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        SU M M AR Y OF EX P ERI E N CE
I am a qualified legal practitioner, conveyancer and notary public. I am duly registered with the High Court of Zimbabwe
and the Law Society. I have several years’ experience in the corporate sector where I have worked in various positions
managing legal, compliance and governance risk. I was instrumental in setting up the Compliance & Corporate
Governance Unit within the Central Bank (Bank Licensing, Supervision & Surveillance) (Zimbabwe) which I headed. I
was also Head of Compliance with Barclays. Further, I have experience in the non-governmental sector as a consultant,
operations advisor, senior advisor and a monitoring and evaluation specialist.

I hold a Bachelor of Law Honors Degree (LLBS) and a Masters in Laws (Specialising in Banking Law) I hold diplomas in
credit management and a Certificate in Commercial Law Transactions.

                                   SU M M AR Y OF EM P L OY M EN T H IS T OR Y
        Name of Employer              Position                          Period                       Key Responsibilities

        Atherstone & Cook Legal       Legal Practitioner,               February 1997- September     I effectively ran with an
        Practitioners                 Conveyancer & Notary Public       1999                         impressive portfolio of insurance
                                                                                                     companies and other corporates.

                                                                                                     Managing all aspects pertaining
                                                                                                     to claims, litigation, case
                                                                                                     strategy, pleadings preparation,
                                                                                                     hearings, negotiations and

                                                                                                     The role further involved

                                   1|P a g e
                                                                                      drafting various legal
                                                                                      documentation such as wills,
                                                                                      leases, agreement of sale,
                                                                                      shareholders agreements and
                                                                                      working as advisor in various

                                                                                      Reason for leaving: To gain
                                                                                      experience in the corporate

African Banking           Legal & Compliance Officer   October 1999 – July 2003      The role involved providing legal
Corporation(BANC ABC)
                                                                                      support to management in all
                                                                                      administrative and operational

                                                                                     Further, my role involved giving
                                                                                      advice on restructuring of non-
                                                                                      performing        debts,            interest
                                                                                      claims, the induplum rule, how
                                                                                      to effectively structure securities
                                                                                      and    implications           of    various
                                                                                      applicable statutes.

                                                                                     I was involved in pursuing claims
                                                                                      where there was default and
                                                                                      working closely with external
                                                                                      legal counsel in various matters
                                                                                      where there was need to pursue

                                                                                     My role also involved drafting
                                                                                      and           reviewing             various
                                                                                      documentation such as terms
                                                                                      sheets, facility letters, lease
                                                                                      agreements,            hire        purchase
                                                                                      agreements,                        factoring
                                                                                      agreements,                         security
                                                                                      documents,         contracts              with
                                                                                      suppliers      and       service       level
                                                                                      agreements.        I     was         further
                                                                                      involved in      general in advising
                                                                                      on legal matters arising.

                                                                                     I   subsequently          joined          FMB
                                                                                      Merchant Bank as a Legal and
                                                                                      Compliance Officer (FMB later
                                                                                      merged with udc Holdings and
                                                                                      BARD to form what is currently
                                                                                      known as BANC ABC). The role
                                                                                      ensued working closely with the
                                                                                      corporate       banking            team     in
                                                                                      structuring      various            complex

                        2|P a g e
                                                                                          transactions and advising on
                                                                                          regulatory compliance issues.
                                                                                          Every project the group intended
                                                                                          to   finance      had      to     be      in
                                                                                          compliance        with      applicable
                                                                                          legislation       and       regulatory
                                                                                          directive,       amongst            other
                                                                                          considerations. The role involved
                                                                                          advices on how to effectively
                                                                                          structure       deals     to      ensure
                                                                                          compliance with the various
                                                                                          regulatory               requirements
                                                                                          particularly given the exchange
                                                                                          control environment maintaining

                                                                                         My role further involved putting
                                                                                          in place an effective compliance
                                                                                          framework and acting as advisor
                                                                                          to   the      executive     team         on
                                                                                          regulatory compliance matters.

