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									Dangerous Living_ Multimedia_Rubric

          Multimedia Presentation Rubric
Excellent: 30 – 40 points

Good: 16 - 29 points

Fair: less than 16 points

Evaluation              Excellent                 Good                  Fair          Points
 Research       6 points                     4 points            2 points

                Accurately researched a      Collected           Misinterpreted
                variety of information       relevant            statements,
                about dangerous living at    information         graphics and
                land sliding and             from multiple       failed to identify
                interpreted significant      sources of          relevant
                facts, and synthesized.      information,        arguments.
Storyboard      5 points                     3 points            2 points

                The storyboard illustrates   The thumbnail       The thumbnail
                the slide presentation       sketches on the     sketches on the
                structure with thumbnail     storyboard          storyboard are
                sketches of each slide       include titles      not in a logical
                including: title of slide,   and text for each   sequence and
                text, background color,      slide and are in    have incomplete
                placement & size of          sequential order.   information.
                graphic, fonts - color,
                size, type for text and
                headings, and Video
                files. All slides are
                numbered, and there is a
                logical sequence to the
  Content       9 points                     8 points            4 points

                The content is written       The content is      The content is
                clearly and concisely        written with a      vague in
                with a logical progression   logical             conveying a
                of ideas and supporting      progression of      point of view
Dangerous Living_ Multimedia_Rubric

              information. Explained       ideas and          and does not
              the collaborative work.      supporting         create a strong
                                           information.       sense of purpose. .

              Explained the important      Explained few      Important terms
              terms related to Land        terms.             were not            .
              sliding.                                        mentioned.

              Diagrammatically             Listed few         Listed few
              illustrated Seeing reasons   reasons behind     reasons behind
              behind landslide,            landslide, Few     landslide.
              Reasons behind               reasons behind
              mushrooming at hilltops.     mushrooming at

              The project gives the        The project         Project idea was
              audience a clear sense of    main idea given.   not mentioned
              the project’s main idea.

              Compare the labour           Explain the        Mentioned
              settlements 20 years         labour             labour
              before and now in            settlements.       settlements.

              Give explanation on the      Give               Mentioned few
              steps taken and to be        explanation on     steps taken to
              taken to avoid disaster.     the steps taken    avoid disaster.
                                           to avoid

              Expressed their views        Student views      No student
              after doing the project.     mentioned.         views.

Technology    6 points                     4 points           2 point
              The use of media objects     The use of         Minimal use of
              such as video, text,         media objects      media objects
              graphics, animation and      such as video,     such as video,
              sound is appropriate to      text, graphics,    text, graphics,
              convey information in an     animation and      animation and
              effective manner             sound is           sound.
                                           judicious and
Dangerous Living_ Multimedia_Rubric


 Writing     6 points                     4 points            2 points
             The text is written with     The text is         Spelling,
             no errors in grammar,        clearly written     punctuation, and
             capitalization,              with little or no   grammar errors
             punctuation, and spelling.   editing required    distract or impair
                                          for grammar,        readability.
                                          punctuation, and
                                          spelling.           (3 or more
  Layout     3 points                     2 points            1 point

             The layout is visually       The layout uses     The layout
             pleasing and contributes     horizontal and      shows some
             to the overall message       vertical space      structure, but
             with appropriate use of      appropriately.      appears cluttered
             headings, subheadings.                           and uses a
 Citations   5 points                     4 points            2 points

             Sources of information       Most sources of     Sometimes
             are properly cited so that   information use     copyright
             the audience can             proper citation,    guidelines are
             determine the credibility    and sources are     followed and
             and authority of the         documented.         some
             information presented.                           information,
                                                              photos and
                                                              graphics do not
                                                              use proper
                                                              Total Points

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