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2012 Rally Results

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									2011                                                       GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                                      DIstrict Rally
                                                            Literary Event Results

               Test Name          Division    Student Last Name     Student First Name            School Name          Place Overall State Qual
Accounting I                          I      Torres               Ersasmo                Bonnabel Magnet Academy        1      **         *
Accounting I                          I      Cubas                Vanessa                Bonnabel Magnet Academy        2
Accounting I                         III     Ernst                Cassi                  Cabrini                        1                 *

Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus             I     Brown                Jimmy                  Jesuit                         1                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus             I     Maheu                Chris                  Brother Martin                 2                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus             I     Holahan              Erin                   Mount Carmel                   3                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus             I     D'Angelo             John                   Jesuit                         4
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus             I     Estopinal            Cody                   Chalmette                      5
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus            II     Baily                Cole                   Benjamin Franlkin              1      **         *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus            II     Stoner               Mary Cecilia           St. Mary's Dominican           2                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus            II     Cheramie             Jacob                  Belle Chasse                   3                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus            II     Hartline             Kevin                  Archbishop Rummel              4                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus            II     Guo                  Shenghan               Benjamin Franlkin              5
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           III     Le                   Eric                   Haynes Academy                 1                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           III     Bonner               Ben                    St. Martin's Episcopal         2                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           III     Moore                Mason                  Metairie Park Country Day      3                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           III     Lawless              Maeve                  Academy of the Sacred Heart    4                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           III     Vullo                Anne                   Ursuline                       5
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           IV      Baldassaro           Allie                  Patrick Taylor                 1                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           IV      Miller               Jenna                  Louise McGehee                 2                 *
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           IV      Barnett              Anna                   Ridgewood Prep                 3
Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus           V       Daugird              Joseph                 Ecole Classique                1                 *

Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.       I      Butera               Brandon                Jesuit                         1                 *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.       I      Tafaro               Alexa                  Mount Carmel                   2                 *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.       I      Bailes               Nathaniel              Chalmette                      3
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.       I      Rohr                 Ian                    Jesuit                         4
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.       I      Hall                 Zachary                Chalmette                      5
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.      II      Bischof              Alexander              Benjamin Franklin              1      **         *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.      II      Xu                   David                  Benjamin Franklin              2
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.      II      Songy                Hunter                 Archbishop Rummel              3                 *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.      II      Eberle               Edmond                 Archbishop Rummel              4
2011                                                GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                                     Literary Event Results

Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.    II   Carter          Donovan               Archbishop Shaw               5
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.   III   Kuehne          Ian                   St. Martin's Episcopal        1              *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.   III   Lulich          Victoria              Academy of the Sacred Heart   2              *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.   III   Arnold          Allison               DeLaSalle                     3              *
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.   III   Kantrow         Eleanor               Ursuline                      4
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.   III   Burst           Alex                  John Curtis                   5
Advanced Math/Functions & Stat.   IV    Gothard         Ben                   Patrick Taylor                1              *

Algebra I                           I   Nguyen          Bryan                 Jesuit                        1              *
Algebra I                           I   Skipper         Sophia                Mount Carmel                  2              *
Algebra I                           I   Maheu           Connor                Jesuit                        3
Algebra I                           I   Simoneaux       Rachel                Mount Carmel                  4
Algebra I                           I   Dickson         Niels                 Brother Martin                5
Algebra I                          II   Yager           Jacob                 Lusher Charter                1              *
Algebra I                          II   Stewart         Rowan                 Benjamin Franklin             2              *
Algebra I                          II   Ducoing         Sage                  St. Mary's Dominican          3              *
Algebra I                          II   Steptore        Jamia                 Benjamin Franklin             4
Algebra I                          II   Donahue         Isabel                Lusher Charter                5
Algebra I                          II   Bonanno         Justin                Archbishop Rummel             6              *
Algebra I                         III   Cho             Changhee              St. Martin's Episcopal        1   **         *
Algebra I                         III   Stouse          Sophia                Metairie Park Country Day     2              *
Algebra I                         III   deBlanc         Katie                 Academy of the Sacred Heart   3              *
Algebra I                         III   Hom             Michael               Haynes Academy                4
Algebra I                         III   Miller          Elizaabeth            Ursuline                      5
Algebra I                         IV    Libert          Tyler                 Patrick Taylor                1              *
Algebra I                         IV    Chang           Schumann              Ridgewood Prep                2              *
Algebra I                         IV    Harris          Angelica              Louise McGehee                3
Algebra I                         V     Ashworth        Cooper                John Q. Adams Middle          1              *
Algebra I                         V     Brumfield       Jake                  Ecole Classique               2              *
Algebra I                         V     Duthu           Jade                  Immaculate Conception         3
Algebra I                         V     Zavala          Daniella              St. Edward the Confessor      4
Algebra I                         V     Zenon           Gracian               Lutheran High School          5

Algebra II                         I    Douglass        Rachel                Mount Carmel                  1              *
2011                            GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                 Literary Event Results

Algebra II     I   Stephens         Sean                  Jesuit                        2              *
Algebra II     I   Mire             Christopher           Jesuit                        3
Algebra II     I   Hoang            Trung                 West Jefferson                4              *
Algebra II     I   Sealy            Chloe                 Mount Carmel                  5
Algebra II    II   Daigle           Jeanne Claire         Benjamin Franklin             1              *
Algebra II    II   Dao              Elizabeth             St. Mary's Dominican          2              *
Algebra II    II   Clock            Charlotte             Benjamin Franklin             3
Algebra II    II   Denenea          Madelaine             St. Mary's Dominican          4
Algebra II    II   Moore            Elise                 Lusher Charter                5              *
Algebra II    II   Muller           Allison               Archbishop Chapelle           6              *
Algebra II   III   Lee              Jong-Ho               Haynes Academy                1   **         *
Algebra II   III   Terral           Megan                 Academy of the Sacred Heart   2              *
Algebra II   III   DeCorte          Joe                   St. Martin's Episcopal        3              *
Algebra II   III   Garrison         Brittany              Cabrini                       4
Algebra II   III   Weinmann         Bobby                 Metairie Park Country Day     5
Algebra II   IV    Marrero          Abrania               Patrick Taylor                1              *
Algebra II   IV    Whyte            John                  Ridgewood Prep                2              *
Algebra II   IV    Nguyen           Tina                  Louise McGehee                3
Algebra II   V     Cho              Amy                   Echole Classique              1              *
Algebra II   V     Stokes           Shelby                Lutheran                      2              *

