162_What is the Sunshine Club by ajizai


									                        NEWS FROM THE SUNSHINE CLUB
   Sunshine Club is posted on the school website, and updated whenever there is new
                               activities. www.rlrs.info

What is the Sunshine Club?
The Sunshine Club is a group of staff members and interested high school students whose
job is to build Laker spirit and pride, and to carry on the traditions that make school fun.

Who is a part of the Sunshine Club?
Any high school student or staff member that is interested in making school fun is invited
to participate.

Who are the current members?
Erin Smith
Wendy Steward
Shirley Schrader
Sheryl Morton
Sonja Johnson
Allie Hammond
Savanna Giguere
Katrina Carignan
Tucker Simmons
Emily Carrier
Jenney Abbott
Abby Abbott
Dagmar Wetherill
Alanna Lauter
Samantha Lauter
Devon Fay
Hudson Deraps

What are we planning for the 2009-2010 school year?
Each class will accumulate points based on participation in various school spirit
activities, dress up days, etc.
Grades K-5 will compete against each other, and Grades 6-12 will compete against each
Class tallies will be kept in the cafeteria and updated monthly (or possibly more often).
The class with the most points at the end of the year will win a trip to Funtown
There are multiple ways to earn points-
Dress Up Days-               -Each student of the class that participates gets 1 point
                             -Each teacher assigned to that class gets 5 points
Poster Contests-             -Each student that submits a poster gets 1 point.
                             -Students may submit multiple posters, but still will only
                             receive one point.
                             -5 points will be awarded to the class with the winning
Student of the Month         -5 points will be awarded to the class of any student of the

Open House                   -1 point will be awarded to each student that attends open
                             house, and they will get 5 additional points if they bring a
Red Ribbon Week              -5 points will be awarded to classes that participate in the
                             door-decorating contest
Holiday Toy Drive            -1 point awarded for each student/teacher that donates
Animal Shelter Drive         -1 point awarded for each student/teacher that donates
Food Drive                   -1 point awarded for each student/teacher that donates
Community Service            -5 points will be awarded to high school student for each
                             community service activity/event/thing? they do. Each act
                             of community service must be written up by the adult
                             overseeing/supervising the service, and then approved by
                             the committee.
Tardies                      -Classes that have zero tardies for a week will be awarded
                             5 points
Office/Tom Visits            -Teams that are not sent to the office or Tom all week will
                             be awarded 5 points

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