and
the Bar Foundation share a joint     representative of various legal      drinks will be included. All local
Board of Directors, currently led    specialties and sizes of firms.      attorneys are invited. The cost is
by Philip A. Mullins, IV, of         The only obligation is a monthly     $25 per person and free for those
Thomas, Ferguson & Mullins,          evening meeting downtown,            who have paid their annual
LLP, who will be succeeded by        from September to June. Please       membership dues.
Christy A. Hamilton Malott, Staff    consider volunteering to serve a
Attorney in the Durham County        one-year term. You may also
Guardian Ad Litem Program.           nominate another person to serve
The position of Treasurer is often   on the Board. Nominations (self-
held for multiple terms; Wil         or otherwise) should be sent to
Drake is currently in his third      the Executive Director, Bonnie         DOWA APRIL EVENT
year. The remaining board            Biggs, at info@durhambar
                                                April 21, 1:00 p.m.
positions, i.e. Vice President,                                                  Sitar Indian Palace
Secretary and eight Directors,
                                                                          Come learn about what is going
                                                                          on in the NC legislature this year,
                                                                          including the massive number of
                                                                          legislation that could affect your
                 Fourteenth Judicial District Bar                         practice, and hear some of our
                                                                          local legislators views on the
                 Annual Meeting – Open To All                             bills.
                Wednesday, June 8 at 12:30 p.m.
                American Tobacco Campus, Bay 7
                                                                                FINAL DCBA CLE
                                                                                   MAY 11, 2011
                                                                              The third and final DCBA
                                      Global Spectrum                     CLE event will be May 11, at
                                        to operate                        Hope Valley County Club, at the
REGISTER NOW                         convention center
                                                                          regularly    scheduled     DCBA
                                                                          luncheon. The CLE will provide 1
                                                                          hour of Substance Abuse /
FRIDAY                               The DCBA has begun to plan the       Mental Health credit.        Paid
                                     luncheons for the 2011 – 2012        DCBA members are invited. All
MAY 13                               fiscal year, which starts in         others may pay the single-CLE
                                     September 2011. Discussions are
2011                                 taking    place    with   Global
                                                                          and luncheon fee of $50. This will
                                                                          be the last DCBA luncheon of the
@ Falls                              Spectrum, the new operator of        2010-2011 fiscal year. The new
                                     the Durham Convention Center
Village                              meeting and luncheon spaces in
                                                                          year will be gin with our kickoff
-------------                                                             luncheon in September of 2011.
                                     which the DCBA has met for               Please see the box at left for
DCBA                                 many years. If you would like to     information about the Fourteenth
                                     suggest other locations/venues       Judicial District Bar’s Annual
GOLF                                 for monthly luncheons, please        Meeting and Luncheon, to which
                                     contact the Executive Director, at
                                                                          all members of the Fourteenth are
BarCares Services                                 THE CLASSIFIEDS                             CONTACT Information
                                                                                            DCBA & 14th Judicial District Bar:
  ~ a reminder ~                                  to
                                           Please email info@durhambar                      Bar Office                       682-2012
                                           submit classified advertisements to              115 E. Main Street, P.O. Box 593
                                           The Durham Docket Rates /limitations
                                                         Docket.                            Durham, NC 27702
                                           to free ads, at right.                           Fax:                             680-0108
                                           FOR LEASE: Steps from the Court                  President
                                           House: Perfect for 3-4 lawyers and               Philip A. Mullins, IV            682-5648
                                                                                            Vice- President
                                           their staff. If interested, call (919) 286-      Christy Hamilton Malott          564-7294
                                           3462.                                            Secretary
                                                                                            Dorothy Hairston                 682-3200
                                           DURHAM         LAWYER       MOVING               Treasurer
   BarCARES is a confidential, short-      OFFICE: has Ricoh copier for sale.               Wilfred Drake                    683-8441
term intervention program provided         Copies double sided, letter, legal,              Directors
                                           sorts, in excellent condition. Some              Jessica S. Fludd
cost-free to members of the                                                                 William E. Freeman (Rick)
Fourteenth Judicial District Bar                         included.
