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Andrea Eckert (born 17 September 1958) is an Austrian stage and film actress,
singer and documentary filmmaker.                                                               Andrea Eckert
                                                                                     Born   17 September 1958 (age 53)
Born in Vienna, Eckert first studied literature in Paris, France, then decided on a
                                                                                             Vienna, Austria
stage career and trained with Dorothea Neff. Her roles have included the
eponymous heroines in Hebbel's Judith, Schiller's Maria Stuart, Jelinek's Clara S.,
Sophocles's Elektra, Kleist's Penthesilea, and Maria Callas in Terrence McNally's Meisterklasse (Master Class).
Eckert has frequently appeared on television (for example in guest roles on Kommissar Rex) and in the cinema. She also
made documentaries about Lucia Westerguard, Turhan Bey, and Leopold and Josefine Hawelka.
She lives in Vienna.

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