MSWK 6652 Students Vertabim Comments Information Literacy fall 2009 by v95E27K


									Students’ verbatim comments about the research process for the annotated bibliography

     The process for locating this article began by going to the librarian and asking for help on
       how to write an annotated bibliography. The use of the internet helped locate this article
       by typing in the words elderly transgender, aged transgender, and transsexual men. The
       article was very easily found.
     Although, the assigned topic was specific, my first response accepted the challenge. The
       search for the article too much longer than expected. I began my search with GALILEO
       to search full text, scholarly articles, with an advanced search option, using the terms:
       “Protestant” and “African American men” and “elderly”. I briefly attempted to explore
       outside the library’s databases, i.e. Google search, and found not only, that most of the
       scholarly journals were not available without paid subscription, but also the many
       sources presented, other than scholarly journals appeared unreliable. I found this
       assignment to be challenging and beneficial. While it required effort, I learned how to
       efficiently search through databases, and I experienced other related topics that may have
       been valuable had I been performing a literature review. I expect that with practice
       searching through several research articles, future searches will be much less painful.
     The research process of obtaining a scholarly article that focused on mentally challenged
       African American men 70 are over was difficult and time consuming. However, the
       process afforded me the opportunity to move away from my comfort zone of relying on
       my home personal computer. During the research process, I spent several hours on three
       different days utilizing the assistance of Media clerks at Savannah State University and
       The Bull Street Public Library. I was amazed by the lack of research available on
       African American men. Some of the key words used during my search process were
       geriatric, elderly, black, African American, dementia, schizophrenia, and mentally
     The process of locating an article about an American Vietnamese woman 70 or older was
       a difficult task. Some of the keywords used during the search included elderly, mature,
       Vietnamese, American, and Vietnamese American. Although, the article obtained was
       not written specifically about American-Vietnamese women it did provide information
       on this topic.
     I anticipated finding academic articles on elderly, biracial women would be difficult so I
       began the search by going to the library to speak with the librarian connected with the
       Social Work Department. I then used EBSCO to look for articles in Social Work
       journals, the Psychological and Behavioral Sciences Collection, and in the Sociological
       collection. I used these keywords: female, age, aging, elderly, older, multiracial, mixed
       race, biracial in various permutations. I also searched on Google, and the NLM site.
     I began the search by going onto the Savannah State site, then to the library page and
       opened up Galileo. From there I went to Ebsco databases and looked in Social Work
       Journals, the Sociological Collection, and the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
       Collection. I sued a Boolean search approach and put in different arrangements of
       keywords including white women, Caucasian women, low-income, elderly, aging, and
       older. I went through all the recent issues of pertinent journals in the university library,
       and I looked through all the journals on the list handed ourt in class. I asked for
   assistance from librarians Lauren and James. I also looked on the NLM and NIH
   websites, and of course on Google. I also watched the tutorial on the university library
   site describing an Annotated Bibliography and went onto and printed information from
   the links provided to UNC, Purdue University, and the University of Wisconsin-
 I began trying to locate this article for class on the day I was assigned the assignment. I
   started my research process on Yahoo!.com the day I began searching for the article the
   Savannah State University Library web link was not working properly. I then decided to
   not just sit and let my work pile up so I began to search for the unthinkable on the World
   Wide Web. Not surprised I did not find anything. My second day of the research
   process began on the Savannah State university Library website. I searched the Galileo
   database with the keywords: African American, Women, Female, Physical Appearance,
   Body-Image, Looks, Aging, Senior Citizens, and Old Women to find this article. There
   were many articles available but I could not find the perfect article that the age of the
   participants were over the age of 70. Although it took a few extra long and tedious days,
   I found the perfect article.
 I began locating this article the day the assignment was assign. My research process was
   disturbing and humorous. This procedure was disturbing because I typed into Yahoo!
   keyword search “African American Lesbians” and the results were tons of pornography
   sites. Once the results showed I could not do anything but laugh at how stupid I felt. I
   totally forgot about going to Galileo to find journal articles. Once I got myself together I
   began to conduct a proper search for my article.. In order to find this particular article I
   used the following keywords: older lesbians, aged women, minorities, non-white, Black
   lesbians, Black women, senior, old, aging lesbians, senior citizens, menopause, sexuality,
   and sexual orientation.

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