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Ann Margaret Rohmer (born 2 March 1958) is a television personality on CP24 in Toronto, Canada.

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Television career
In 1979, she hosted the syndicated program Show Biz. Hired by the Global Television Network, she was a host on the
award-winning magazine show That’s Life. Following that she was a features reporter on CTV's Canada AM.
In 1986, she joined Citytv as the CityPulse Weekend sports anchor. She was the first Canadian female sports reporter
allowed to interview athletes in their changing rooms. Three years later, she began waking up at 5:00 a.m. to host BT-
Breakfast Television - a routine she maintained for a 12-year run. Deciding it was time for a change, in October 2001,
Rohmer became Anchor for CP24 and host of City Online, a week daily interactive talk show after CityNews @ Noon that
gives viewers the chance to comment on the specific news as it is covered, viewers either participate in a phone poll or call
into the show (there is also Toll Free number that the viewers can call in ) or fax or e-mail to speak on the show. Rohmer is
also Joined by guests for the specific news covered. In February 2002, she also took on hosting duties for CP24's new real
estate show, Hot Property. She also hosts Animal House Calls. Rohmer will sometimes fill in as host of HomePage for Jee-
Yun Lee and Perfect Fit for Tonya Rouse. Rohmer is also well known for her support of the World Wildlife Fund and other
animal-related charities. Ann currently hosts CP24 weekdays starting at 9am and lasting through the afternoon. She also
anchored the new CP24 program More On CP24 (added news coverage during commercial breaks of CityTv's Breakfast
Television), the 'Live at Noon' newscast that gets the most up to date Weather/Traffic and chats along with Co-Host Stephen
LeDrew as well as various CP24 weekday talk shows. As of March 2009, Rohmer is host of CP24 Breakfast.
In June 2010, Rohmer resigned her primary duties at CP24. She received an on-air sendoff and a massive party to celebrate
her career at the station. Her new position was supposed to be outside broadcasting. But in the fall of 2010, she returned to
her regular weekday morning anchoring duties at CP24. CP24 did not address the reason for her return, or even the fact that
she had returned to the anchor desk. She continues to host Animal House Calls and Hot Property.

Personal life
Her parents are Richard Rohmer and Olivia Rohmer and she has an older sister, Catherine, who is a lawyer. Trained by top
skating coach Sheldon Galbraith, Rohmer competed at the provincial level until she was involved in a car accident at the age
of 14. Although this ended her skating career, it has not stopped her from playing tennis, being an aerobics instructor and
avidly participating in both water and downhill skiing. She graduated from Branksome Hall in 1976 and worked as a flight
attendant for Nordair, during which time she was named Miss Interline and received a trophy from company vice-president
Paul Pelletier.
She is divorced; her ex-husband is Canadian skier Steve Podborski.

Rohmer has been given the following awards:
   1999, voted by the Toronto Sun as one of the "10 Sexiest Women" in Toronto.
   1994 and 1999 voted by the Toronto Sun as one of Toronto's favourite television personalities.
   1998 Variety Children's Charity Outstanding Community Volunteer.
  Nominated for ACTRA's Best Newcomer of the Year.
  Gordon Sinclair Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.
  2001 Escoffier Society Media Award.

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