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Angelo Debarre ( French pronunciation: ; born in Saint-Denis on August 19, 1962) is a Romani (Gypsy) guitarist in the
manouche jazz style.
He began playing at age 8 and in 1984 started his first group, the Angelo Debarre Quintet. In 1985 they were engaged by
Serge Camps at his Parisian café La Roue Fleurie, where Angelo was discovered.

Debarre has performed in several significant Romani and jazz festivals, particularly Birdland's "Django festival."[1] He also
recorded Mémoires: Memories of Django with Tchavolo Schmitt.

   Gypsy Guitars (1988) Hot Club Records/Jon Larsen
   La Roue Fleurie (1991) Hot Club Records/Jon Larsen
   Caprice (1998) Hot Club Records/Jon Larsen
   Romano Baschepen (1999) Al Sur/NordSud
   Portrait of Angelo Debarre (2002) Hot Club Records/Jon Larsen
   Come Into My Swing (2003) with Ludovic Beier, Le Chant Du Monde
   Angelo Is Back In Town (2004) Hot Club Records/Jon Larsen
   Entre Amis (2005) with Ludovic Beier, Le Chant Du Monde
   Paroles de Swing (2008) with Ludovic Beier, Le Chant Du Monde
   Trio tout à cordes (2008) Le Chant Du Monde
   Live in Le Quecumbar (2010) with the Angelo Debarre Quartet, Fremeaux & Assoc.
   Gypsy Unity (2010) Le Chant Du Monde

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