                                                                                         I sat on the various committees
                                                                                          including       the      Management
                                                                                          Committee             and           Audit
                                                                                          Committee        to     ensure          that
                                                                                          transactions entered into were
                                                                                          in compliance with applicable
                                                                                          laws, regulations, directives and
                                                                                          market codes of conduct. All
                                                                                          transactions       would          require
                                                                                          Compliance       vetting        prior    to

                                                                                           I further played a critical role in
                                                                                          harmonizing, rationalizing and
                                                                                          streamlining the various legal
                                                                                          documentation and security
                                                                                          documentations for the merged

                                                                                          Reason for leaving: To gain
                                                                                          experience as a regulator and
                                                                                          hence have a full grasp of
                                                                                          regulatory and banking

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe     Senior Bank Examiner (Head of   August 2003 – December       Oversight over the various
                             Compliance & Corporate          2006                         financial entities regulated by
                             Governance )                                                 the Central Bank, ensuring
                                                                                          compliance with applicable
                                                                                          statutes, regulations, regulatory
                                                                                          directive, policy and market
                                                                                          codes of conduct.

                                                                                          Advisor on compliance and

                           3|P a g e
                                                                  corporate governance issues
                                                                  both internally and externally to
                                                                  the regulated entities

                                                                  Statutory interpretation regards
                                                                  legislation applicable to the
                                                                  various regulated entities

                                                                  Drafting policy and guidance
                                                                  note on compliance and
                                                                  corporate governance related

                                                                  Drafting legal opinions on
                                                                  various matters affecting the
                                                                  Central Bank

                                                                  Proposing changes to laws and
                                                                  contributing to the drafting of
                                                                  proposed legislation

                                                                  Monitoring the licensing of
                                                                  various banking and financial
                                                                  institutions falling under the
                                                                  ambit of the Central Bank
                                                                  including building societies, asset
                                                                  managers and moneylenders to
                                                                  ensure compliance with
                                                                  applicable statutes and
                                                                  directives. Constant review of
                                                                  the licensing framework to
                                                                  ensure alignment with
                                                                  international best practice

                                                                  Carrying out onsite and offsite
                                                                  examinations , including adhoc
                                                                  investigations to ensure
                                                                  regulatory compliance with
                                                                  applicable statutes, directive
                                                                  and market codes of conduct
                                                                  compliance with applicable s

                                                                  Enforcing licensing
                                                                  requirements, legislation,
                                                                  guidelines and codes of conduct
                                                                  to ensure compliance by the
                                                                  regulated entities

                                                                  Workshop design and training;
                                                                  including workshops and training
                                                                  held with regulated entities

                                                                  Reason for leaving: To gain
                                                                  compliance experience with an
                                                                  international commercial bank

Barclays Bank     Head of Compliance   January 2007 – September
                                                                  Purpose of the role:

                                                                  To Co-ordinate Compliance
                                                                  activities and to act as a focal
                                                                  point for compliance issues.

                                                                  Compliance included adherence

                                                                      Legislative or Regulatory
                                                                       requirements affecting
                                                                       Conduct of Business
                                                                       activities (including Codes
                                                                       of Practice) and internal

                4|P a g e
                 group policies.

                The Central Bank and other
                 Key regulators including
                 the local Stock Exchange,
                 The Securities Commission,
                 Zimbabwe Revenue
                 Authority, Competition and
                 Tariff Board etc.

                Anti-Money Laundering
                Compliance with Group
                 standards for KYC.

                Data Protection

            Key responsibilities:

            Co-ordinate all Regulatory
            Compliance activities across the
            business to ensure that all
            businesses comply with all
            relevant regulations and internal
            group policies

            -     As Compliance Business
                  Partner to act as single
                  point of contact and
                  centre of excellence for
                  any regulatory queries or
            -    Provide advice and
                  guidance to senior
                  management in the
                  business and staff
            -    To lead the Compliance
                  Function by providing
                  strategic direction and
            -    Introduce value adding
                  new approaches to
            -    Work towards building a
                  Compliance culture across
                  the business by building
                  and maintaining
                  awareness of compliance
                  issues at all levels
            -    Ensure that new regulatory
                  and legislative
                  requirements are
                  identified, analysed,
                  communicated and
                  To establish and carry out
                  a risk based Compliance
                  monitoring programme
            -     Assist in the risk-based
                  planning process, by
                  helping to identify areas
                  of highest Compliance risk
                  where monitoring
                  resource should be
            -     Draw up a Compliance
                  monitoring plan based on

5|P a g e
                     the risk assessment.
                -    Draw up monitoring
                     papers to conduct such
                     visits, including terms of
                     reference for approval by
                     the relevant business area
                     and allocate resources to
                     carry out monitoring visits
                -    Produce formal reports
                     identifying Compliance
                     issues and recommending
                     changes to management
                     controls and processes
                -    Carry out adhoc reviews,
                     with appropriate written
                     or verbal reports.