Biology I     I    St. Pierre       Taylor                Brother Martin                1   **         *
Biology I     I    Stradley         Steven                Jesuit                        2              *
Biology I     I    Bond             Harrison              Jesuit                        3
Biology I     I    McCord           Meghan                Mount Carmel                  4              *
Biology I     I    Pellerin         Catherine             Mount Carmel                  5
Biology I    II    Mattei           Genevieve             St. Mary's Dominican          1              *
Biology I    II    Nguyen           Nathan                Benjamin Franklin             2              *
Biology I    II    Stern            John                  Benjamin Franklin             3
Biology I    II    Fisette          Taylor                Archbishop Chapelle           4              *
Biology I    II    Williams         Alexandria            Belle Chasse                  5              *
Biology I    III   Conatser         James                 St. Martin's Episcopal        1              *
Biology I    III   Abughazleh       Ahmad                 Haynes Academy                2              *
Biology I    III   Nguyen           Peter                 Thomas Jefferson              3              *
2011                                               GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                            DIstrict Rally
                                                    Literary Event Results

Biology I                       III   Reames           Celeste               Cabrini                     4
Biology I                       III   Salmon           Madeline              De La Salle                 5
Biology I                       IV    Primeaux         Olivia                Louise McGehee              1              *
Biology I                       IV    Hughes           Zachary               Patrick Taylor              2              *
Biology I                       IV    Qanadilo         Sajedah               Ridgewood Prep              3
Biology I                       V     Heltz            Alexa                 Lutheran                    1              *

Biology II                        I   Hazlaris         Christopher           Jesuit                      1              *
Biology II                        I   Sherry           Alaxander             Jesuit                      2
Biology II                        I   Anderson         Rachel                Mount Carmel                3              *
Biology II                        I   Vo               Nguyen                Brother Martin              4              *
Biology II                        I   Oakley           Robert                Chalmette                   5
Biology II                       II   Cheneveret       Madeline              Lusher Charter              1   **         *
Biology II                       II   Le               Kathy                 Academy of Our Lady         2              *
Biology II                       II   McHugh           Samuel                Benjamin Franklin           3              *
Biology II                       II   Yan              Junru                 Benjamin Franklin           4
Biology II                       II   Boudreaux        Adair                 St. Mary's Dominican        5
Biology II                      III   Chowdhury        Nowrin                Haynes Academy              1              *
Biology II                      III   Nachabe          Adeem                 Metairie Park Country Day   2              *
Biology II                      III   Akula            Prasad                John Curtis Christian       3              *
Biology II                      III   Cowen            Chloe                 Ursuline                    4
Biology II                      III   Farber           Will                  St. Martin's Episcopal      5
Biology II                      IV    Nelson           Branton               Ridgewood Prep              1              *
Biology II                      V     Sandoz           Alexadra              Ecole Classique             1              *
Biology II                      V     Haten            Robin                 Lutheran                    2              *

Business Computer Application    I    Prados           Jared                 Jesuit                      1   **         *
Business Computer Application    I    Pilie`           Scot                  Jesuit                      2
Business Computer Application    I    Weiymann         Cayleigh              Mount Carmel                3              *
Business Computer Application   III   Pritchett        Rebecca               Cabrini                     1              *
Business Computer Application   III   Le               Anna                  De La Salle                 2              *

Calculus                         I    Sketchler        Benjamin              Jesuit                      1   **         *
Calculus                         I    Glahn            Megan                 Mount Carmel                2              *
2011                           GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                            DIstrict Rally
                                Literary Event Results

Calculus      I   Kurusu           Yukihiro              Brother Martin              3              *
Calculus      I   Filizola         Jordan                Chalmette                   4
Calculus      I   LaCoste          Leslie                Mount Carmel                5
Calculus     II   Peng             Kunru                 Benjamin Franklin           1              *
Calculus     II   Blackburn        James                 Archbishop Rummel           2              *
Calculus     II   Miguez           April                 St. Mary's Dominican        3              *
Calculus     II   Becnel           Brandt                Archbishop Rummel           4
Calculus     II   Recto            Michelle              St. Mary's Dominican        5
Calculus    III   Patel            Sahil                 Haynes Academy              1              *
Calculus    III   Flot             Renald                DeLaSalle                   2              *
Calculus    III   Shah             Ravin                 St. Martin's Episcopal      3              *
Calculus    III   Livaudais        Maddy                 Metairie Park Country Day   4
Calculus    III   Stahel           Katherine             Ursuline                    5
Calculus    IV    Kukla            Elizabeth             Louise McGehee              1              *
Calculus    IV    Mitchell         Caitlin               Patrick Taylor              2              *
Calculus    IV    Sandquist        Ivy                   Ridgewood Prep              3
Calculus    V     Hebert           Michael               Ecole Classique             1              *

Chemistry     I   Wolff            Matthew               Jesuit                      1              *
Chemistry     I   Moaqbool         Shahan                Grace King                  2              *
Chemistry     I   Saunee           Lauren                Mount Carmel                3              *
Chemistry     I   Wehrer           Marissa               Mount Carmel                4
Chemistry     I   Karam            Christian             Brother Martin              5
Chemistry    II   Zheng            Xiaoshu               Benjamin Franklin           1   **         *
Chemistry    II   Gonzalez         Elise                 Benjamin Franklin           2
Chemistry    II   Evans            Madeline              St. Mary's Dominican        3              *
Chemistry    II   Campbell         Jennifer              Archbishop Chapelle         4              *
Chemistry    II   Lescale          Breanna               St. Mary's Dominican        5
Chemistry   III   D'Amico          Joey                  St. Martin's Episcopal      1              *
Chemistry   III   Muhsen           Amira                 Ursuline                    2              *
Chemistry   III   Layrisson        Adele                 Metairie Park Country Day   3              *
Chemistry   III   Winesberry       Matthew               Thomas Jefferson            4              *
Chemistry   III   Sivori           Thomas                De La Salle                 5
Chemistry   IV    Nguyen           Hao                   Ridgewood Prep              1              *
2011                                   GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                        Literary Event Results

