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Ann Duquesnay is an American musical theatre actress, composer and lyricist best known for Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in
'Da Funk, which earned her a Tony Award.

Duquesnay's parents were Southern sharecroppers who moved to Harlem when she was five years old. Although she did not
have formal music training until well after her stage years, she developed a passion for theatre, encouraged by director
George C. Wolfe. [1]
Duquesnay's Broadway debut was in the revue Blues in the Night in 1982 as a standby. Two years later, she played Glinda
in a revival of The Wiz. She was next seen in Jelly's Last Jam as Gran Mimi and Ancestor.
Along with Daryl Waters and Zane Mark, Duquesnay co-wrote the music for Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk in 1996, as
well as playing the roles of 'Da Singer and Chanteuse. The musical debuted on April 25. For her contributions, she won a
Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Musical and was nominated for Best Original Score.
In 2006, Duquesnay returned to Broadway in the revue Hot Feet, featuring music by Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire.

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