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									Anna's Retreat, United States Virgin Islands
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Anna's Retreat is a town in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. As of
                                                                           Anna's Retreat, United States Virgin Islands
2000, the population was 8,197, making Anna's Retreat the second
                                                                                                  — Town —
largest town in the U.S. Virgin Islands after the territorial capital,
                                                                                               Nickname(s): Tutu
Charlotte Amalie.
As with many parts of the territory, tourists are often present in the
On January 12, 2008, the United States Geological Survey reported
that an earthquake of magnitude 2.4 had occurred 10 miles north of
Anna's Retreat. Seismic activity is not unheard of in the region of the
Caribbean where the U.S. Virgin Islands are located.

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                                                                           • Total                  8,197
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                                                                           ZIP code                 00802, 00803
                                                                           Area code(s)             340
The Joseph Gomez Elementary School and the Emanuel Benjamin Oliver Elementary school serve Anna's Retreat. [1]

Anna's Retreat sits in Tutu Valley in the Tutu subdistrict and is on the east side of Saint Thomas.

Anna's Retreat is one of the biggest shopping districts in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is also home to Tutu Park Mall.

The Weymouth Rhymer Highway passes through Anna's Retreat, turning into Red Hook Rd which leads to Red Hook.

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   Charlotte Amalie West
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   1. ^ Google Maps

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      Tillett Gardens

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