Pecatonica PTO Meeting Minutes by 9393ely


									Pecatonica PTO Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2012

1.   Meeting called to order at 6:33 PM by John Joiner, president

2.   March 2012 meeting minutes reviewed
     a.   motion to approve minutes as written: John Joiner
     b.   second: Emily Towle
     c.   vote, all approve March meeting minutes as written

3.   treasurer’s report
     a.    see attached
     b.    received a check from Topway Foods for $2500 for last year’s store
     receipts and       for first quarter this year

4.    secretary’s report
      a.   Newly updated PTO Facebook group well received; please join this group
and invite        any of your Pec school friends to join

5.    president’s report
      a.    shelves were built in the PTO closet/ES boy’s locker room over spring
break by          Dale, the ES custodian, at a cost of $302 for materials
      b.    we are in desperate need of a teacher appreciation chair for the May
                        -Emily Towle volunteered – THANKS!

6.   committee reports
     a.  market day (chair: Inga Joiner)
         i.     request for funds for automated phone reminders at approx 5¢/call
                     -motion to approve $5/month for calls: Michele Sager
                     -second: John Joiner
                     -vote, all approve up to $5/month on calls

     b.    birthday books/parties (chairs: Cara VandeVoorde and Stephanie
           i.    discussion regarding the difficulty in scheduling the party each
     month with         Mrs Brockway
                        -John Joiner will speak with her about setting up a schedule
     for each                 month of the next school year
           ii.   will also check with Mrs Brockway on how the books get stamped
     from PTO
     c.    terracycle, Campbells labels
           Tara VandeVoorde will take over chair of both of these for next year –
        d.   school supplies (chair: Sherry Moyer)
             i.  33 kits sold in the elementary school
             ii. total cost was $1768; with several discounts given, PTO will end up
        making          approx $80 total

5.      Old business
        a.   father/daughter dance (chair: Hailey and Tom Heister)
             i.    cost estimates were shared by Hailey and were based on 150 girls
                          -have received $250 in donations
                          -will need approx $500 from PTO
             ii.   will take photos, give each girl a photo with her dad at the end of the
             iii.   discuss appropriate favors to give out
                           -several styles of picture frames were discussed
             iv.    motion to allocate up to $500 to cover dance costs: John Joiner
             v.     second: Cathy Baer-Mirza
             vi.    vote, all in favor of allocating up to $500 for dance
             vii.   fliers need to be sent home and placed around town; website and
Facebook                   group need to be updated (PTO secretary will do)

6. New business/fund requests
      a.  elections
          i.    Cynda Masters nominated for position of vice president
                     -unopposed and vote taken: all in favor of Cynda Masters to
serve                      as vice president for 2012-2014 term
          ii.   Tracy Forde nominated for position of secretary
                     -unopposed and vote taken: all in favor of Tracy Forde to
serve as                   secretary for 2012-2014 term

      b. May meeting change
           i.   from 5/10 to 5/3 at 6:30
                      -amendment: due to the 5th grade Living Wax Museum
being held                        on 5/3/12, meeting will be changed again to

7.      meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM by John Joiner

respectfully submitted,
Michele Jahn Sager
PTO secretary

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