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									    Seth Coronado

Soul Recovery Lecture
  Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) is an art of healing whose principal exceeds the notion of
history itself. Whenever someone experiences a trauma, part of the self, the Soul Piece, is left
experiencing the event in time. The various subtle bodies of the organism that are damaged in the
event try to compensate, creating a recurring adverse behavior pattern. Extreme emotion, diseased
energies, and sometimes subtle parasites are blockages that fill the wound, forcing continuation of
the condition. Someone that practices SR/E travels with the mind to the point in time where the
injury occurred, makes contact with the Soul Piece, attaches it to the client, then Extracts the
energetic/emotional blockages forcing them to drain out. Then healing integration can occur.
  Explore your potential. Learn how to get answers to your questions. Learn how to help others.
These things and more are possible with the Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) class Level 1&2. In
this two day intensive, you may contact and communicate with your Shamanic Power Animal, and
higher guides, as well as ask them questions and receive answers. This class will also empower you to
help yourself and others find more balance and harmony in one’s daily life.
  This class is usually offered over a weekend, with Level 1 (meeting the Guides) on a Saturday, and
Level 2 on the following Sunday. To enter into Level 2 you must be a graduate of Level 1. You may
also arrange a private class.

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