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         R.I.P.            R.I.P.            R.I.P.
R.I.P.            R.I.P.            R.I.P.            R.I.P.
Obj. 1            obj. 2            Obj. 3            OBJ 4
                  Eulogy for TAKS
• What is a eulogy*?
  – is a speech or writing in praise of a person or
    thing, especially one recently deceased or retired.
    Eulogies can also praise a living person or people
    who are still alive.
  Hint: Look on You Tube for a Comedy Central
    “Roast” of any Celebrity – like Jeff Foxworthy or
    Flavor Flav
  *Technically an eulogy is only praise for a subject, but for this
    project we want you to expand it to include “biographical”
    information, which would make it an obituary too.
     Example Eulogy/Obituary
     The Linear Parent Function died last Thursday
after intersecting a Quadratic function. He leaves
behind his partner; negative Linear Parent Function
(y=-x), his children; Positive and Negative Slope, and
two grandchildren; Zero and Undefined Slope. LPF’s
inlaws, the Y-Intercepts will also be at the funeral.
     LPF was born at the Origin at (0,0). His family
religiously followed the Slope-intercept form, Y = mX
+ b, and occasionally the standard form, aX + bY = c,
but that was usually frowned upon. An “upright”
citizen, LPF was never in trouble with Exponential
Laws. His friends would say he was very
“straightforward”, never took the long way around...
    Topics that may be Eulogized:
• TAKS Objectives 1-5 (may be eulogized
  separately or as a group!)
• Functions (including Domain & Range, how to
  tell if something is a function, Ind./Dep., etc.)
• Expressions (types of polynomials, combining
  like terms, simplifying, etc.)
• Linear Functions (types of lines, slope, y-
  intercept, y = mx + b, etc.)
• USE – YOUR - NOTES for help!
Topics that may be Eulogized cont.
• Equations (forms of equations like standard &
  slope-intercept, solving, rate of change, etc.)
• Systems of Equations (solution of a system-
  point of intersection, parallel, perpendicular,
  intersecting, lines, solving for y, etc.)
• Inequalities (friends or foes, greater-than,
  less-than, greater-than or equal to, shading,
  types of lines, etc.)
• USE – YOUR - NOTES for help!
• Project may be done in the following formats:
Speech – 2 pages minimum, typed, single -
  spaced, 12pt. Font!
PowerPoint – 10 slides minimum, must include
  pictures as well as the eulogy text!
Song/Rap – 2 minute length minimum, typed
  out, MUST be performed!
Comic Strip – on Posterboard, with artwork &
  eulogy text!
** Extra points given for presentation & creativity!**
• Project MUST include at least 15 vocabulary
  words related to the topic – they must be
  used in a way that makes sense!
• Projects with artwork must be both colorful &
  easy to read
• Project is DUE Friday, May 6, by 2:30pm
• Projects will have 10 points deducted each day
  they are late – yes, that includes testing days!
     *** THIS IS A MAJOR GRADE!!! ***
       So show me what you know!

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