                                           supplies also included $500.00. Call             Kristen Hart
(your mandatory bar) and the               Kay at 419-1811.                                 Antoinette Hilliard
families of members of the Durham                                                           David McKenzie
                                           DURHAM        LAWYER     MOVING                  Catherine Crowell Pavur
County Bar Association (your               OFFICE: Much furniture, supplies                 Matthew B. Slotkin
voluntary bar).       The program          and miscellaneous items for sale.                Ricardo Velasquez
provides confidential assistance,          Contact Kay at 419-
                                                             -1811.                         Immediate Past President
support, and brief, solution-oriented                                                       Curtis Massey
counseling. BarCARES is designed to        OFFICE SHARE/RENTAL WANTED.                      NC State Bar Councilors
                                           New solo looking for small affordable            Margaret McCreary                682-7267
offer no-cost assistance in dealing                                                         John A. Bowman                   493-6464
with problems that might be causing        office space with shared conference              Executive Director/Docket Editor
distress and can be used to help           room to rent from existing firm OR               Bonnie B. Biggs                  682-2012
with:                                      looking for another attorney to
                                           rent/share space with.      Location/         ATTORNEY OFFICE for Rent across
   Personal         Issues:       crisis   proximity to downtown Durham is               street    from     Durham    County
intervention,      depression/anxiety,     not important. Please contact Andrew          Courthouse.      2 offices, paralegal
substance abuse (drug or alcohol)      
                                           at Andrew@Kisala                    to        secretarial office, conference area.
and financial concerns.                    discuss.                                      Nicely furnished reception and
   Family Issues: marriage and             ATTORNEY OFFICE FOR RENT:                     common area. Call 919.949.2874 for
relationships,       children      and     Roomy, lots of natural light. Shared          details or discussion.
adolescents, parenting and family          common space with nicely furnished            THREE OFFICE SPACES: Two
conflict                                   reception and conference room. In nice        minute walk from the Durham County
   Work        Issues:     professional    office complex 10 minutes from                Courthouse, in the old Durham
stressors, case-related stress, conflict   downtown Durham, also convenient              library. Each of the offices has RJ5
resolution, career counseling              to CH. Contact Julie Woodmansee at            wired Internet access.       Parking
                                           403-0900     or    via    email     at        included for you and your clients, as
    For members of the DCBA, a             julie@woodmanseelaw
                                  .                     well as all utilities and use of
small portion of your voluntary bar        OFFICES AVAILABLE 1 block from                conference room. For more info, call
dues funds three (3) free BarCARES         Durham Courthouse in historic Kress           Marcus Hill at 919-688-1941 or come
visits per DCBA member family (i.e.        building. 2 shared conference rooms,          by for the nickel tour.
member, spouse and dependent               kitchen and color copier. Please
children).                                                                               DOWNTOWN DURHAM OFFICE
                                           contact        sharon
                                                          sharon.thompson@bll-           SPACE: Large corner office with two
    Human Resource Consultants,   for more information.
Inc., based out of Chapel Hill, is the                                                   windows for rent in Chancellor
provider agency, with a wide range         MEDIATOR Emergency Superior                   Building in downtown Durham. One
of psychiatrists, psychologists and        Court Judge A. Leon Stanback is               block from Courthouse.       Shared
clinical social workers on staff.          available for mediation services. His         common areas and large conference
Dialing the above-referenced toll free     contact information is: 4011 Crown            room.      Please contact Gabriela
number (800.640.0735) forwards you         Hill Drive, Durham, N.C. 27707.               Matthews, 919-956-7888.
directly to a designated HRC staff                          6062
                                           Phone: (919) 614-6062 Cell or Home:           OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN
member       who      identifies   the     (919) 490-0397.                               EXCHANGE FOR RESEARCH 576 sq
appropriate therapist to address           BASKETBALL @ THE DOWNTOWN                     ft office (corner office, 3 rooms on 6th
your presenting concerns. An initial       YMCA? Group forming now, if                   floor SouthBank Bldg)           available
appointment        is       thereupon      interested respond with best times            through June 2011. Contact Charles
scheduled.      Confidentiality      is    to Dan Read, email,           Bentley,                        682-3700,
maintained at every stage.                 or phone 683-1900.
                                                            .                   .

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