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                                      FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES

                              Faculty Research Scholarship (fees-only) 2012-13

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to be able offer 41 Faculty Scholarships (fees-only) to
outstanding UK/ EU and Overseas applicants wishing to undertake a Masters level programme or research on a
PhD programme within the Faculty. Awards will be made in the form of a fee waiver. PhD awards will be made for
three years, subject to satisfactory progress, and pro-rata for part-time programmes.

These awards are administered by individual departments. Applicants wishing to be considered for these awards
should contact their prospective department for details of the applications process. All applicants must already
hold an offer of a place to study in any department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and should be due to
commence their studies between October 2012 and January 2013. Applicants may only apply for an award for a
programme on which they are not already registered.

Application process
The application process is as follows:
   1. Applicants who wish to be considered for any award available through the Faculty should complete the
       Faculty Scholarship application form and submit it (together with a two-page synopsis of their research
       proposal for PhD applicants), to their admitting department by the specified departmental deadline.
       Applications submitted directly to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will merely be forwarded to the
       relevant department.
   2. Applications will be reviewed by the Department Postgraduate Funding Committee in May/June.
   3. Successful applicants will be notified in writing in July 2012.

Terms of the awards
The terms of the award are as follows:
    1. Award holders must be registered on a PhD programme in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
    2. Where an applicant has been made a Conditional Offer of a place on a programme, any award made will
       be conditional upon the conditions being met.
    3. Award holders will normally be required to undertake a small amount of work in their Department, as a
       condition of their award, usually equivalent to approx 2 hours per week.
    4. PhD Awards are made subject to continuing satisfactory progress and may be withdrawn at any time if
       progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory.
    5. Scholarships will not be paid to holders of UK Research Council studentships, Faculty of Arts and Social
       Sciences Studentships, or the equivalent thereof. The Faculty reserves the right to withhold the unpaid
       portion of any bursary in the event that the holder succeeds in securing alternative external funding at
       any time during the period covered by the award.
    6. Applicants wishing to defer the start of their programme must apply in writing to the Associate Dean for
       Postgraduate study for permission to do so. Any deferral of more than three months from the original
       start date of the programme will result in the loss of the award for that academic year.
    7. Students holding this award and wishing to intercalate during their studies must apply in writing to the
       Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies for permission to do so, in addition to seeking the permission of
       their Head of Department.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
14 March 2012

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