Chemistry          IV    Chauvin           Carson                Patrick Taylor                2              *
Chemistry          V     Gonzales          Matt                  Ecole Classique               1              *
Chemistry          V     Brister           Devin                 Lutheran                      2              *

Civics               I   Pritt             Jacob                 Jesuit                        1   **         *
Civics               I   Branley           Kevin                 Brother Martin                2              *
Civics               I   Hebert            Alexander             Jesuit                        3
Civics               I   Helm              Rachel                Mount Carmel                  4              *
Civics               I   Pham              Alan                  Brother Martin                5
Civics              II   Gilliland         Carly                 St. Mary's Dominican          1              *
Civics              II   Joseph            Alfred                Lusher Charter                2              *
Civics              II   Herr              Kristen               St. Mary's Dominican          3
Civics              II   Le                Trec                  Archbishop Rummel             4              *
Civics              II   McLain            Cristian              Lusher Charter                5
Civics              II   Olsonoski         Nick                  Benjamin Franklin             6              *
Civics             III   Ashley            Madison               Academy of the Sacred Heart   1              *
Civics             III   Schutte           Kira                  Haynes Academy                2              *
Civics             III   Porter            Lane                  Metairie Park Country Day     3              *
Civics             III   Holt              Katherine             DeLaSalle                     4
Civics             III   Hochstedler       Margaret              Cabrini                       5
Civics             IV    Primeaux          Sophie                Louise McGehee                1              *
Civics             IV    Dang              Nick                  Patrick Taylor                2              *
Civics             IV    Golay             Mark                  Ridgewood Prep                3
Civics             V     Meier             Kailee                Ecole Classique               1              *
Civics             V     Laws              Alexander             Lutheran                      2              *

Computer Science    I    Holmer            Jordan                Jesuit                        1              *
Computer Science   II    Conlin            Andrew                Archbishop Rummel             1   **         *
Computer Science   II    Ledo              Alexander             Archbishop Rummel             2
Computer Science   III   Ball              Saxon                 John Curtis Christian         1              *
Computer Science   V     LeBlanc           Christopher           Ecole Classique               1              *

English I           I    Krizan            Kenneth               Jesuit                        1              *
English I           I    Baier             Zackary               Brother Martin                2              *
2011                             GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                  Literary Event Results

English I      I   LaDell            Victoria              Mount Carmel                  3              *
English I      I   Piglia            Brian Mark            Jesuit                        4
English I      I   Nguyen            Li Sa                 Chalmette                     5
English I     II   Mizell            Keely                 Lusher Charter                1   **         *
English I     II   Wallace           Alyn                  Benjamin Franklin             2              *
English I     II   Rosato            Mary                  Archbishop Chapelle           3              *
English I     II   Stern             Eleanor               Benjamin Franklin             4
English I     II   Le                Kevin                 Archbishop Shaw               5              *
English I    III   Chelchowski       Nicholas              De La Salle                   1              *
English I    III   Haug              Joanna                Metairie Park Country Day     2              *
English I    III   Beams             Andrew                Haynes Academy                3              *
English I    III   Tassin            Abbe                  Ursuline                      4              *
English I    III   Lawless           Caroline              Academy of the Sacred Heart   5
English I    IV    Scott             Jennifer              Ridgewood Prep                1              *
English I    IV    Knight            Amy                   Louise McGehee                2              *
English I    IV    Torry             Rayne                 Patrick Taylor                3
English I    V     Lightsey          Justin                John Q. Adams Middle          1              *
English I    V     Holland           Patrick               Lutheran High                 2              *

English II    I    Betzer            Logan                 Brother Martin                1              *
English II    I    Monistere         Mary Margaret         Mount Carmel                  2              *
English II    I    Fine              Patrick               Jesuit                        3              *
English II    I    Farrelly          Daniel                Jesuit                        4
English II    I    Vitter            Lise                  Mount Carmel                  5
English II   II    Garda             Jessica               Benjamin Franklin             1              *
English II   II    Calamusa          Hannah                St. Mary's Dominican          2              *
English II   II    Jeunesse          Jean-Paul             Archbishop Rummel             3              *
English II   II    Burin             Andrew                Benjamin Franklin             4
English II   II    Tracy             Laura                 Archbishop Chapelle           5              *
English II   III   Thomassie         Marisa                De La Salle                   1   **         *
English II   III   Clement           Amy                   St. Martin's Episcopal        2              *
English II   III   Bologna           Emma                  Cabrini                       3              *
English II   III   Rome              Natalie               Haynes Academy                4              *
English II   III   Raymond           Madeleine             Academy of the Sacred Heart   5
2011                                 GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                      Literary Event Results

English II    IV    Tarr                 Kayla                 Patrick Taylor                1              *
English II    IV    Hazlett-Hutton       Jenna                 Louis McGehee                 2              *
English II    IV    Gegenheimer          Sara                  Ridgewood Prep                3
English II    V     Waterman             Kaelin                Lutheran                      1              *
English II    V     Doucet               Logan                 Ecole Classique               2              *

English III     I   Huang                Zhen                  Jesuit                        1              *
English III     I   Fogan                Jessica               Mount Carmel                  2              *
English III     I   Knight               Caleb                 Grace King                    3              *
English III     I   Roussel              Cari Jane             Mount Carmel                  4
English III     I   Collins              Keith Andrew          Jesuit                        5
English III    II   Rydberg              Read                  Benjamin Franklin             1   **         *
English III    II   Reuter               Stephanie             St. Mary's Dominican          2              *
English III    II   Kjellgren            Jenny                 Benjamin Franklin             3
English III    II   Issokson             Diana                 Lusher Charter                4              *
English III    II   Bridges              Josie-Grace           Academy of Our Lady           5              *
English III   III   Simon                Lucy                  Academy of the Sacred Heart   1              *
English III   III   Rimawi               Hanan                 Ursuline                      2              *
English III   III   Fraizer              Margaret              De La Salle                   3              *
English III   III   Savoie               Erin                  Haynes Academy                4              *
English III   III   Jenkins              Enian                 St. Martin's Episcopal        5
English III   IV    Oliver               Marybeth              Patrick Taylor                1              *
English III   IV    Carr                 Claire                Louis McGehee                 2              *
English III   IV    Menina               Cydney                Ridgewood Prep                3
English III   V     Fernandez            Cade                  Lutheran                      1              *
English III   V     Simpson              Gabrielle             Ecole Classique               2              *

