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Illustrated through drawings from
    children across the Region
Did you know that…

                     Papua New Guinea

           TB spreads through
           the air, but only
           people who are sick
           with TB in their
           lungs (pulmonary
           TB) are infectious.
One-third of the world's                     Mongolia
population is currently
infected with TB germs

                           …but only 5-10% of people
                           infected will become sick
                           with the disease.

The immune system "walls off" TB bacilli
which, protected by a thick waxy coat, can lie
dormant in the body for years.

People with HIV/AIDS are much more likely to develop TB after
infection due to their weakened immune systems. TB is a leading
cause of death among people who are HIV-positive.
Left untreated, each person with active
TB disease will infect on average
between 10 and 15 people every year.

              • 95% of TB deaths are in the
              developing world.

              • The largest number of new TB
              cases in 2010 occurred in Asia,
              which accounted for 59% of new
              cases globally.

              • 4 of the 22 TB high-burden
              countries are in the Western
              Pacific Region (Cambodia, China,
              Philippines, Viet Nam).

              • An estimated 1.4 million people
              died from TB in 2010, including
              320,000 deaths among women
              and 350,000 people with HIV. This
Philippines   is equal to 3,800 deaths a day.
• Until 70 years ago, there were no
  medicines to cure TB. No new
  anti-TB drugs have been
  developed in nearly 50 years.

• Drug-resistant TB is man-made,
  caused when patients do not take
  all their medicines regularly.

• Drugs to treat resistant TB are
  more expensive than standard TB
  drugs and can cause more severe
  side-effects (though these are

• Strains that are resistant to at
  least one drug have been
  documented in every country         Philippines

• The absolute number of new
TB cases has been falling slowly
since 2006 (from 9.4 million in
2009 to 8.8 million in 2010).
• 46% of HIV-positive TB
patients were enrolled on
antiretrovirals and 77% started
on co-trimoxazole preventive
treatment in 2010.                 Philippines

           Since 1995, 46 million people have been
           successfully treated and up to 6.8 million lives
           saved through DOTS and the Stop TB Strategy.
Viet Nam                                                       Lao PDR

                     Research and development:
 There are “point-of-care” tests in the pipeline, 10 TB drugs in trials,
and 10 vaccine candidates for the prevention of TB in Phase I or Phase
  II trials. A new, revolutionary diagnostic tool (Xpert MTB/RIF) has
            been developed and is being used in 47 countries.

Viet Nam                                                       Viet Nam
The world as a whole is on track to
achieving the MDG target of reversing
the incidence of TB.
Hand-in-hand we can fight for a World Free of TB.


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