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					Graduate School                                                                                                                       (907) 474-7464
202 Eielson Building                                                                                                               (907) 474-1984 fax
PO Box 757560                                                                                                                              UAF-Grad-
Fairbanks, AK 99775-                                                                                                    
                                              APPLICATION FOR ADVANCEMENT
                                          TO CANDIDACY FOR THE MASTER'S DEGREE
       Name:                                                             Student ID#:
       Mailing Address:

       Phone: (Home)                                                                 (Campus)
       Email address:
       Degree:                                                 Major:
       (M.S., M.A., M.Ed., etc.)                                         (Botany, Physics, Geology, etc.)
                         (Solid-Earth Geophysics, Biological Oceanography, etc.)
                                    Important Dates:                                    Semester:         Year:        Catalog Year: *
        Admission to Graduate Program:
        Date or semester of comprehensive exam (completed or planned)                                                          N/A
        Expected Date of Graduation:
       * You may elect to graduate under the degree requirements in effect the first semester of your enrollment in your graduate degree program or
       under the catalog in effect when you graduate. However, if you do not meet continuous registration requirements, you waive the right to use
       the catalog in effect when you first entered your graduate program; you will use either the catalog in effect during the semester of your re-
       entry or the catalog in effect when you graduate.

       Thesis                project               other
       Provisional title:

       GPA in 600-level courses                                GPA in all courses in degree program
       NOTE: If you are using courses from a previous or concurrent master’s degree in this program, what is the other
       master’s degree?                                                  . List the courses that are being used in both programs:
       I. CREDITS REQUIRED FOR DEGREE PROGRAM: Required program of coursework, research, and thesis credits
       based on your graduate study plan. In your graduation semester, your transcript will be reviewed to see that all these credits
       are included. Only list the coursework that will be counted towards your degree program. No more than 12 credits of special
       topics courses (693 or 695) or individual study (697) may be used toward a graduate degree. Audited courses, 100, 200, 300,
       500 level courses are not allowed. If only 12 credits of thesis are required, then only list a maximum of 12 credits.
       Any difference between the courses listed here and the course requirements in the catalog requires
       submission of a Graduate Student Petition Form.
       University of Alaska courses (Indicate grades for those courses completed; use an asterisk for those not yet complete.)
       600-level (including thesis, project, and research credits):
         Sem/Year        Course Dept. & No.                   Title                             Credits Grade
       Example: Fall 04       ANTH 699                Thesis                                                               3          DF
Student Name:____________________________________
400-level: You must earn an A or B grade (no B- or P grades) in 400-level courses.

Transfer courses. You may apply post-baccalaureate degree credits earned at UAF while a non-degree student toward a graduate
degree only with approval of your graduate advisory committee, to a maximum of one-half of all credits used to meet your degree
requirements. Up to one-half of all graduate degree credits approved for your program may be transferred from UAA and UAS. No
more than one-third of approved program credits may be transferred from other accredited institutions outside the UA system. You
must earn a minimum B grade in all graduate courses presented for transfer.

Courses are to be transferred from: __________________________________________________________

II. SUMMARY OF PROGRAM CREDITS:                                  All coursework listed on this Advancement to Candidacy form
and all other degree requirements must be satisfactorily completed within seven years for a master’s degree.

  Minimum Credits REQUIRED For Degree Program (from catalog)
  Number of your 600-level credits (not including project/thesis/research)
  Number of your thesis or project credits: Thesis            Project
   [NOTE:       Maximum project & research cr = 6; and maximum thesis & research cr. = 12]
                Do not list more than 6 credits (project) or 12 credits (thesis) in your total .

  Number of your 400-level credits (not including deficiency courses)
                                       YOUR TOTAL PROGRAM CREDITS

                        Signatures                                                 Please Print Name:

Dept. Chair:

College/School Dean:

Graduate School Dean:

TO:        Office of the Graduate School (original)                                                        9/28/2011

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