English IV     I    Fine                 Peyton                Jesuit                        1   **         *
English IV     I    Geier                Haley                 Mount Carmel                  2              *
English IV     I    Cecola               Colleen               Mount Carmel                  3
English IV     I    Schmidt              Gordon                Jesuit                        4
English IV     I    Richmond             Jessica               Grace King                    5              *
English IV    II    Shao                 Yi                    Benjamin Franklin             1              *
English IV    II    Lay                  Ashley                Academy of Our Lady           2              *
2011                                                GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                                     Literary Event Results

English IV                     II   Donze               Victoria              St. Mary's Dominican          3              *
English IV                     II   Clark               Haley                 Belle Chasse                  4              *
English IV                     II   Bethala             Serena                Benjamin Franklin             5
English IV                    III   McRae               Jessica               De La Salle                   1              *
English IV                    III   Haug                Nina                  Metairie Park Country Day     2              *
English IV                    III   Bordson-Bozzo       Aly                   St. Martin's Episcopal        3              *
English IV                    III   Vila                Leigh                 Haynes Academy                4              *
English IV                    III   Martin              Lillie                Academy of the Sacred Heart   5
English IV                    IV    Lemonier            Gabrielle             Louise McGehee                1              *
English IV                    IV    Lou                 Tiffany               Patrick Taylor                2              *
English IV                    V     Sheets              Erin                  Ecole Classique               1              *
English IV                    V     Fenner              Erica                 Lutheran                      2              *

Environmental Applications     I    Ledet               Ashleigh              Mount Carmel                  1   **         *
Environmental Applications     I    Howell              Alexandra             Mount Carmel                  2

Environmental Science           I   Russell             Mike                  Chalmette                     1   **         *
Environmental Science           I   Landry              John                  Jesuit                        2              *
Environmental Science           I   Lorio               Patrick               Brother Martin                3
Environmental Science           I   Epps                Travis                Brother Martin                4
Environmental Science           I   Mallery             Monique               Chalmette                     5
Environmental Science          II   Hall                Vantonio              Lusher Charter                1              *
Environmental Science          II   Roberie             Rachel                Benjamin Franklin             2              *
Environmental Science          II   Malkinska           Kinga                 Benjamin Franklin             3
Environmental Science          II   Legendre            Cassie                Archbishop Chapelle           4              *
Environmental Science          II   Wren                Reginald              St. Augustine                 5
Environmental Science         III   Geisz               Rachel                Metairie Park Country Day     1              *
Environmental Science         III   Maynard             Olivia                St. Martin's Episcopal        2              *
Environmental Science         III   Bartholomew         Farris                John Curtis Christian         3              *
Environmental Science         III   Evans               Jasmine               Cabrini                       4
Environmental Science         III   Marino              Irene                 De La Salle                   5
Environmental Science         IV    Beamer              Courtney              Patrick Taylor                1              *

Family and Consumer Science    I    Schnell             Claire                Mount Carmel                  1   **         *
2011                                               GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                                    Literary Event Results

Family and Consumer Science    I    Mack               Raymond               Chalmette                     2              *
Family and Consumer Science    I    Tully              Charlotte             Mount Carmel                  3

Financial Mathematics          I    Kinkella           Laynie                Chalmette                     1   **         *

Free Enterprise                 I   Wilson             Kathleen              Mount Carmel                  1              *
Free Enterprise                 I   Scallan            Alyssa                Mount Carmel                  2
Free Enterprise                 I   Wilson             Marquis               Chalmette                     3              *
Free Enterprise                II   Ettarh             Caoimhe               Benjamin Franklin             1              *
Free Enterprise                II   Croy               Rachel                Benjamin Franklin             2
Free Enterprise               III   Gestes             Caleb                 John Curtis Christian         1              *
Free Enterprise               III   Hepting            Alexis                Cabrini                       2              *
Free Enterprise               IV    Fairchild          Benjamin              Ridgewood Prep                1   **         *

French I                        I   Laborde            James                 Jesuit                        1              *
French I                        I   Lopez-Zepada       Ivan                  Brother Martin                2              *
French I                        I   Jacobs             Seth                  Jesuit                        3
French I                        I   Tully              Elizabeth             Mount Carmel                  4
French I                        I   Freibert           Kirstie               Mount Carmel                  5
French I                       II   Desmond            Kelsey                Benjamin Franklin             1   **         *
French I                       II   Landry             Madeleine             Benjamin Franklin             2
French I                       II   Martinez           Lorenza Delapuente    Lusher Charter                3              *
French I                       II   Raymond            Kendall               St. Mary's Dominican          4              *
French I                       II   Grefer             Mallory               St. Mary's Dominican          5
French I                      III   Keiser             Alex                  Academy of the Sacred Heart   1              *
French I                      III   Kelly              Carson                Haynes Academy                2              *
French I                      III   Kazi               J.J.                  Metairie Park Country Day     3              *
French I                      III   Herberg            Gigi                  St. Martin's Episcopal        4
French I                      III   Marquez            Alexandra             De La Salle                   5
French I                      IV    Beary              Claiborne             Louise McGehee                1              *

French II                      I    Espinal            Ronnie                Jesuit                        1              *
French II                      I    Spinu              Eduard                Jesuit                        2
French II                      I    Drouant            Mason                 Brother Martin                3              *
2011                                          GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                               Literary Event Results

French II                  I   Gonzalez           Monserrant            Grace King                    4              *
French II                  I   Anderson           Jeffery               Brother Martin                5
French II                 II   Dickerson          Zoe                   St. Mary's Dominican          1              *
French II                 II   Gunthrie-Brown     Devin                 Belle Chasse                  2              *
French II                 II   Clavin             Stephanie             St. Mary's Dominican          3
French II                 II   Bowie              Taylor                Belle Chasse                  4
French II                 II   Hahn               Meryl                 Lusher Charter                5              *
French II                III   Downs              William               Metairie Park Country Day     1   **         *
French II                III   Carrillo           Valentina             De La Salle                   2              *
French II                III   Dean               William               St. Martin's Episcopal        3              *
French II                III   Lambert            Tori                  Haynes Academy                4
French II                III   Bent               Caley                 Academy of the Sacred Heart   5
French II                IV    Barreto            Paulina               Louis McGehee                 1              *

