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									  Where to Find
Byways Materials
               New Tools
          New Websites
  Some Familiar Tools too!
           Webinar Objectives
• Meet organizations that play an important
  role in your future.
• Learn what information and tools remain
• Discover new materials not previously
• Learn how to access information and tools
• Realize that materials will now be self-service
            On the Webinar Today
• Anaise Berry, Deb Divine, Sally Pearce, NSBF
   – National Scenic Byway Foundation, Pres. & Co-Executive Directors
• Gary Jensen, FHWA
   – Federal Highway Administration, Team Leader
• Leslie Kedelty, AIANTA
   – American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association, Exec. Dir
• Carrie Kissel, NADO
   – National Association of Development Organizations, Assoc. Dir.
• Don Farleo & Tracy Maurer, ADCo
   – Don Farleo Advertising and Design Co. Owner & Editor
• Duane Lula, ABRC
   – America’s Byways Resource Center
Meeting New People and Learning
        New Acronyms
            NSBF – should be familiar to all on
            the webinar

            FHWA – if you don’t know this one,
            where have you been?

            AIANTA – perhaps familiar to
            some, not to others
            www.aianta .org

            NADO – familiar to planners
 What will no longer be available
• Personal Assistance
• Byway Specialists, Training Specialists, Tribal
  Liaison, Resource Center Technical Assistance
• ABRC Website (but landing page to direct you
• Vistas (no hard copy or pdfs)
• Podcasts and Webcasts from ABRC website
• Tele-Workshop Fact Sheets
• Lessons from the Road series
• Universal Design Training
Resource Center Website
    Landing Page
The Good News! What IS Available
• Byways 101 (new & improved - now contains
  tribal info)
• National Scenic Byways Program Coordinator
• Becoming a Tribal Scenic Byway (new)
  developed to be instructor-led, but DVD may
  serve as self-instruction.
         More Good News!
• Journal I, II, and III (pdf)
• Making the Grass Roots Grow (pdf)
• Conserving our Treasured Places: Managing
  Visual Quality on Scenic Byways (pdf)
• Wayshowing for Byways: A Reference
  Manual (pdf)
• From Milestones to Milemarkers:
  Understanding Historic Roads
       Good News Continues
• Byway Assessment Tool (pdf)
• Economic Impact Tool (new & improved)
• Econ. Impact Tool Case Studies (new)
• Byway Projects Case Studies (2011 and 2009
  award winners added to previous projects)
• Learning Circle Process (new – available
 And New Marketing Publications

     Volume 1             Volume 2                 Volume 3

An intro to basic   An intro to             An intro to online
marketing for       marketing tactics for   strategies for America’s
America’s Byways    America’s Byways        Byways. 2nd edition
 And New Online Marketing Training
• Using the America’s Byways® Brand Online
 Explains the concept of branding and illustrates how to use
 the America’s Byways brand to promote individual byways.

• Marketing Research Online Training
 Introduces key concepts and a process by which byway
 organizations can conduct marketing research and effectively
 use the data collected to achieve public awareness goals.
               National Scenic Byway

Foster cooperative opportunities that will grow and
        sustain byways for future generations

                 It is our vision that
Byways will be recognized and valued worldwide for
  their distinctive experiences, stories and treasured
               NSBF Goals
• Educate the public about byways
• Conduct research to benefit byway
  programs and organizations
• Develop partnerships with units of government,
  not-for-profit and for-profit sectors
• Communicate with byway stakeholders
• Celebrate byway achievements
• Ensure fiscal and programmatic accountability
  of the organization
NSBF Website - Where to Find
 Byway Info and Resources
Navigating the New Website
Byways 101 – Improved!
Navigating the New Website

    Also available (via links to other websites)
    •Wayshowing for Byways (link to another
    •Milestones to Milemarkers (link to another
Navigating the New Website
                Marketing Publications
                 Downloadable pdfs

     Volume 1               Volume 2                 Volume 3

An intro to basic     An intro to             An intro to online
marketing for         marketing tactics for   strategies for America’s
America’s Byways      America’s Byways        Byways. 2nd edition
       Using the America’s Byway Brand
           Online Training Courses

