Warranty Letter Template by Nk0jAc3Y


									                          Florida Department of Transportation
RICK SCOTT                                  719 S. Woodland Blvd. MS 506                                 ANANTH PRASAD
GOVERNOR                                                                                                  SECRETARY
                                               DeLand, FL 32720-6834

  November 4, 2008

  Attn:     Person’s Name
            Contractor’s Name

  RE:       Value Added     _____________/ Warranty Items ________________

  Financial Project Number:
  Federal Project Number:
  Contract Number:
  Road Number:

  Dear Mr./Ms. _________,

  Please be advised that an inspection of the above referenced project was performed on date_______ and the
  following items are not in compliance with Standard Specification ________.

  Issue 1

  Issue 2

  Issue 3

  The above itemization is not intended to be a complete and final list of defects requiring warranty work, and the
  Department specifically reserves its rights to add such additional items as may later become known within the
  applicable warranty period.

  Please provide a plan of action for each of the issues by date___________. I thank you in advance for your
  cooperation and assistance on this matter.


  Project Administrator

  CC:       David Sadler, Director, Office of Construction
            Lorie Wilson, District Construction Support Manager
            Rich Hewitt, P.E., District Bituminous Engineer (if asphalt)
            Dan Haldi, District Concrete Technologist (if concrete)
            Ron Meade, District Structures and Facilities Engineer (if structures)
            Larry Stone, District Warranty Coordinator
                              ,Resident Engineer
                              ,Project Manager (if applicable)
                              ,Resident Asphalt Specialist (if applicable)

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