French III                 I   Hellmers           Carl                  Jesuit                        1              *
French III                 I   Maurer             Danielle              Mount Carmel                  2              *
French III                 I   Lopez              Abel                  Jesuit                        3
French III                 I   Yuseph             Brooke                Mount Carmel                  4
French III                 I   Chimilio           Dulce                 West Jefferson                5
French III                II   Griffith           Abbi                  Benjamin Franklin             1   **         *
French III                II   Barnes             Caroline              Benjamin Franklin             2
French III                II   Agwaramgbo         Ezinne                Lusher Charter                3              *
French III                II   Young              Endya                 St. Mary's Dominican          4
French III                II   Iosipiv            Pablo                 Lusher Charter                5
French III               III   Amann              Deborah               Metairie Park Country Day     1              *
French III               III   Hugel              Anna Kristina         Ursuline                      2              *
French III               III   Byrd               Simone                Haynes Academy                3              *
French III               III   Mikes              Madison               Academy of the Sacred Heart   4
French III               III   Harmon             Audrey                Cabrini                       5
French III               IV    Steele             Emily                 Louise McGehee                1              *

French IV (Open Event)    I    Wiewiorowski       Caroline              Mount Carmel                  1
French IV (Open Event)    I    Amanbekova         Aidaana               Mount Carmel                  2
French IV (Open Event)    I    Brathbury          Kaci                  John Ehret                    3
2011                                        GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                             Literary Event Results

French IV (Open Event)   II    Ruppert          Janet                 Benjamin Franklin             1   **
French IV (Open Event)   II    Belkacem         Sarah                 Benjamin Franklin             2
French IV (Open Event)   II    Marks            Eli                   Lusher Charter                3
French IV (Open Event)   II    Owen             Emily                 St. Mary's Dominican          4
French IV (Open Event)   II    Bourg            Catherine             St. Mary's Dominican          5
French IV (Open Event)   III   Garza            Hugo                  De La Salle                   1
French IV (Open Event)   III   Nguyen           Kevin                 St. Martin's Episcopal        2
French IV (Open Event)   III   Bougeois         Brooke                Academy of the Sacred Heart   3
French IV (Open Event)   V     Scott            Olivia                Ecole Classique               1

Geometry                   I   James            Mark                  Jesuit                        1   **         *
Geometry                   I   Sentilles        Matthew               Jesuit                        2
Geometry                   I   Newburger        Paul                  Brother Martin                3              *
Geometry                   I   Nguyen           Hoang                 Chalmette                     4              *
Geometry                   I   Arrigo           Joseph                Brother Martin                5
Geometry                  II   Rahman           Ali Masud             Benjamin Franklin             1              *
Geometry                  II   Webb             Margaret              St. Mary's Dominican          2              *
Geometry                  II   Recto            Kathryn               St. Mary's Dominican          3
Geometry                  II   Qu               Qianyi Beth           Archbishop Chapelle           4              *
Geometry                  II   Wetzel           Scott                 Archbishop Rummel             5              *
Geometry                 III   Bower            Will                  St. Martin's Episcopal        1              *
Geometry                 III   Christmann       Carrie                Academy of the Sacred Heart   2              *
Geometry                 III   Reily            Hugh                  Metairie Park Country Day     3              *
Geometry                 III   Choi             Jung                  John Curtis Christian         4              *
Geometry                 III   Gomez            Maria                 De La Salle                   5
Geometry                 IV    Pillai           Derick                Patrick Taylor                1              *
Geometry                 IV    Bernick          Hannah                Louise McGehee                2              *
Geometry                 IV    Borgstede        Scott                 Ridgewood Prep                3
Geometry                 V     Passman          Chelsea               Ecole Classique               1              *
Geometry                 V     Carroll          Lindsey               Lutheran                      2              *

Health                    I    Gonzales         Amy                   Mount Carmel                  1              *
Health                    I    Perret           Zoe                   Mount Carmel                  2
Health                   II    Gilliand         Carly                 St. Mary's Dominican          1   **         *
2011                                                   GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                                        Literary Event Results

Health                             II    Fell               Erin                 St. Mary's Dominican          2
Health                             II    Shelton            Bryce                Archbishop Rummel             3              *
Health                             III   Wright             Madeline             Cabrini                       1              *
Health                             III   Marsh              Helen                Academy of the Sacred Heart   2              *

Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.    I    Cuccia             Jonathan             Chalmette                     1              *
Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.    I    Leonik             Conrad               Jesuit                        2              *
Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.    I    Gonzales           Emily                Mount Carmel                  3              *
Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.   II    Edwards            Vera                 Lusher Charter                1   **         *
Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.   II    Williams           Raven                Riverdale                     2              *
Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.   III   Mire               Chandler             De La Salle                   1              *
Intro. to Business Comp. Applic.   III   Scandurro          Annie                Academy of the Sacred Heart   2              *

Journalism I                         I   Coate              Bethany              Grace King                    1              *
Journalism I                         I   Sharestha          Bianca               Grace King                    2
Journalism I                         I   Nguyen             Nga                  Grace King                    3
Journalism I                         I   McClosky           Margaret             Mount Carmel                  4              *
Journalism I                         I   Bordelon           Madeline             Mount Carmel                  5
Journalism I                        II   Schick             Gabrielle            St. Mary's Dominican          1   **         *
Journalism I                        II   Thomas             Nancy                St. Mary's Dominican          2
Journalism I                        II   Ancar              Bianca               Warren Easton                 3              *
Journalism I                        II   Hidalgo            Hunter               Archbishop Shaw               4
Journalism I                       III   Smith              Lisa                 Cabrini                       1              *
Journalism I                       III   Peters             Erin                 Haynes Academy                2              *
Journalism I                       III   Shall              Isabelle             Metairie Park Country Day     3              *
Journalism I                       III   DeTiege-Jeffreys   Cassidy              John Curtis Christian         4
Journalism I                       III   Joseph             Kelli                Xavier Prep                   5
Journalism I                       IV    Molaisson          Jackson              Ridgewood Prep                1              *

