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Blog Post #2: by 7HC0YF


									Blog Post #2:

       This morning, I opened my door to a rush poster for the Asian Interest
Fraternity: Lambda Phi Epsilon. With innumerous rush posters up and around the
campus, each advertising its respective fraternity and hoping to attract potential
rushees, I thought the one posted on my door (by my friend, a brother of LPhiE)
was the cleverest and most attention-grabbing of them all. The three enormous
black Chinese characters immediately conveyed that knowledge that LPhiE is
fraternity with an Asian focus. It did not need to specifically state that piece of
information. Furthermore, not only do the Chinese characters correspond to the
shape of the Greek letters   ΛΦΕ, it also translates to: “King of Man.” Ultimately,
                                            they also act as an alphabet that
                                            spelled out the three values of the
                                            fraternity: “Loyalty, Devotion,
                                            Brotherhood.” The multifunctional
                                            Chinese characters are what attract
                                            people to stop, look, and think about
                                            what they are representing. This rush
                                            poster is therefore extremely successful
                                            because it achieved the purpose of
                                            getting the LPhiE name out into the
                                            community, getting students to actually
                                            notice and remember the
                                            advertisement, and recruiting potential

                                                     I encountered the second
                                             rhetoric of the day on my way to class.
                                             In the White Plaza, I saw a bunch of
                                             girls dressed in pink tutus, matching leg
                                             warmers, and ballet shoes with pink
   Figure 1. Lambda Phi Epsilon Rush Poster. ribbons laced up and down their strong,
   April 6, 2004. Source: Naranja 118.       muscular calves. They were twirling on
                                             their big toes, arching their backs and
extending their arms in graceful poses, pirouetting as people walked by and
silently offering flyers to people who paused to watch. The girls were from the
Stanford Ballet and they were recruiting new members to join their organization.
This kind of persuasive rhetoric is achieved not with spoken or written words, but
with gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. The ballerinas used their
costumes, their outward appearances to make a statement and attract people’s
attention. Then, they sustain the duration of our focus by dancing and convey
their purpose for being there.
        After classes, I went back to my room and before starting my work, I
decided to chill out for a bit and logged on to, an e-
journal/online diary free and open to all who have access to the internet. People
are free to write anything they want to in their web logs and post up pictures,
images, or whatever visual they like. Additionally, they are able to comment on
other Xanga user’s web logs and give props as a form of encouragement. I feel
that Xanga is very, very much like an ezine because it is a median that publishes
people’s opinions, feelings, and activities for public view. It also provides the
technology for visual support and allows users to embellish their logs with
images. Xanga is an emotional outlet especially for young people like us who use
it as a form of recreation, entertainment, or even a way to keep in touch with

Figure 2. Xanga entry user: Hybrid_girl. Source:
Accessed: April 6, 2004 11:20 PM.

        I want to create an ezine where there’s a way for readers to be able to
make quick, reflexive responses to what is published. I think it is a necessary
tool for the site to improve and adapt to the audience. Inspired by the many
Xanga entries in which people explored their emotional well-being, psychological
welfare, and state of mind, I’d like to create an ezine that provides the audience
with information regarding these various aspects in human health. I’d like the
reader to be able to easily navigate the site and find the knowledge and help
they need, or simply partake in another human being’s personal experience,
relate to them, and feel that they are not alone. I am not yet sure if this is
definitely the way to go, but I certainly feel that it’d be an interesting approach.
         Then I had to go to the bathroom. So I went.  On the door I found a
                                                               poster encouraging students to
                                                               get HIV tested. I wonder why this
                                                               didn’t come out anytime sooner,
                                                               perhaps the beginning of the
                                                               year. Are they assuming that
                                                               because it is spring quarter,
                                                               people are more likely to engage
                                                               in sexual activities? I don’t
                                                               understand it. This information
                                                               should have been publicized a
                                                               long time ago.
                                                                       Later on, I met up with
                                                               some friends for dinner and on
  Figure 3. HIV Testing Advertisement. April 6, 2004.          the way to the dining hall, we
  Source: Naranja 1F Women’s Bathroom Door.                    found a pile of “reading
                                                               materials” next to the door in the
lounge. They are in all shapes, forms, and sizes. There is a book with information
about fraternity rush events. With a red and white cover, it certainly stands out.
On top of the books is a little flyer advertising an event, A Celebration for
Women. The picture on
the poster of a woman is
of peculiar colors and
very prominent. The little
strips of paper scattered
about are flyers
advertising the sexual
assault information
website. The two
sensitive words “sexual
assault” are already
enough to get people’s
attention. As I walked by,
I realized that even
though each rhetoric
screams out at you with              Figure 4. Various Advertisement. April 6, 2004. Source: Naranja
their unique                         1F Lounge
characteristics, as to
which one gets picked up by a bystander, it really depends on the individual’s
interest at the moment. Later on at night, I went around and took all the
pictures, and wrote my blog .

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