Tai Chi with Dr Marissa by 8vv9391


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Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa through the practice of Tai Chi

       Promotes movement of energy, health, harmony in body mind and soul
       Moving meditation… short form from the
        Tao School adapted to my Balance
       Lao Tzu calls Tai Chi the“soft and
        pliable defeats the hard and strong”
       Chinese term originates from the yin
        yang balance symbol
       Movements include Opening Doors,
        Gathering, Butterfly, Wheel of Life, Inner Strength, Polishing Table and

Purpose       To breathe in the energy of Universe and
Statement: promote circulation of abundance through ourselves as an
              extension and manifestation of the global community of love.

When &        Fridays and Sundays on the Beach in Seal Beach – nearby
Where:        Lifeguard Station Number 8, Neptune and the Boardwalk,
              oceans’ edge 8:30am to 9:00am.

              Saturdays at the Bluff in Long Beach – Ocean and Junipero from
              10:30am to 11am, followed by yoga led by the fantastic Dharma

Cost:         Gift what you want to… to support the Harmony House of
              Healing… to be added to the notification list, visit
              www.4balance.org or Dr. Marissa on Facebook

 www.4balance.org  drmarissa4balance@yahoo.com               562.881.9437

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