Latin I (Open Event)                I    Millar             Harrison             Jesuit                        1   **
Latin I (Open Event)                I    Slattery           Evan                 Jesuit                        2
Latin I (Open Event)                I    Mace               Eva                  Mount Carmel                  3
Latin I (Open Event)                I    Detige             Aaron                Brother Martin                4
Latin I (Open Event)                I    Chaffin            Aaron                Brother Martin                5
2011                                         GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                          DIstrict Rally
                                              Literary Event Results

Latin I (Open Event)    II    Gaudin             Remy                  Benjamin Franklin         1
Latin I (Open Event)    II    Earles             Margaret              Archbishop Chapelle       2
Latin I (Open Event)    II    Munch              Emily                 St. Mary's Dominican      3
Latin I (Open Event)    II    Nguyen             Anthony               Benjamin Franklin         4
Latin I (Open Event)    II    Nunez              Marlon                Riverdale                 5
Latin I (Open Event)    III   Sims               Abbey                 St. Martin's Episcopal    1
Latin I (Open Event)    III   Thomas             Alexandra             Ursuline                  2
Latin I (Open Event)    III   Robertson          Caroline              De La Salle               3
Latin I (Open Event)    III   Mallet             Laurnae'              Xavier Preparatory        4
Latin I (Open Event)    III   Huff               Chloe                 Cabrini                   5

Latin II (Open Event)    I    Zelden             Samuel                Jesuit                    1   **
Latin II (Open Event)    I    Davis              Melinda               Mount Carmel              2
Latin II (Open Event)    I    Gibbons            Bonnie                Mount Carmel              3
Latin II (Open Event)    I    Thibeaux           Collin                Jesuit                    4
Latin II (Open Event)    I    Barwick            Candice               Chalmette                 5
Latin II (Open Event)   II    Primes             Timothy               Archbishop Rummel         1
Latin II (Open Event)   II    Tholen             Kaitlyn               St. Mary's Dominican      2
Latin II (Open Event)   II    Perez              Mario                 Riverdale                 3
Latin II (Open Event)   II    Wallbillich        Betsy                 St. Mary's Dominican      4
Latin II (Open Event)   II    Dubuc              Nicholas              Archbishop Rummel         5
Latin II (Open Event)   III   Palazzolo          Iris                  St. Martin's Episcopal    1
Latin II (Open Event)   III   Arukwe             Tiger                 DeLaSalle                 2
Latin II (Open Event)   III   Petitbon           Christiane            Ursuline                  3
Latin II (Open Event)   III   Riley              Gabrielle             Xavier Preparatory        4

Nutrition and Food      I     Delahoussaye       Taylor                Mount Carmel              1   **         *
Nutrition and Food      I     Ross               Tamika                Bonnabel Magnet Academy   2              *
Nutrition and Food      I     Hourguettes        Lillian               Mount Carmel              3
Nutrition and Food      I     Banegas            Kevin                 Bonnabel Magnet Academy   4

Parenthood Education     I    Bubrig             Eden                  Mount Carmel              1   **         *
Parenthood Education     I    Toepfer            Jill                  Mount Carmel              2
Parenthood Education    II    Rostetter          Abigail               Archbishop Chapelle       1              *
2011                                     GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                            DIstrict Rally
                                          Literary Event Results

Parenthood Education   II    Navarre         Candace               Archbishop Chapelle         2

Physical Science         I   Champlin        Aubrey                Jesuit                      1              *
Physical Science         I   Mardia          Mayank                Jesuit                      2
Physical Science         I   Trocquet        Anna                  Mount Carmel                3              *
Physical Science         I   Ashworth        Tyler                 Bonbabel Magnet Academy     4
Physical Science         I   Armand          Lauryn                Chalmette                   5
Physical Science        II   Adams           Faith                 Academy of Our Lady         1   **         *
Physical Science        II   Thompson        Audrey                Academy of Our Lady         2
Physical Science        II   Simoneaux       Tyler                 Belle Chasse                3              *
Physical Science        II   Wherritt        Elizabeth             St. Mary's Dominican        4              *
Physical Science        II   Champagne       Emily                 St. Mary's Dominican        5
Physical Science       III   Ding            Jessica               Haynes Academy              1              *
Physical Science       III   Nguyen          Sandy                 Thomas Jefferson            2              *
Physical Science       III   Turner          Justin                John Curtis Christian       3              *
Physical Science       III   Livaudais       Charlie               Metairie Park Country Day   4
Physical Science       III   Franovich       Logan                 Ursuline                    5
Physical Science       IV    Sandquist       Lilly                 Ridgewood Prep              1              *
Physical Science       IV    Andrus          Quentin               Patrick Taylor              2              *
Physical Science       V     Belanger        Emily                 St. Edward the Confessor    1              *
Physical Science       V     Drew            Jared                 Lutheran                    2              *

Physics                 I    DiMarco         Daniel                Brother Martin              1              *
Physics                 I    Lavoie          Lucas                 Jesuit                      2              *
Physics                 I    Nguyen          Jonathan              Jesuit                      3
Physics                 I    Millar          Taylor                Mount Carmel                4              *
Physics                 I    Dembrun         Jared                 Chalmette                   5
Physics                II    Tang            Luke                  Benjamin Franklin           1   **         *
Physics                II    Hall            Cameron               Lusher Charter              2              *
Physics                II    Reese           Anna                  Benjamin Franklin           3
Physics                II    Westholz        Lauren                St. Mary's Dominican        4              *
Physics                II    Sedlacek        Jonathan              Lusher Charter              5
Physics                III   Monier          Alexander             St. Martin's Episcopal      1              *
Physics                III   Lerch           Morganne              Cabrini                     2              *
2011                                       GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                            DIstrict Rally
                                            Literary Event Results

Physics                  III   Natarajan       Senthil               Haynes Academy              3              *
Physics                  III   Herrmann        Tyler                 Thomas Jefferson            4
Physics                  III   Greenbaum       Brian                 Metairie Park Country Day   5
Physics                  IV    Chowdhury       Mohammed              Patrick Taylor              1              *
Physics                  IV    Hashm           Aliaa                 Ridgewood Prep              2              *
Physics                  V     Mayeur          Justin                Ecole Classique             1              *

