EC Pythagorean by HC120915072540


									Extra Credit: (10 points)
This assignment is due at the beginning of class.
You are welcome to work on this problem as a group; however, do not let your classmates copy your work. To avoid
copying, 10 students will be randomly selected.
The points earned on this assignment will be added to your homework

Name: __________________________________________________                        Class number: _________

Given a right triangle EDH with ED = a, DH = b, and EH = c.
Prove that:

Step 1: Find the area of the square EFGH (1 point)

Step 2: Find the area of the triangle EDH (1 point)

Step 3: Find the area of the square ABCD with side AC = a + b (3 points)

Step 4: Find the area of the square EFGH again by the formula below
Area EFGH = Area ABCD – 4 area EDH (3 points)

Step 5: Compare the answers in step 1 and 4 and draw conclusion (2 points)

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