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									Making Good Choices
      Cyber Bullying
 Safety on Social Networks
What is Cyber Bullying?
 A Cyber Bully is anyone who
 repeatedly uses technology to
 intimidate, bully, terrorize, or
     annoy another person.

This can be through the use of
phones (texting), email, and social
  networking sites (Facebook).
Did you know?

   20 – 33% of students report being
    cyber bullied.
   Cyber bullying can lead to issues at
   Cyber bullying can lead to legal
    consequences with the police!
   Victims of cyber bullying are likely
    to become bullies themselves.
Examples of Cyber Bullying

   Sending mean texts to another
    student about what they are
   Calling another student names on
    their Facebook page
   What examples can you think
    of??? Discuss them as a class.
Protecting Yourself
What should you do if you are a
victim of cyber bullying?
    Tell an adult.
    Tell the bully to stop. Don’t respond
     to the text or message in any other
    What else do you think you can
     do? Discuss this with your
Safety on Social Networking Sites

   Did you know?
       What you post is PERMANENT!
       Anyone can copy and paste what you
        post and send it to others, including
       You must set your privacy settings on
        these sites or EVERYONE will be able to
        see your page.
     Avoiding Predators

   Most students think a predator would
    never contact them. They are WRONG!
   Protect Yourself!
       Set your privacy settings so that only friends
        can see your page.
       Never give your specific location of where you
       Don’t use pictures for your profile picture that
        shows where you go to school.
    Protect Yourself Cont…
   Do not have conversations with people you
    don’t know, even if they claim to be a
    student your age.
   Don’t update your status to say that you are
    home alone.
   Don’t update your status with where you are
    going to be at a particular time.
   Don’t post inappropriate pictures of yourself.
    Discuss what this means as a class.
Responsible Use of Social Networking

   Be Responsible: Don’t use
    technology as a tool to be mean or
    make fun of others.
   Be Safe: Set your privacy settings
    and don’t give away your location.
   Be Respectful: Don't post
    inappropriate pictures or comments.
    (If you wouldn’t want your parents
    or teachers to see it, don’t post it!)
  Decorate and color your paper cell phone.
 Write a text that is

Responsible, Respectful,
And Safe on its screen!
What was the hmwk
in science?
How was ur day?

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