Anticipation Guide - DOC 3 by f8cM01



                                   Anticipation Guide

Title: Taming of the Shrew

Directions: On the continuum in front of each of the numbers, place an “x” that indicates where
you stand in regard to the statement that follows. Be prepared to defend and support your
opinions with specific examples. After reading the text, compare your opinions on those
statements with the author's implied and/or stated messages.

Strongly Agree      Strongly Disagree

                                     1. I believe in love at first sight.

                                     2. Fight fire with fire.

                                     3. A man’s home is his castle.

                                     4. Women like men who know what they want.

                                     5. Feminism has changed attitudes toward women.

                                     6. People would do just about anything for enough money.

                                     7. Parents always have favourites.

                                     8. In a successful marriage one of the spouses needs to be
                                              the boss.

                                     9. Men are good at certain things, and women are good at
                                            other things.

                                     10. Women need men to be happy.

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