Construction Safety Representatives Facilitation Project

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					Facilitating Worker
Safety Representatives

Fergus Whelan
Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Safety Representation
Facilitation Project

• Mission
Promote co-operation employers and workers,
  and to spread the message that consultation
  is not only a legal requirement but can be
  used to positive advantage by site managers
  to encourage employee involvement in safe
  working practice.

• Facilitators possessed hand on experience
  dealing with construction hazards
• Come from both Union and employer
• Credibility with construction workers.

•   Site Visits
•   Invitations
•   Tool box talks
•   Explain election process.
•   Conduct Elections.
•   Arrange Training of selected Reps
•   Ongoing support and Mentoring of Safety
    Reps. ( further education career development)
S.R.F.P.          DATA BASE

• Due to the efforts of the Project there
  are now more Trained Safety Reps in
  the construction industry than any other
  sector in Irish Industry.
• We keep details of more 1800
• Invaluable tool to keep contact.
Dangerous times

• The slow down in the industry
  might mean an end to the
  progress that we have been
• We need to keep our infrastructure
  intact for the turnaround
An industry in shock

• Only the prestige projects are
  working at full staffing
• Most sites are working with much
  reduced numbers
• Workers very uncertain of future
A project cut to the
• Our project responded to the crises by
  cutting back expenditure by 25%
• the small amount of funding needed for
  next year will be a test of our
  commitment to the safety of building
Some positives

• Safety representatives are being
  retained in employment
• Enthusiasm for the project
  remains high
• Refresher course for those trained
  more than three years is popular
We have transformed our industry

• The industry had shed its poor safety image
• Safe Pass was delivered to the entire industry
  and beyond
• Construction skills training program have
  prioritised safety
• Safety representatives `became mandatory
  and 1,800 have been trained.
• International research suggests our approach
  is right
What have we learned ?

• This project ensured that the industry came to
  regard the safety rep not as a compliance
  burden but as an opportunity .
• In order for the safety rep system to work the
  state must be seen to be supportive.
• The workers cannot and will not do it on their

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