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Andy Granelli (aka Andy Outbreak) is an American drummer. Initially drumming
for a band known as Model American in 1997 on their self titled album. The same                               Andy Granelli
album later surfaced again in 2002 under the moniker MAPS, which stood for                         Also known Andy Outbreak
Model American Playing Secretly having been forced to change the name by a                         as

court of law. [1] Following this Andy had success as the drummer of the hardcore                   Born       U.S.
band The Nerve Agents, appearing on all 4 of their releases including the bands                    Genres     Punk rock
Hellcat Records debut The Butterfly Collection.                                                    Instruments drums
In 2002 he became the drummer of the punk band The Distillers, The Nerve              Associated Model American, The Nerve
Agents then label mates. He replaced Mat Young after the release of The               acts         Agents, The Distillers, Darker
Distillers self-titled album and went on to appear on the group's second album                     My Love
Sing Sing Death House. Following the success of this album he went on to record
on The Distillers third album, the major label debut Coral Fang in 2003. After The Distillers went on hiatus, he left the band in
March 2005 to pursue his other band, Darker My Love with former Model American band mate Tim Presley. Tim was
interestingly also responsible for the original Coral Fang artwork, banned by many large American retailers, he is credited with
the Original Artwork & Layout in the album sleeve.

      The Nerve Agents (EP) - The Nerve Agents (1998)
      The Nerve Agents/Kill Your Idols split - The Nerve Agents (2000)
      The Way It Should Be... compilation - The Nerve Agents (2000)
      Days Of The White Owl - The Nerve Agents (2000)
      The Butterfly Collection - The Nerve Agents (2001)
      Sing Sing Death House - The Distillers (2002)
      Coral Fang - The Distillers (2003)
      Darker My Love - Darker My Love (2006)
      2 - Darker My Love (2008)

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