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Solar Sector grows rapidly!
High-performance Extrusion lines for encapsulation film

At the production of PV Solar panels, EVA film is also used for encapsulation
of cells.

In order to process this EVA film, special properties have to be fulfilled, e.g. low
shrinkage or better no shrinkage.

This is a real challenge for the extrusion process. Standard extrusion lines only
allow a very low processing speed. At speed over 5m/min a high shrinkage of
the film can occur so that a further processing of this film is no longer possible.

Since the regular extrusion system is limited to a certain speed/output, we
have developed a profitable system for the production of EVA film and other
gluey materials.

The system allows much higher speed and therefore higher output compared
with typical extrusion systems.

The process allows an almost shrinkage-free production of solarfilm at high
speed!!! Especially gluey materials like EVA can be processed easier on this
system compared with a calender/cast film unit.

With the new extrusion line for encapsulation film from Breyer you are well
prepared to profit of this rapidly growing market.

In short a further line will be ready for demonstration and function test in
Breyer. This line is not only for typical encapsulation film but also for a variety
of other EVA applications.


Singen, February 2009

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