            Ensure that there is an
            appropriate reporting regime to
            Senior Management within the

            -        Take responsibility for
                     timely and value adding
                     compliance reporting –
                     producing regular and
                     adhoc MI as appropriate
                -    Ensuring that monthly
                      Compliance reports are
                      provided to Group
                      Compliance and Senior
                - Contribute to Barclays Africa
                policy development.
                -     Escalate policy breaches
                -     Facilitate the
                      implementation of BA

            In conjunction with the
            Managing Director lead the co-
            ordination of all regulatory
            contact – between employees
            of Barclays (Country) and
            domestic regulators, and
            between other employees of
            the Barclays Group and country
            regulators – 10%.

                -   Create and maintain fit for
                     purpose multi-layer
                     relationship network with
                     all relevant regulators
                -   Respond to regulatory
                -   Ensure that the process for
                     regulatory returns is co-
                -   Ensure that all regulatory
                     commitments are
                     recorded, diarised and
                     followed up.

            Ensuring that Compliance
            policies and procedures are
            properly documented and
            communicated to all relevant

6|P a g e
                                                           -     Ensure that Group/
                                                                 Barclays Africa policies
                                                                 and procedures are
                                                                 cascaded appropriately to
                                                                 all the business, and that
                                                                 appropriate actions are
                                                                 taken by the business to
                                                                 comply (e.g. covering
                                                                 Conduct of Business
                                                                 requirements, insider
                                                                 dealing, gift acceptance,
                                                                 Chinese Walls, KYC,
                                                           -     In conjunction with the
                                                                 business ensure that
                                                                 business procedures have
                                                                 compliance requirements
                                                                 embedded in them.
                                                           -     Communicate compliance
                                                                 policies and procedures to
                                                                 all affected staff, and liase
                                                                 with the business and
                                                                 training to ensure that
                                                                 appropriate training is
                                                                 provided on such policies
                                                                 and procedures

                                                           Team Leadership
                                                            -   Establish a highly
                                                                motivated Compliance
                                                            -   Set challenging and
                                                                stretching objectives and
                                                                ensure effective
                                                                development and
                                                                succession planning
                                                            -   Inspire and drive high
                                                                performance in the team
                                                            -   Act as a role model and
                                                                drive proactive application
                                                                of Barclays Guiding
                                                                principles including
                                                                establishment of common
                                                                goals and objectives
                                                            -   Equip team leaders to
                                                                deliver a high
                                                                performance culture
                                                           Carry out the role of the Money
                                                           Laundering Reporting Officer for
                                                           the business and ensure that
                                                           MLR and Suspicious Transaction
                                                           Monitoring procedures and
                                                           protocols are adhered to

                                                           - To support the business in
                                                           the effective management of
                                                           Compliance/ AML risks.

                                                           Reason for leaving: To pursue
                                                               further studies (PHD) and
                                                               gain experience in a
                                                               different sector

National Democratic             Senior Advisor   Current   See Responsibilities
Institute for International                                captured under current

                              7|P a g e
    Affairs (NDI)                       Monitoring & Evaluation                            role below

    Skills Matrix

           SKILLS MATRIX

                                      LEVEL                         SKILLS

                                        1                           HAD APPROPRIATE TRAINING ONLY

                                        2                           LIMITED PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE

                                        3                           SOLID PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE

                                        4                           STRONG, WELL VERSED, EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE

                                        5                           EXPERT, EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE

        SPECIALIST SKILL/AREA OF COMPETENCE                                              YEARS          LEVEL
        Compliance advisory                                                              14             5
        Legal advisory                                                                   14             5
        Workshop Design & Presentation Skills                                            14             5
        Training                                                                         14             5
        Corporate governance                                                             5              4
        Research                                                                         14             5
        Report writing                                                                   14             5
        Drafting of legal documents                                                      14             5
        Project management                                                               3              4
        Change management                                                                3              4
        Pension Administration                                                           3              4

   Acquisition of working experience as a Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public in Private Practice.

