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					525,600 Facebook

 Staying Safe on
Student Resumes
                           Ace Purple
111 Purple Way  Evansville, IN 47722  (812)488-5555  ap1@evansville.edu

Objective       Part-time internship in management

Summary         Hard working and detail-oriented; Strong experience in retail
                environment; Creative problem solver; Finished      1st in
                keg stand competition

Education       B.S. Business Administration             Expected May 2008
                UNIVERSITY of EVANSVILLE                           GPA 3.7
Student Resumes
                         Susie Orange
121 Purple Way  Evansville, IN 47722  (812)488-7777  so1@evansville.edu

Objective       Full-time position in human resources

Summary         Proven leader and public speaker; Dedicated and hard
                working; work well in teams; Initiative and problem solving
                           twice for public indecency and
                skills; Cited
Education       B.S. Psychology                          Expected May 2007
                UNIVERSITY of EVANSVILLE                           GPA 3.9
Student Resumes
                            John Doe
131 Purple Way  Evansville, IN 47722  (812)488-9999  jd1@evansville.edu

Objective       Admission to medical school

Summary         Highly-motivated and goal-oriented; Understanding of
                biomedical research and modeling techniques; In-depth
                self study on the results of going to
                class stoned

Education       B.S. Biology                           Expected May 2007
                UNIVERSITY of EVANSVILLE                         GPA 4.0
   What would be the repercussions of putting
    this information on your resume?

   What results could occur from this
    information being on a resume?

   What can you do to avoid this type of
    information becoming public knowledge?

 Facebook allows students to interact with
    one another via the web.

   To date there are over 7.5 million users of

   Facebook is the 7th highest trafficked
   Users of Facebook should be aware that the
    information may not be as private as they wish.

   Several legal cases regarding identity theft,
    harassment, and expulsion from higher education
    institutions have already occurred.

   26.9% of employers reported in a recent NACE
    survey that they have either reviewed candidate
    profiles on social networking sites or “Googled” the
Protect Yourself
   Treat the internet like a public document; anything
    you post can be intercepted by a third party.

   LIMIT the amount of personal information you
    post on your profile, especially:
       addresses
       class schedules
       phone numbers
       birthdays
   Think about the first three slides—

       What would you do if a potential employer
        learned that type of information about you?

       Do you think you would be hired or accepted
        into the graduate program?

       Would your parents be understanding?

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