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									Personal Data:

Name:                           Gabriela Bazán
Countries of residence:         Argentina, Australia and New Zealand
Mother tongue:                  Spanish
e-mail address:       
Skype contact name:             gabibazan
Age:                            39
Bank accounts in Argentina, Australia and PayPal.

Professional data:

Bachelor’s Degree: Public English Translator, National University of Córdoba,
Argentina, 1992.

Accreditations: Colegio Público de Traductores de Inglés de la Provincia de
Córdoba in Argentina and
                 NAATI (Nacional Australian Authority for Translators and
Interpreters) accreditation in Australia. Level 3, Professional Level.

Fields of expertise:

      Medicine, into either language, especially Pharmacology,
       Neurosciences (brain, drugs, behaviour), Cardiology and Dentistry.
      Legal English and Spanish, including Argentine and Mexican legal
       Spanish. Patents.
      Accountancy, Economy and banking.
      Biology, into either language.
      Technical, into either language.
      Geology, Hydrogeology, and soil related sciences.
      General English and Spanish for commercial, marketing and similar
       documents (like web pages).

Years of Experience as translator: 17

Countries where I lived and worked: Argentina, Australia, México.

Institutions, organisations and companies where experience was gained:

      Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, National
       University of Córdoba, Argentina.
      Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Córdoba, Argentina.
      Faculty of Medicine, National University of Córdoba, Argentina.
      Institute of Medical Research Mercedes y Martín Ferreyra, Argentina
      Interbanking, Phillip Morris, CitiBank, Deutsche Bank, Argentina
      Bureau of Rural Sciences, Government of Australia.
      Amnesty International, Australia.
      Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre, México
      VisAustralia International (immigration company) México, Argentina and
Language directions for translations:

Spanish into English (accredited)
English into Spanish (accredited)
French into Spanish (not accredited)
Italian into Spanish (not accredited)
Portuguese (Brazilian) into Spanish (not accredited)

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