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Amali Thumali is an upcoming Tamil comedy film directed by K. S. Adhiyaman
and produced by Jeevagan. The film features Nakul and Shanthnu in the lead                           Amali Thumali
roles, while Swati plays a pivotal role. The film has been described as a tale         Directed by         K. S. Adhiyaman
about two college students who are academically poor and it is about their             Produced by         T. Jeevagan
antics.The film was about to release near June 2012 but the shooting delay
                                                                                       Starring            Nakul
postponed the release date to October 2012. [1]                                                            Shanthnu
Cast                                                                                                       Nikeesha Patel

   Nakul                                                                               Music by            Sivamani
   Shanthnu                                                                            Cinematography      Ram Gunasekaran
   Parimal                                                                             Studio              Angai Cine Arts
                                                                                       Release date(s)     October 15, 2012
                                                                                       Country             India
   Suja Varunee
   Sanjana Singh                                                                       Language            Tamil
   Neelima Rani
   Panchu Subbu
   Lollu Sabha Jeeva

The film was initially titled Nanba and had a tagline of 2 Idiots, and thus the media reported confusion between this film and
Shankar's Nanban, the remake of the 2009 Hindi film 3 Idiots.[2][3] The film was later renamed as Amali Thumali.[4]

Scenes were shot in Coimbatore in June 2011, with Nakul celebrating his birthday on the sets of the film.[5] Further
schedules were expected to be held in Fiji and the Andamans.[6] The team shot in Fiji in September 2011 with Santhanam
joing them for the shoot. [7]

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