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Current Address
Address        :   No.67, Jalan Sawi 24/18
                   Seksyen 24, 40300 Shah Alam

Tel (Home)     :   03-5542 0828
Tel (Mobile)   :   019-226 0553

                               Personal Particulars
Age            :   40 Years.
Religion       :   Muslim
Nationality    :   Malaysian
Marital Status :   Married
Children       :   4
D.O.B          :   23rd April 1969
Gender         :   Male
IC No.         :   690423-10-5623 (A1344598)
                               Personal Characteristic
15 years of working in Panasonic exposed me with Japanese working culture which teach me
with reliable and productive, ability to work with minimum supervision, highly discipline,
cooperation and team spirit, committed to produce top-quality work in order to achieve
organizational goals. I would like to think, yet realistic about my chances of completing a task
with successful.

                               Educational Background
Highest Education Level        : Diploma in Computer Science (1987 – 1991)
                                 University Technology Malaysia

                               : Currently pursuing Master in Business Admin at University
                               Utara Malaysia City Campus schedule to be finished by end

                                  Employment History
Company Name           : Panasonic Electronic Components (M) Sdn Bhd. (PEDMA)
Position               : Senior Executive Purchasing
Industry               : Electrical components assembly
Salary                 : RM 4,100.00
Date Joined            : 7th October 1991.
Date Left              : 21st September 2006.

Job Description / History
    1. 1991 – 1995 System Section of Remote Control Factory (RCF).
       My company set up new factory producing remote controls (Production start in April
       1991). My job to set up new AS/400 base application system named MAPICS (Material,
       Accounting, Purchasing and Inventory Control System) which computerized complete
       manufacturing control. My responsibilities to provide user training, system modification
       to meet the actual process in order to adapt each other for the smoothness of operation
       and finally system troubleshooting.
       Upon completion, we manage to reduce 30% number of staff and MRP function
       successfully shorten materials ordering lead time from 10 working days to 2 working
       Today, improvement of this system growing very fast where we successfully implement
       E-Procurement and moving towards paperless environment . The improvement system is
       used by Panasonic Group of Company world wide.

   2. 1995 – 1998 RCF Control Section (System, Costing and Human Resource)
      Growing of RCF very fast and number of staff increased. Our company moving to get
      ISO 9000 accredation. My responsibility to control factory profit and loss statement,
      calculate product costing, factory Business Plan, control movement of staff (recruitment
   and termination), staff benefits, welfare and morale, human development (training and

3. 1998 – 2006 Purchasing Section in Tuner Factroy.
   Incharge of total 40 vendors local and overseas (Japan, China,Taiwan,Singapore and
   Indonesia). Responsible for average RM10Mill/mth purchase amount (highest average
   amount in 2000 – RM22mill/mth). Due to competition in electronic market very severe,
   we have to move fast and continuous improvement on cost down activities in order to
   keep our product competitive in market. To achieve this, my responsibilities are :
   -   Continuously source new vendor and/or new product for better cost without
       compromise quality and service level and always meet to Panasonic standard. This
       activity also create competition to current vendor for continuously improvement their
       cost and service. For the last 8 years, I successfully introduce 15 new vendors. This
       activity saves our purchase amount RM 2.1mill in 2005 from 3 new vendors (highest
       achievement RM 5mill in 2003 from 5 new vendors).
   -   Continuously negotiating price down to current vendor quarterly same time moving
       share allocation between vendors based on price offer and cost saving by this activity
       RM 9.5mill in 2005 (highest achievement RM 20.9mill in 2003).
   -   Continuously monitoring vendors performance by evaluating their Quality, Cost,
       Delivery, Service and meet with Panasonic Environment Protection Policy.
   -   Control Purchases to meet with company inventory policy. As of August end, I
       manage to control inventory level to 13 days where our Business Plan 18 days by
       introduce Consignment Stock and Just in Time system (RM 7mill stock from RM
       16mill Sales amount). We successfully implement barcode system in store which
       provide us on time stock quantity where I’m the Project Leader.
   -   Preparing Purchasing section Annual Business Plan and 3 month Forecast . I do
       planning on purchase amount, cost saving target, inventory plan and activities to
       carry out in order to meet the target.
   -   Responsible to make sure ordering correct materials with the correct quantity and
       delivery arrived on time in order to avoid production line stop.
   -   Factory audit with QC Manager in order make sure vendors quality level and
       management direction been followed according to Panasonic Standard.

                           Extra Curricular Activities

1. 15 years represent PEDMA for Inter-Matsushita Sports Carnival in Basketball (10 years
   as a player, 3 years as Team Coordinator/player and another 2 years as Team
   Manager/player). I’m also a committee member of PEDMA sports committee.
2. Since age of 35, represent PEDMA in Veteran Soccer for Inter-Matsushita and Sg. Way
   FIZ sports carnival.
3. Actively participate and organising Internal Bowling Tournament as one of staff morale
   up activity.
   4. Actively participate Futsal Internal Tournament as Team Captain and player.
   5. Actively participate in staff morale up recreational activities such as trips, family
      gathering, etc.
   6. Committee member of PEDMA Green Procurement Committee.

Expected Salary : RM 4,500.00 (Nego).

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