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					How to get low cost traffic that you’ll love
The more traffic you have, the more potential customers you have. And the more customers
you have, the more profits you’ll earn. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have to
spend an arm and a leg to gain the right kind of traffic. Here are some low cost but effective
ways to increase traffic to your blog or website.
Love Social networking
Social networking is not free. It costs time and energy; however, there’s little else to do on a
social networking site except interact and show the love. And that’s how you drive traffic
back to your website.
Whether you’re using a Facebook fan page, a Twitter page, LinkedIn, Pinterest or another
social networking site, the key is interaction with other people. Create an interesting, eye
catching profile. Interact, share and comment. Then when it’s appropriate, post links to your
website and website content. They key here is appropriate. If all you do is promote your
business and business pages you won’t have many conversations. Love the conversations,
that’s where the gold is.
Love commenting on your industry blogs
You’d be surprised to find out how much traffic a blog comment can generate. Subscribe to
industry blogs. When appropriate and relevant, comment on new blog posts. A great
comment means fellow commenters are sure to visit your website, as are other blog readers.
It’s a great way to drive traffic. Of course, make sure your comments represent you and your
business effectively. Leave a spammy “great post” style comment and you won’t get any
comment traffic love. Talking of Comment, where you see blogs using this you should
comment as you get two leave two links – one to your site and one to your latest post.
Love Publishing – Publishing is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog

       Publish on article directories.
       Publish in print and online magazines.
       And syndicate your website content in the right places.

Love Blogging – Blogging is similar to publishing only better
In addition to posting to your own blog, try to become a guest blogger. Write posts for other
relevant blogs. And be sure to link to your website in your profile or author’s resource box.
Don’t send in a sales pitch or an advertorial; they are boring and making your readers yawn
doesn’t send you any traffic.
Love Giveaways – While the above four tactics are low cost, giveaways aren’t
Everyone loves a freebie. Everyone. You can give away free content like a downloadable
report or online course. You can also give away something that’ll generate a lot of attention,
like a Kindle or an iPad. Make sure, however, that your giveaway is related to your niche.
When you’re giving something away, be sure to promote it. Spread the word on social
networking sites. Blog about it.

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