Principles of Business   II    Metoier         Kieth                 Helen Cox                   1   **         *
Principles of Business   II    Jack            Jonathan              St. Augustine               2              *
Principles of Business   II    Scioneaux       Darren                St. Augustine               3
Principles of Business   II    Mack            Jada                  Warren Easton               4
Principles of Business   III   Pembo           Mason                 John Curtis Christian       1              *

Psychology                I    Vattikuti       Chanakya              Grace King                  1              *
Psychology                I    Hannan          Sean                  Jesuit                      2              *
Psychology                I    Ybarzabal       Samantha              Chalmette                   3              *
Psychology                I    Craven          Brianne               Mount Carmel                4
Psychology                I    LaBorde         Phillip               Brother Martin              5
Psychology               II    Massey          Angela                Lusher Charter              1   **         *
Psychology               II    Hotard          Abbey                 St. Mary's Dominican        2              *
Psychology               II    Varnado         Travon                Warren Easton               3              *
Psychology               II    Butler          Heather               Archbishop Chapelle         4
Psychology               II    Tiongson        Louraine              St. Mary's Dominican        5
Psychology               III   Brady           Sarah                 Haynes Academy              1              *
Psychology               III   Smith           Daija                 DeLaSalle                   2              *
Psychology               III   Mevers          Alexa                 Cabrini                     3              *
Psychology               III   Ripoll          Jo                    Ursuline                    4
Psychology               III   Edwards         Amanda                John Curtis Christian       5
Psychology               V     Todd            Kate                  Lutheran                    1              *
Psychology               V     Debrow          Melanie               Ecole Classique             2              *

Sociology                 I    Garvey          Allison               Mount Carmel                1   **         *
Sociology                 I    Songy           Christian             Jesuit                      2              *
Sociology                 I    Matherne        Gavin                 Jesuit                      3
2011                            GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                 Literary Event Results

Sociology     I    Robichaux        Jolie                 Mount Carmel                  4
Sociology    II    LeCompte         Erin                  Academy of Our Lady           1              *
Sociology    II    Cantin           Bradley               Belle Chasse                  2              *
Sociology    II    Gregoire         Ashley                Archbishop Chapelle           3              *
Sociology    II    Paquette         Brandon               Helen Cox                     4
Sociology    III   Paz              Cindy                 John Curtis Christian         1              *
Sociology    III   Arceneaux        Nicholas              DeLaSalle                     2              *
Sociology    III   Muhammad         Amir                  Xavier Prep                   3              *
Sociology    V     O'Regan          Lauren                Ecole Classique               5              *

Spanish I      I   McMahon          Michael               Jesuit                        1              *
Spanish I      I   Ragland          Amanda                Mount Carmel                  2              *
Spanish I      I   Kernion          Richard               Jesuit                        3
Spanish I      I   Tomeny           Grace                 Mount Carmel                  4
Spanish I      I   Boyd             Garrett               Brother Martin                5
Spanish I     II   Eriksson         Yasmin                Benjamin Franklin             1   **         *
Spanish I     II   Ren              Nancy                 Benjamin Franklin             2
Spanish I     II   Torres           Isabel                St. Mary's Dominican          3              *
Spanish I     II   Dounseroux       Courtney              Lusher Charter                4              *
Spanish I     II   Fung             Ling                  Helen Cox                     5
Spanish I    III   Worley           Olivia                Metairie Park Country Day     1              *
Spanish I    III   Cali             Cassidy               Ursuline                      2              *
Spanish I    III   Paysse           Lauren                Academy of the Sacred Heart   3              *
Spanish I    III   Syprian          Rayonna               Thomas Jefferson              4
Spanish I    III   Gibosn           Kailee                St. Martin's Episcopal        5
Spanish I    IV    Cottingham       Alanah                Patrick Taylor                1              *
Spanish I    V     Favors           Chance                Ecole Classique               1              *

Spanish II    I    Ryan             Patrick               Jesuit                        1              *
Spanish II    I    Maldonado        Michael               Brother Martin                2              *
Spanish II    I    Lee              Taylor                Jesuit                        3
Spanish II    I    Genois           Andrew                Brother Martin                4
Spanish II    I    Failla           Natalie               Mount Carmel                  5              *
Spanish II   II    Bradle           Heather               St. Mary's Dominican          1              *
2011                                GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                     Literary Event Results

Spanish II     II   Parker              Benjamin              Benjamin Franklin             2              *
Spanish II     II   Puri                Sadhana               Benjamin Franklin             3
Spanish II     II   Francis             Aili                  Lusher Charter                4              *
Spanish II     II   Graham              Ben                   Lusher Charter                5
Spanish II    III   Alvarenga           Deborah               Cabrini                       1   **         *
Spanish II    III   Livaudais           Robert                Metairie Park Country Day     2              *
Spanish II    III   Ordonez             Stephanine            John Curtis Christian         3              *
Spanish II    III   Roppolo             Rebecca               Ursuline                      4
Spanish II    III   Jung                Dongeun               Haynes Academy                5
Spanish II    IV    Monix               Sydney                Patrick Taylor                1              *
Spanish II    IV    Otori               Omeiza                Ridgewood Prep                2              *
Spanish II    IV    Rydberg             Kathryn               Louise McGehee                3
Spanish II    V     Sturgis             Sean                  Ecole Classique               1              *
Spanish II    V     Matlow              Dalton                Lutheran                      2              *

