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Amanda Lang


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									Amanda Lang
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Amanda Lang (born October 1970) is a Canadian journalist and senior business correspondent for CBC News. She anchors
the daily The Lang & O'Leary Exchange on CBC News Network. She is the former anchor for Business News Network where
she hosted SqueezePlay and The Commodities Report.

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Life and career
She is the daughter of Otto Lang, a Liberal party MP and federal cabinet member during the 1960s and 1970s.
She attended St Mary's Academy, Winnipeg, Manitoba and studied architecture at the University of Manitoba. She began her
career in journalism at The Globe and Mail.
Lang was later the New York correspondent for the National Post (after it acquired the Financial Post). She got her start in
television as an anchor and reporter with CNN in New York where she reported from the New York stock exchange for
American Morning, and anchored programs on CNN's then-financial network, CNNfn.
Moving back to Canada, she became an anchor for Business News Network and was host of both SqueezePlay and The
Commodities Report.
She announced on July 17, 2009, that that episode of SqueezePlay would be her last, saying she was leaving BNN to pursue
other opportunities. [citation needed] Starting on October 26, 2009, Lang and Kevin O'Leary began anchoring The Lang &
O'Leary Exchange, a new business program on CBC News Network airing weekdays (as of March 1, 2010) at 7 pm Eastern
Time. [1][2][3]

Personal life
She is married to Vince Borg; they have two children. Mr. Borg is President of C3 Communications[4] .

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