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					                         Facebook Marketing                   2012

Facebook Marketing
                And Why YOU Need It!
             A short report from The i Has Marketing


         Why you need to embrace Facebook Marketing

  if you want your business to succeed in the next 5 years!
                      Facebook Marketing                  2012

Social media marketing has evolved rapidly over the
last 5 years. There are more and more brands turning to
social media than ever before!
The main social media website Facebook has attracted
over 800 million users so far and it has already been
predicted that it will hit 1 billion members by August
There has also been talk of a Facebook search engine
that is going to be incorporated within Facebook – so
the leverage Facebook can potentially provide your
business is huge!
In this short report I am going to reveal why you need
to use Facebook for your business and the advantages it
can provide.
                       Facebook Marketing                2012

Why you need to use Facebook
Before I go into why you need to use Facebook for your
business, here are some interesting stats.

1 In every five page views online occurs on Facebook
The average visit time on Facebook is 20 minutes.
“Facebook” is the top search term of all search terms.
About 4% of searches are for “Facebook”.
About 49% of people in the UK are using Facebook.
Facebook gives a reach of just over 30 million unique
users for the UK and about 50% of the UK total
population is now registered with Facebook.
                      Facebook Marketing                 2012

Facebook is a monster!
So why should your business be on Facebook?
This is pretty much simple.

   Facebook has over 800 million active users – the
    sheer amount of traffic and the high number of
    people you can market to can give your business
    extra leverage
   50% of active users log on to Facebook in any
    given day
   Average user now spends over 55 minutes per day
    on Facebook
   Facebook Timeline Fanpages can help brand your
    business and help spread the word out very quickly
                       Facebook Marketing                   2012

   Facebook Ads allows you to target people based on
    their demographics and location. You can target
    people based on their “likes” and “interests” using
    micro targeting strategies.

Facebook Pages
Does your business have a Facebook page?
If the answer to the above question is no then your
business is missing out!
A Facebook page will allow your business to market to
a huge audience that is waiting for your product/service.
These people will then be able to recommend your
services to their friends and families.
You are also going to be able to let people comment on
your products/services – thus providing a interactive
platform for your customers.
Here are some examples of Facebook Business Pages
that have attracted a large amount of fans.
Facebook Marketing   2012
Facebook Marketing   2012
                      Facebook Marketing                 2012

How can Facebook help your business?
Facebook can help your business in a number of ways.
   Interaction with your customers
    You can interact with your customers on a more
    social level and it helps customers to give you
    suggestions and feedback about your business. This
    can help build a relationship with your customers.

   Provide discounts and special offers to loyal
    You can also use Facebook to provide discounts
    and special offers to customers.

   Generate Leads for your Business
    You can also use Facebook to generate leads for
    your business using Facebook ads and free traffic.

   It is free to create a Facebook page!
    You can create a Facebook page today and start
    getting targeted likes on your page.
                       Facebook Marketing                2012

The new Facebook Timeline
Facebook pages are now in the new Timeline format.
This means the traditional pages are now replaced and
instead the new Timeline format allows businesses
much more scope.
You can create your Facebook Timeline page today by
going to https://www.facebook.com/about/pages
You will then need to follow the instructions.
If you want to hire someone to create nice looking
graphics for you for your Timeline “cover” then please
contact me at: contact@theihasitmarketing.com and I
will have one created for you.

Facebook Ads
You can also use Facebook to direct paid traffic from
Facebook using Facebook heads.
Just go to https://www.facebook.com/advertising/ for
more information on how to create a Facebook ads.
Here are several main advantages of Facebook ads.
   Target over 800 million potential customers
   Target your audience by demographics – location,
    age and interests
                       Facebook Marketing                  2012

   Test your ads using different styles of images and
   Promote your website or your Facebook page to
    direct Facebook traffic
   Build a targeted community around your business

If you want more information on Facebook ads then
please contact me.

Cool Facebook Tip
Did you know that you can register a custom Facebook
URL name for your page once you have 25 likes or
For example, let’s say you create a page today and the
link will be pretty “ugly” and look.
Once your page has 25 likes or more you can create a
custom URL.
Just go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ - once
your page has 25 likes you will then be able to choose a
custom URL name.
                                    Facebook Marketing                                      2012

Why are custom URL names good?
They are well ranked on the search engines and Google
loves Facebook pages.
If your page ends up on Google then your page will be
getting FREE search engine traffic!

For further information about Facebook Marketing please contact us right away for a FREE,
                                No Obligation consultation


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