Spanish III     I   Denenea             Patrick               Jesuit                        1              *
Spanish III     I   Quebedeaux          Patrick               Brother Martin                2              *
Spanish III     I   Ragland             Emily                 Mount Carmel                  3
Spanish III     I   Spurlock            Herbert               Jesuit                        4
Spanish III     I   Napolitano          Olivia                Mount Carmel                  5
Spanish III    II   Bourderionnet       Georgia               Benjamin Franklin             1   **         *
Spanish III    II   McGrew              William               Benjamin Franklin             2
Spanish III    II   Moutin              Fanny                 Lusher Charter                3              *
Spanish III    II   Roberson            Davin                 Archbishop Shaw               4
Spanish III    II   Randolph            Hannah                St. Mary's Dominican          5
Spanish III   III   Schwertz            Daniel                Haynes Academy                1              *
Spanish III   III   Kern                Andrew                Metairie Park Country Day     2              *
Spanish III   III   Birdsong            Timothy               St. Martin's Episcopal        3              *
Spanish III   III   Nelson              Katie                 Academy of the Sacred Heart   4
Spanish III   III   Rawle               Marjorie              Ursuline                      5
Spanish III   IV    Johnson             Edward                Patrick Taylor                1              *
Spanish III   IV    Netterville         Lydia                 Louise McGehee                2              *
Spanish III   V     Nones               Victoria              Ecole Classique               1              *
2011                                         GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                              Literary Event Results

Spanish IV (Open Event)    I    Phelps             Lance               Brother Martin                1
Spanish IV (Open Event)    I    Vorisek            Rebecca             Mount Carmel                  2
Spanish IV (Open Event)    I    Spadoni            Dominic             Brother Martin                3
Spanish IV (Open Event)    I    Demarest           Caitlin             Mount Carmel                  4
Spanish IV (Open Event)   II    Davis              Brett               Benjamin Franklin             1   **
Spanish IV (Open Event)   II    Ellison            Ara                 Benjamin Franklin             2
Spanish IV (Open Event)   II    Malsbury           Allisyn             Lusher Charter                3
Spanish IV (Open Event)   II    Greenberg          Jamie               St. Mary's Dominican          4
Spanish IV (Open Event)   II    Wetzel             Michelle            Archbishop Chapelle           5
Spanish IV (Open Event)   III   Fanz               Mildred             Cabrini                       1
Spanish IV (Open Event)   III   Barham             Caroline            Academy of the Sacred Heart   2
Spanish IV (Open Event)   III   Demmas             Tsana               Metairie Park Country Day     3
Spanish IV (Open Event)   III   Russell            Karyn               De La Salle                   4
Spanish IV (Open Event)   III   Shah               Tejas               St. Martin's Episcapal        5
Spanish IV (Open Event)   V     Altazan            Marissa             Ecole Classique               1

United States History       I   Robinson           Ashton              Brother Martin                1   **         *
United States History       I   Yokum              Kevin               Jesuit                        2              *
United States History       I   Delaune            Kristin             Mount Carmel                  3              *
United States History       I   Kashyap            Shreya              Grace king                    4
United States History       I   Pazmino-Callagan   Rebecca             Mount Carmel                  5
United States History      II   Blanchard          Alyssa              St. Mary's Dominican          1              *
United States History      II   Wang               Kevin               Benjamin Franklin             2              *
United States History      II   Borque             Grant               Benjamin Franklin             3
United States History      II   Vicini             Gideon              Lusher Charter                4              *
United States History      II   Luc                Sharon              Academy of Our Lady           5              *
United States History     III   Khan               Zaid                Haynes Academy                1              *
United States History     III   Manguno            Mitchell            John Curtis Christian         2              *
United States History     III   Stuckey            Rachel              Ursuline                      3              *
United States History     III   Wiseman            Aaron               De La Salle                   4
United States History     III   Kavanagh           Sophie              Metairie Park Country Day     5
United States History     IV    Warner             Lian                Ridgewood Prep                1              *
United States History     IV    Adoue              Sara                Patrick Taylor                2              *
United States History     V     Murret             Erica               Ecole Classique               1              *
2011                                GREATER NEW ORLEANS                                              DIstrict Rally
                                     Literary Event Results

World Geography     I   Stoner          James Anthony         Jesuit                        1   **         *
World Geography     I   Cerise          Andrew                Jesuit                        2
World Geography     I   Brondum         Nicholas              Brother Martin                3              *
World Geography     I   Lota            Merritt               Mount Carmel                  4              *
World Geography     I   Lucas           Alexander             Brother Martin                5
World Geography    II   Hyde            Christian             Archbishop Rummel             1              *
World Geography    II   Cinel           Cameron               Lusher Charter                2              *
World Geography    II   Clark           Knox                  Lusher Charter                3
World Geography    II   Danos           Corey                 Archbishop Shaw               4              *
World Geography    II   Labadie         Katherine             Benjamin Franklin             5              *
World Geography   III   Zervigon        Clara                 Metairie Park Country Day     1              *
World Geography   III   Daigle          Faye                  Ursuline                      2              *
World Geography   III   Farhoud         Ashraf                Thomas Jefferson              3              *
World Geography   III   Luwe            Tim                   John Curtis Christian         4
World Geography   III   Smith           Brittany              Xavier Prep                   5
World Geography   IV    Stamp           Kristen               Patrick Taylor                1              *

World History       I   Farooq          Muhammad              Grace King                    1              *
World History       I   Chuang          Shao-Hsuan            Bonnabel Magnet Academy       2              *
World History       I   Evans           Thomas                Chalmette                     3              *
World History       I   Sprague         Brandon               Jesuit                        4
World History       I   Lawrence        David                 Brother Martin                5
World History      II   Soileau         Eve                   Benjamin Franklin             1              *
World History      II   Ryan            Lillian               St. Mary's Dominican          2              *
World History      II   Richards        Jack                  Benjamin Franklin             3
World History      II   Montalvo        Paula                 Lusher Charter                4              *
World History      II   Scandurro       Audrey                St. Mary's Dominican          5
World History     III   Pham            Thu                   Thomas Jefferson              1              *
World History     III   Brossette       Chelsea               Cabrini                       2              *
World History     III   Lowry           Cameron               Metairie Park Country Day     3              *
World History     III   Robinson        Jenna                 Academy of the Sacred Heart   4              *
World History     III   Lynch           Martin                John Curtis Christian         5
World History     IV    Tifft           Matthew               Ridgewood Prep                1   **         *
2011                              GREATER NEW ORLEANS                             DIstrict Rally
                                   Literary Event Results

World History   IV   O'Leary          Rachel                Louise McGehee    2         *
World History   IV   McDaniel         Hunter                Patrick Taylor    3
World History   V    Weind Ling       Jeff                  Lutheran          1         *
World History   V    Dugas            Olivia                Ecole Classique   2         *

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