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					Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I
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Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I is the sixth full-length studio album by
the band Earth, released on Southern Lord Records. Cello is introduced as a new              Angels of Darkness, Demons of
                                                                                                         Light I
instrument, along with the usual ones being used since the album Hex. Dylan
Carlson describes the album as more melodic and riff oriented. [1] The second
part of the album was released in 2012. The album illustrations were created by
Stacey Rozich. [2]

 1 Reception
 2 Track listing
 3 Personnel
 4 References

The Allmusic review by Thom Jurek awarded the album 4.5 stars stating "With                             Studio album by Earth
Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light, Vol. 1 -- the first of two thematic albums            Released February 22, 2011
proposed for 2011 -- that's still the case, but Carlson and longtime drummer               Recorded April 2010
Adrienne Davies have succeeded in opening up Earth's soundscape texturally
                                                                                           Genre        Experimental rock, post-rock
and pushing beyond what was achieved on Bees. The contributions of new
members cellist Lori Goldston and bassist Karl Blau make this possible. "Old               Length       60:26

Black" opens the set with Davies playing a kick drum, snare, and cymbal, with              Label        Southern Lord Records
trancelike precision. Carlson pursues a series of chord changes one note at a              Producer Stuart Hallerman, Dylan Carlson
time; Goldston creates a counter-melody just outside his frame... "Father                           and Adrienne Davies
Midnight" commences with a two-chord vamp, played by all three string players.                             Earth chronology
Carlson finds just enough extra notes to create a melody. Blau and Goldston
                                                                                               The Bees          Angels of       Angels of
assert themselves against this ever-so-slowly evolving lyric statement and one              Made Honey in        Darkness,      Darkness,
another; harmony and dissonance coexist without antagonism, creating a                      the Lion's Skull     Demons of      Demons of
                                                                                                (2008)             Light I        Light II
heaviness and tension that are aesthetically beautiful and emotionally resonant...                                 (2011)         (2012)
Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light, Vol. 1 represents a further shift in Earth's
evolution. It is darker -- even sinister -- and undoubtedly heavier than Bees, but it is   more seductive with its mantra-like
droning repetition and more elegantly detailed in its textural dimension." [3]

                                                                                                        Professional ratings
Track listing
                                                                                                               Review scores
All tracks by Earth                                                                                 Source                     Rating

                                                                                                   Allmusic                              [3 ]
  No.   Title                                                                Length
   1.   "Old Black"                                                            8:49            Pitchfork Media               (7.9/10) [4 ]
   2.   "Father Midnight"                                                     12:11
   3.   "Descent to the Zenith"                                                7:30
   4.   "Hell’s Winter"                                                       11:32
   5.   "Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I"                               20:24

    Dylan Carlson - electric guitar and devices
    Adrienne Davies – trap kit and percussives
      Lori Goldston – cello and devices
      Karl Blau – electric bass guitar [5]

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