Module 1: Intro to Branding           Module 4: Affiliation Text
Module 2: The America’s Byways Logo   Module 5: The Value of a Strong Brand
Module 3: The “Come Closer” Theme     Access to “Come Closer” Lockups
Marketing Research Online Training
Navigating the New Website
       Byway Assessment Tool
• Now available as a self-assessment tool
• Value of tool – Not your score, but rather the
  conversation it stimulates
  – Discussions with byway org. when doing assessment
  – Having byway org. prioritize skills to strengthen.
  – Determining where to find help
    (peer byways, state programs, paid consultants, etc.)
         Areas of Assessment
1. Organizational Development, Capacity and
2. Finance, Fundraising and Sustainability
3. Outreach, Partnerships and Advocacy
4. Byway Recognition, Identity, Marketing, Image
   and Communications
5. The Visitor Experience
6. Documenting Impact
Tools (continued)

• American Indian Alaska Native Tourism
• Leslie Kedelty, Executive Director
   Becoming A Tribal Scenic Byway
Detailed training on the following topics:
• Intro – What is a byway?
• Program History
• Intrinsic Qualities (plus class exercises)
• Corridor Management Planning
• Visitor Experience (plus
  Wayshowing plus class exercises)
• Nomination and Designation
• Byway Organization & Sustainability
• Tribal Participation
• Tribal Considerations & Resources
   Becoming a Tribal Scenic Byway
        Materials Available
Complete One Day Training Instructor’s Guide
• 140 slide powerpoint presentation
• 86 page participant guide
• 2 Disk DVD of Pilot Presentation at SD TTAP
• Blank registration sheets, evaluation forms, etc.
• Developed to be instructor-led, but DVD may
  serve as self-instruction
• Now owned and
  housed by AIANTA                                ,
  Available upon
      Learning Circles Process
A model for effective communication approaches
  during first encounters and insights to ongoing
  constructive working relationships when dealing
  with shared issues.

Not yet available at this time. AIANTA will
 continue to develop this process and will post
 materials on their website when ready for
Tools (continued)
                About NADO
 National association for 540 regional
  development organizations, including
  emerging network of Rural Transportation
  Planning Organizations (RTPOs or RPOs)
 Promote public policies that strengthen local
  governments, communities and economies
  through the regional strategies, coordination
  efforts and program expertise of the nation’s
  regional development organizations
                About NADO
 Develop training and resources related to:
   • Rural/small metro transportation planning
   • Small business finance
   • Economic development planning
   • Post-disaster economic recovery
   • Environmental stewardship
   • Brownfields redevelopment
       Regional Development
 Formed by state statute or executive order
 May be called: Council of Governments,
  Regional Planning Commission, Economic
  Development District
 Participate in/administer many state and
  federal programs
     • Economic Development
     • Regional Planning
     • Human Services
 Often partner with Byway orgs.
       NADO: Transportation &
      Economic Development Work
 Conduct research & training with FHWA and
  member support
 Formed RPO America in 2006 as program affiliate
  •   Serves as the national association for rural and small metro
      transportation planners and other professionals
 Hold annual training event: National Rural
  Transportation Peer Learning Conference
  •   April 24 – 26, 2013 in Greenville, SC

 Share information:
  •   www.RuralTransportation.org
  •   Rural Transportation Newsletter (free email)
  •   RPO America on Facebook & Twitter
             Contact NADO
• Carrie Kissel, Associate Director
  – ckissel@nado.org
  – 202.624.8829

  – RuralTransportation.org
  – NADO.org

Now Updated!

        Economic Impact Tool
• Also available – Case studies of the Tool’s performance
  on 5 byways - performed by Resource Center and HDR
  Decision Economics in 2012
• Key Improvements and changes to some underlying
  economic assumptions that run the model.
• New version of Econ. Impact Tool will be mailed out
  to all who currently have existing version in late
  July/Early August.
• New version also available from NADO website in
  August, 2012.
          THANK YOU
             to the
America’s Byways Resource Center

    Byways.org & Bywaysonline.org
Links to Byways.org, Bywaysonline.org and National Scenic Byway
Foundation on the home page…and each main page of the website
   Future of FHWA Websites?

                           www.Byways.org – The
                           Byway Traveler’s

www.bywaysonline.org –
The Byway Practitioner’s

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