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Amanda Carter (born 16 July 1964) [1] is an Australian Paralympic wheelchair                                  Amanda Carter
basketball player. Diagnosed with transverse myelitis at the age of 24, she began
playing wheelchair basketball in 1991 and participated in the Australia women's
national wheelchair basketball team, the Gliders, at three Paralympics from 1992
to 2000. An injury in 2000 forced her to withdraw from the sport, but she came
back to the national team in 2009, and will represent Australia at the 2012 London

Carter was born on 16 July 1964 in Melbourne.[1] At the age of 24, she was
diagnosed with transverse myelitis after a bout of chicken pox.[2] She works as
an occupational therapist and has a son, Alex.[3]

                                                Carter began playing wheelchair
                                                basketball in 1991 as part of her                2012 Australian Paralympic Team portrait of
                                                rehabilitation. [2] She first participated in                      Carter
                                                the Australia women's national                                Personal information
                                                wheelchair basketball team, the Gliders,        Nationality                Australia
                                                in 1992 in a precursor tournament
                                                                                                Born                  16 July 1964
                                                before the 1992 Barcelona
                                                Paralympics.[2] She was part of the
                                                                                                                 Medal record
                                                team at the 1992 Barcelona, 1996
                                                                                                           Wheelchair basketball
                                                Atlanta, and 2000 Sydney Paralympics,
                                                                                                               Paralympic Games
                                                and won a silver medal with the team in
                                                                                                 Silver    2000        Women's wheelchair
                                                2000. [4] During a match against
                                                                                                          Sydney          basketball
                                                Canada at the 2000 games, she was
                                                                                                 Silver    2012       Wheelchair basketball
                                                knocked onto her right side and her
                                                right arm became trapped underneath
                                                her wheelchair, causing a tendon in her
                                                elbow to rupture off. [2] She lost considerable mobility in her right arm and
                                                underwent an elbow reconstruction. [2]
                                                She returned to the game in 2008, playing for the Dandenong Rangers in the
  Carter challenging for the ball in a game
                                                Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL, a team she had
   against the USA at the 1996 Atlanta
             Paralympic Games                   participated in before her injury.[2] That year she received a player award from the
                                                Dandenong Rangers and was named the Most Valuable Player in her disability
                                                classification in the WNWBL. [3] She returned to the Gliders in 2009 and will be part
of the team for the 2012 London Paralympics.[2]

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