SUMMER TEACHING POLICY
                     SCHOOL OF ART
                          (Approved by faculty, 3/19/07)

All tenured and tenure track faculty shall have an opportunity to teach a summer
course. If money is still available, faculty on 3-year appointments may be given
the opportunity to teach a course, followed by 2-year appointments, l-year
appointments, part-time faculty and GTAs.

Priority for Summer Teaching
1. Tenured and tenure-track faculty, with priority by years in rank
2. 3-year temporary appointments, with priority by years in the position
3. 2-year temporary appointments, with priority by years in the position
4. 1-year appointments, part-time faculty and GTAs

Number of Summer Courses
Faculty should teach only one course during the summer including SACI, and no
distinction shall be made between College funds and Continuing Education funds
in this regard. If sufficient funds exist, faculty may be allowed to teach more than
one course, but the courses should not be within the same summer term.

Enrollment Factors
Any course with a population of 10 or more should constitute satisfactory
enrollment. The Director and the College will discuss below the minimum
enrollment to determine whether to run or cancel such courses.

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