   Acquisition of 7 years working experience in the financial sector in legal and compliance.

   Head of the pioneering team for the Compliance and Corporate Governance Function housed in the Bank
    Licensing, Supervision & Surveillance Division of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe which was set up in August

   Formally introducing the compliance function to the banking sector.

   Introduced the fit and proper person vetting criteria         used by the Central Bank for the approval of
    appointments of Compliance Officers.

   Key role in putting in place guidelines such as the Corporate Governance Guideline being used by the Central

          Head of Compliance at Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited. Rose to senior management level and was key
           to strategic planning. Grew the team from a one man band to a team of eleven (11) officers with three (3)
           managerial direct reports. Effectively rolled out an embedded the risk based compliance framework. Ran
           successfully with projects such as Know Your Customer Requirements for Existing and New Customers and
           the launch of new products. Established strong working relationships with key regulators. I was also the
           Principal Officer for the Barclays Pension Fund.

                                    8|P a g e
   Consultancy and advisory experience in the non-governmental sector.

   Monitoring and evaluation experience within the non –governmental sector.


            My current role with NDI involves providing quality operational policy design, advice and support
             including advice which ensures compliance with statutory, regulatory obligations and provides
             guidance on how to implement statutory and government requirement and decisions.
            Working within strategic policy frameworks to translate strategy into high quality operational design
             through analysis of issues, development of alternative solutions, and assessment of their feasibility
             and presentation of recommendations.
            Designing and developing systems and methodologies, tools and policy instruments required to
             translate design into operational effectiveness and work closely with the team to assure effective
             implementation and use.
            Designing contract templates to ensure that consistent and professional templates that protect the
             interests of the organization are used.
            Providing quality operational design, advice and support.
            Establishing standards and operating procedures and systems.
            Monitoring and evaluation of program activities.
            Workshop design, scenario planning and logistics around the same with respective partners and
            Research and drafting of concept papers.
            Drafting briefs and various reports on program activity.

   I am an entrepreneurial, results oriented individual with extensive experience in analyzing, structuring and
    closing on commercial transactions and projects.

   Versatile with several years’ experience in legal, compliance, corporate governance and private practice.

   A strategic and analytical problem solver who focuses on the overall picture to ascertain strategic
    organizational direction. Proactively formulates risk mitigation strategies.

   I have an agile mind able to see beyond the obvious and able to act effectively in an ever changing business
    and political landscape.

   I have strong leadership skills; strategic skills, with a proven track record of success in leading a high
    performance team. I am driven by a passion to perform.

   Trusted advisor to executive management teams.

   Experience in policy formulation and excellent drafting skills. Experience in drafting policies, procedures,
    guidelines, contracts and agreements.

   Excellent training skills. I am an accredited trainer. I am good with power point presentations and have the
    ability to put in place precise and role relevant training material in line with the risk based approach.
   Project management. Ability to organize, plan and direct teams, in implementing new requirements being
    sensitive to organizational needs.
   Ability to engage respective internal and external stakeholders including senior management, regulators and
    government officials.
   Communication and relationship building skills. Having worked in a variety of roles, I am confident and
    comfortable working across sectors and teams, internally and externally. I am accustomed to communicating
    through a variety of channels and media to all levels of individuals.

                               9|P a g e
   Proactive and a developer of innovative solutions. Known for ability to spot opportunities for improvements,
    with an eye on service delivery.
   An analytical and questioning mind; always challenging the status quo and exploring better ways of doing
   A strategic thinker with an ability to lead a team of diverse individuals.
   Excellent administrative skills including minute taking, organizing meetings and preparation of committee and
    board reports. I have extensive experience sitting on various committees including the management
    committee, executive committee, credit committee, risk and control committee, service quality committee,
    new product assessment committee and the audit committee.


    Name                       Organisation                Title                       Contact
    Ostern Mutero              Sawyer & Mkushi Legal       Senior Partner              +263712786324
    Hashmon Matemera           BANC ABC                    Managing Director           +263772304330
    Norman Mataruka            Central Bank                Senior Division Chief       +263772410429
    Samuel Matsekete           Barclays                    Finance Director            +263772568376

                              10 | P a g e

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