Math Facts Frenzy by VWycS7P


									                                Math Facts Frenzy
     Score Chart, 10-sided dice or flashcards, pencil and paper
  Write your name in a player space.
  Player 1 picks a flashcard and hands it to another player. That player will tell Player 1 to
     multiply the two factors.
  If Player 1 get it correct, check the Score Chart below to see if your answer will fit a
     category below.
  Players score the same amount as the product (or answer) of the math fact.
  Take turns playing until everyone has had 10 turns.
  If an answer will not fit a category, enter a score in Chance (if available) or enter a zero
     in the box of your choice.
  If you have no zero answers after 10 turns, score 10 extra bonus points.
  Total your columns. The highest score wins.
                                       Score Chart
                Category                       Player 1     Player 2     Player 3     Player 4

The answer is ≤ 10.

The answer is in the teens.

The answer is between 19 and 29.

The answer is in the thirties.

The answer is 12, 24, 36, or 48.

Chance                        (10 points)

The answer in the forties.
The answer is between 49 and 69.
The answer is > 66 but <90.

The answer is ≥ 90.

Bonus Points                   (10 points)


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