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					General Manager
Job Announcement #: YLC-12-020

Job Opens: 12/22/11                              Job Closed: 1/21/12
Reports To: Yakama Gaming Corporation BOD        Department: Administration
Gaming License Required: Class III A             Positions: 01
Starting Salary: D.O.E                           FLSA: Exempt
JOB SUMMARY: The senior business manager of the casino property, having final authority over and
responsibility for budgeting, internal controls, finance, human resources, facilities, information technology,
electronic gaming devices, security, and marketing. If selected for this position you will be required to
mentor a Tribal member (Keys to Success) to take over this position within two years.

EXTENT OF JOB AUTHORITY: Complete and final executive authority over casino enterprise.
Responsible for multimillion dollar corporation.

MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIRED FOR POSITION: College degree in business, finance, or related
field required (proof of education required). Seven to ten years Casino experience required involving gaming
floor up to senior management.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to sit for extended lengths of time. Manual and finger dexterity for
operation of personal computer and routine paperwork.

SPECIFIC SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED FOR POSITION:                                      Substantial,
verifiable experience in gaming business management. Experience in expansion/construction required. Strong
understanding and knowledge of casino accounting and finance. Knowledge of all casino games, including
rules and procedures, game protection, game mix, and theoretical expectations. Special training in and
sensitivity to personnel issues, pay structures, hiring and discipline, development and delegation, handling
internal problems. Marketing and public relations skills. Valid Driver’s License required and ability to pass
background check.

1. Manages the casino to obtain optimum efficiency and economy of operations and to maximize profits
    pursuant to Tribal policies.
2. Works with and reports to the Yakama Gaming Corporation Board of Directors, to fulfill goals of Tribal
    employment and personnel development, including training and promoting qualified Tribal members up to
    and including the Senior VP/General Manager position.
3. Ability to pass on job experience and knowledge to the Directors.
4. Ensures compliance with the Tribal-State Compact and internal controls.
5. Develops marketing strategies and promotional programs.
6. Promotes superior customer relations/service.
7. Represents the casino in relations with the public, the press, local and State law enforcement, and the State
    and Tribal Gambling commissions.
8. Provides the Yakama Gaming Corporation Board of Directors with appropriate and timely reports on the
    above activities.
9. Participate and have knowledge of National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), National Indian Gaming
    Association (NIGA) and Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA).
10. Ensures compliance with TGA standards, initiates timely TGA responses and demonstrates sensitivity to
    all TGA communications.
11. Perform other job related duties as assigned .
Revised 12/11

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